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  1. That login screen was 2/3rds Defender Centric update and only the far left panel pertaining to Prime Incursions was new.
  2. After testing it myself the deal seems to be an old issue. For Demon Lord I had a Lightning Strike Tower down and was heavily boosting it, last damage tick I saw was 65m (Anti miniboss and controller had no effect on him because he isn't CC'ed and not a miniboss so this was pure damage) and after that he became immortal. So for Demon Lord you will want more consistent damage and not heavy single hits. From the testing he seems to be completely fine with 10-20m dps from something that hits very fast and anything above that seems to be ignored. I think imo it would be a stretch to call its c7 with reduced loot and not c5 or c6 with loot from c7 without mods because the gold and xp you make from it is subpar to running DFK in c7. I can run that just as fast with less hp on mobs and get more out of it. Which will tie into my next quote -> In the farm I did the night after I completed all the maps was 4 hours long and I think I'm in an extreme but I got 8 amps and 4 weapons (4 copies of the same weapon), which is okay but I think as an extreme the next farm I do is not going to run as profitable. Though being where I am, those amps are hard to call profit because I have so many already and nothing to use them on. Overall, the no mods thing I'm okay with because as an endgame mode I feel like this is intended for players who are already setup and done with builds and not in need of them anymore and while the rewards are currently low I'm hoping the later maps will be much more rewarding for the amount of effort they may take to do but there is only so much reward you can give before it's too much. It seems like a fine balance that will be hard to get.
  3. What were you using to damage him with? If hero, from what position and where were was your targeting reticle aimed? If defenses, what was placed and where?
  4. Ah the hatchet job, was wondering when and who would do that to me. This is where the person clip quotes what they want from what I said and claim I'm the one missing the point and that I wasn't paying attention. Especially funny when you consider they say I said something I actually didn't. Well since this has been done and I know it wont get any more constructive from here I won't respond directly to anything but will cover a few points. Since the start of the thread only two people said something about droppable loot (aside from the OP). Everyone else has said it's totally worth the rewards it has and a few would like to see the mode updated with challenge brought back and different rewards (rewards not droppable loot). For the most part people don't care about drop loot because there are easier ways to get it. For the main part of the start of the thread it was about it being buggy. I agree but that is because all the stuff that has issues with Mastery was introduced after Mastery and the mode never got a touch up as each of these features were brought in. I completely agree that Mastery and a few other things in the game should be brought up to snuff in the current version of the game and that would have a huge impact on the game's popularity. I do recognize that it may not be possible because CG is moving more towards DDA now but hopefully they clean up and setup prep for a CDT to take over for a little while after they no longer want to update when it comes to that point. DD2 will have a certain amount of people playing it purely for the fact it's free and these people will be the ones who can't afford DDA and its pay for DLC. All in all, I don't think Mastery is bad because it doesn't have drop loot, I think it has withered to time and just needs a fresh coat of paint to bring back the Challenge in the mode. Maybe a different set of progress bars with different rewards so that each time you go for the 735 stars you can still get something for doing so but I don't think these need to be hyper shard level rewards to have people want to go do it again for fun.
  5. The 286 is the guaranteed 10 mod but every other roll is weighted RNG. You have better chances at lower mod numbers than higher. The 8, 9 and 10 mods have very low chances to be rolled.
