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  1. They arent weaker to stun than other enemies but its the only way to stop them from moving because they are immune to slow
  2. Their weakness is either stuns or high damage. If they have headstrong then you better hope you can do tons of damage.
  3. The second Mass Destruction and easier to obtain Destructive Pylon did make the game easier for a lot of people. The players higher on the leaderboard were heading that way long before Prime Incursions though, the mass stunning stuff they kept added to the game, even after trying to nerf it several times, made the game too much easier.
  4. Well the DDA posts are slowing down but CG's focus is still DDA so I havent decided it is time yet. During the beta though both DD1 and 2 got a bump of players, so I wouldnt go as far as dead. Ive even seen new streamers popping up for DD2 (Idk about DD1). Its almost a good time, just gotta watch and wait to see if there are anymore bumps in the road that will take their attention.
  5. The being lost to time and threads part?
  6. This is true, I also have a problem with other things like Tenacity and overcapping rate literally sucking all the challenge out of the game. The WM itself is fine though, its just the elemental combos that breaks it. Never got my hopes up to begin with, I hope they delete SR forever.
  7. Nuke Monk is an OP hero and PDT/ES is a known meta for mass petrify. The PDT/ES is the step before Reflect Beams meta for those who cant afford it or haven't gotten all the pieces yet. If anything his video just proves that mass petrifying enemies is broken and needs to be nerfed just like WM's SR/Water is getting balanced now.
  8. Wouldn't it have been better to ask for someone to help teach you to build rather than ask for a carry, which you will probably need again in the future?
  9. Can you give me a few examples of the multitasking? I may have not run into any because when I play Im also streaming, so it may change how I think of the protection type feature.
  10. That is kind of the point, you build relics for specific lanes and only use them on those lanes. I wouldn't recommend building an Anti-Frost type relic and using it on a Timmy's Revenge lane just because it has a few Frost type enemies in it. That is where the yield of Anti mods greatly outweigh any other build. We are also building relics for the dangerous enemies and not Bomb "Two Finger" Thrower who will die to anything.
  11. On top of Anti-Frost they are also susceptible to Anti-Melee and Anti-Orc. These percentages also stack multiplicatively with each other and the double damage from the fire damage, resulting in very large bonuses. Before I had the second Mass Destruction I did three Anti mods on my Fissures built for Cyborcs and Berserkers with Orc, Chaos, and Melee which I still used against Frost Orcs in a pair with my FA which had two Anti mods and a Rate mod to use double Destruction shards. They did a great job of smashing Frost enemies. If you wanted to go all out against Frost alone, three Anti mods on a Fissure plus the Fire bonus is 819% damage. Whereas two Anti mods and the Fire bonus is 512% damage. One Anti and Fire bonus is 320% damage. In all cases the extra Anti mod can help deal out a ton of extra pain.
  12. Dust aside because there is a vault for it, they already have a system that could be reborn to help with shards for overly greedy players. Way back in time they had shards in gear, then they decided it was time to give them their own slots. Back then people had hundreds of shards slotted into gear to save on space so anyone who didnt have room for them when they were forcefully ejected had shards put in a containment item that held 15 shards each. These could easily be remade to be used to package shards at a cost of DM/gems. I have many other little things like this on standby, Im just waiting for them to finish DDA and freeing up time to implement something into DD2 before making a thread so it is not lost to the sands of time and a mountain of DDA threads.
  13. Plot twist: He has an extra but he cant trade it because the relic had been altered and bound to him :P
  14. Yup, Im more afraid of Lavaguardians than Zerkers because they are ranged enemies
  15. I don't think pinging them is going to get the attention you want. They are busy with DDA and don't have a CM yet so I would just wait for them to notice. They already have heard a thousand times from before DDA about this feature and still haven't made any move to implement it. The reasoning I can think of is we all have a 10 reroll protection already, ourselves. If you don't go click happy and don't get distracted then you can't possibly miss it.
  16. Sands would be rare to notice, basically an enemy slowed by sands either has a cooldown or a bug where it cant be slowed by sands again. Something you would only notice if you had multiple on the lane or managed to slow them which returns them to before the sands then have them activate it again. I dont have issues with BB though, in that regard it is the shock/petrify mechanics I have an issue with, without those it doesnt measure up to FA or Fissure. Leaderboard is whatever, when they make a leaderboard that will show skill I may care again but those have never shown anything from day 1 (except Mastery which if released at a better time I could have partaken in more). Geyser I would have to test again /shrug
  17. Yea see for me I need the target limit because