  6. It was never built to be a farm, it was built to be a challenge mode, so it would make no sense to "farm" DM there, even though you only get those rewards once. Worth is determined per person, just because you think they aren't doesn't mean others don't, people are always buying these things because they look cool to them. I don't personally like gold pets at all, which is why I vendored mine 2 years ago before trading was a thing. Masochist or not wouldn't them liking Mastery make that an "opinion", just like you and others not liking it an "opinion"? The one good reason, well back in the day it was fun, but it didn't age well and now its just too easy. If they revisit it or the things making us too powerful it can be fun again. The thing is you are playing an old mode in the newest version of the game, you weren't around when it was a test of your true strength as a player. That's now Onslaught's job and even that game mode is becoming obsolete since we are again way too powerful. Is campaign not a game mode? At least the lowest Mastery difficulty can still provide challenges, unlike the lowest difficulty in DD1. No one is imposing anything, I too want Mastery to get revisited to make it difficult like it was before but that might be done through rebalancing players since our power is the reason its easy, not the fact that they changed it to make it easy. Also it is a choice, you don't need the Hyper shards they are just really nice to have. Technically no, replay ability is a rule you are imposing on others, we are not all DD1 fans. Kappa Nothing is infinitely repeatable, once you have the best there is no reason to do it again. Assuming they did add drops to it, knowing the DD2 community, no one would repeat it anyways because there are more afk-able ways to get that stuff, ie. chaos 7. They already do this, I build my way in Onslaught and very few people do my build even though its very powerful, why? Because there are more afk-able and boring builds they can use to get the same win. Can change the game but you can't change the people playing it. Actually it's called "Prime Incursions" but lets go with your wording. DD1 has the Old One fight, which by definition is endgame, was that the last update you got? Looking on steam I see part 4 was put up on July 10th 2012, and the Tinkerer's DLC was put out in 2013 so that was at least a year before they let CDT take over, to which I can only assume they started giving you free updates, man that was nice of Chromatic to not charge you for that :P Also as a side note I always mention, you are not Chromatic so assuming what they will or will not do is not the best practice for trying to prove a point and should remain objective. Overall my whole answer is opinion, and I don't know how much more informing I can get being a player with several thousands of hours and a tester for a few years. That's on top of being a popular streamer and being in constant interaction with the community so I get to hear their opinions all the time. I agree Mastery should be improved, maybe not the way you think it should be, but we both agree there. Also mathing real fast, if I represent 1-2% and 90% hate it then what about the other 8-9%? Also the game has several game modes, if one isn't replayable I don't think the whole game will suffer over it. Chaos 1-7 is replayable because of shard grinding and those are worth it but people don't like that either so replay ability isn't the best solution to everything.
  7. You can sell the gold pets for more gold for other things, the hero cards you get are free and useful for obvious reasons, the DM you get is useful especially since you can use them to buy shards now, and that's all on top of the vastly overpowered Hyper shards. The time investment is definitely worth it Normal drops meant nothing when the mode was released, therefore there was no need. Like Incursions this is just another mode that needs a revisit that it will probably never get. No, that's an opinion. There have been many people who enjoyed it and have gone back to play it again for various reasons and had no issue doing so, mainly because its too easy now and isn't considered a challenge (Mastery) anymore. Oh really? How many times did you go back with your OP level 100 heroes and do easy difficulty campaign in DD1? None? That's because you gain nothing from it anymore. Also I don't think there are any rules yet, DD1 and 2 are different games and there is no pattern created yet other than towers, inventory and heroes. Which means to adhere to the "rules" DDA needs towers, inventory and heroes. Though, I hardly consider DDA another game in the chain of games since its basically turned into a remaster of DD1. So far it's, "We did this game this way and that game that way" once a third game comes out then you will start to have a pattern which is where "rules" you want are formed. DD2 isn't coming to an end, they have said many times that they are going to continue supporting it and there will always be players around to play it since it's free to play and DDA is not, on top of people who don't want to play DDA. With that yes, you can and should still ask for improvements because they will still do something about it if they see that it can be done.
  8. This is always my most asked question because there is no definitive answer. Chromatic: 30-80 Before AP: 100-270 After AP: 500+ No Life: 900+ Which high Onslaught are we talking here?
  9. Not thin, just no longer wearing 7 pairs of clothes
  10. An update on the kickstarter or on a stream? I just searched the KS updates and they never said it.
  11. I dont believe they have said how loot will work yet. I would like reference for this part.
  12. Dozens/hundreds of hours is intentional. This is not a normal triple A game where you play 10-20 hours and you're done, its a grind game and there are a ton of players with thousands of hours. DD1 is in the same boat, except instead of grinding levels (assuming you were max level) you grinded gear for your stats, which also could take hundreds to thousands of hours getting all your heroes geared. Blockades aside since basically no one uses them after a certain point, I suggest taking a look at videos, streams, or joining public matches. Unless you intentionally avoid human contact in DD2 I wont believe you have never seen anyone use Boost Aura since it is one of the best things in the game. Without Blockades on that list, every other tower I have seen used plenty of times, they are just not popular because other broken stuff is doing all the work at the moment. As much as I would like to see something change with the ascension trees, I dont believe what you suggested is a good idea. As you get later into the game you are going to be literally made of ascension with nothing to put points into and its so easy to get there that just about anyone who has climbed Onslaught and done a few resets has done it. Most players who are determined to make some benefit out of their first reset get 3k+ asc as a minimum ascension for resets. With that alone they can fill most heroes with the normal talent caps and the bonus xp they get for doing resets they get even more asc per map afterwards. Grouping the trees up like you did will just shorten the game drastically.
  13. Reading through most of this I think this is a good time to mention something that will probably help you all reach a better conclusion. Unless you currently work for CG, lets not assume what kind of manpower they have to do things nor what capabilities they have at their disposal. These kind of assumptions dont help anything since there is zero way for you to know. Instead just flesh out your ideas and let CG read over the thread and decide what they can do/want to do or what they cant do/dont want to do. In my opinion, the best option so far was to give zero control to anyone in public matches and host control in private matches. Public matches are a way to meet random people and make friends and if you want to have control of what goes on in your match then take your friends to private matches. If you dont want to make friends in a multiplayer game then that's your choice but you take the pros with the cons. If you want to do plublic matches to help people then CG has given numerous ways for players to get in contact with one another to setup a group. I think these "bad" cases of these players abusing certain things are blown way out of proportion because you wont get someone coming to the forums and complaining or praising how they managed to play public matches for weeks or months on end without incidents like these. Well here is one, I have managed to play hours a day over many days of the week in the past two years in DD2 and never had any troll or abuser incident. tl;dr - Lets try to just stay focused on suggestions of the system and not assume what CG can or cant do.
  14. My mind didnt like it broken up so I had to do it on my phone but yea you got it right :D. You do have an easier albeit more boring option, playing around with the numbers I found you could go to floor 263, stop there to skip the Lost Temple and get 2500 asc and get 3058 min asc. Otherwise get to 266 then you are good with 3065 min asc.
  15. These kinds of statements are misleading, as much as people want it easy to do its just not how the game works. The above examples I gave had floor 274 and 250 asc giving 3060 minimum asc. Floor 274 at 12 per floor (minus the first 30 floors leaving 244) is 2928. That would be a min asc difference of 132 (11 more floors to get there). Floor 274 again at 12.48 per floor which is slightly more accurate is 3045, still leaving a difference of 15 which makes it feel like you have to do an extra floor. That's assuming you make it to those floors with nothing to low asc, if you get up there with 1000+ asc it can actually shave off some floors and save you from an extra Drakenfrost Keep and/or Lost Temple. If you are looking for a very specific number I would think that the exact equation is very important. Then again if you do want an easier way, the Official DD Discord has a bot command that does the equation for you and all you need to do is enter your desired floor and asc.
  16. It isnt only floor, your highest ever asc also gives minimum ascension. Every time something changes (ie. another floor is cleared or you get another 50 asc) the game runs the entire calculation again then rounds off the remainder. ((Highest Onslaught Floor - 30) x 4.16 + (Highest Asc reached / 50)) x 3 With that Floor 227 and 10k asc as your two highest would give 3059 min asc, or Floor 274 and 250 asc would give 3060 min asc. Just have to remember that if you clear a floor and want to recalculate your min asc by hand, you have to run the full equation each time.
  17. Still the same as Jaws has said so far, Beta before release and release will be sometime in Oct. Both of those dates can be moved back if the project has to be delayed for any reason.
  18. This isnt entirely true, and is the exact reason why Frostfire Remnants and Grave Infection works the way it does currently. It is hard to test but if you had a Water Chip on your weapon then anything that is considered hero damage will drench enemies. For an example look at Water Chip and Frostfire, without the Water Chip Frost fire explodes and does damage in the area but will never freeze, with the Water Chip the Frostfire DoT will freeze enemies because the mod damage is considered hero damage. Same reason why it can chain proc off Grave Infection, they are both hero damage and see each other as the hero doing the damage and getting the kills. The reason Splody Harpoon wont proc elemental attunements is the same reason Reflect Beam and Explosive Trap cant be attuned, they are explosions. Turn the Tides is also most likely considered and explosion.
  19. I was in Discord when CG Ice told us it was out and I knew what it was addressing based on what players have been saying and who this patch affected
  20. Except his post missed the entire point of the thread, like shooting a barn in broad daylight and missing. Do players in challenging areas use walls? No, which is what the thread is about, finding a way to make walls more part of the defense and not a complete waste of DU. This would also subsequently open up more of that hp limit that Chromatic cant use to make more content challenging for those who snoozed up the floors to 900 (and believe me it wasnt challenging at all for them until they hit that hp wall) so they would find what they want and still win rather than beat on the hp wall without ever having a chance. Things that are not an answer to this problem are: Sleeping through 500+ hours of content to get anything challenging, using walls in lower floors even though they are completely useless and will only take one hit, creating a new game. None of these solve the problem, they just ignore it. Does anyone want to be labeled as ignorant for ignoring a problem?
  21. Because it was just a backend fix and had nothing really relevant they wouldnt notate it on the patch notes section
  22. Each slot in the material vault can hold 9,999 of that material. After that you will need to use them or stack extras in another vault/bag.
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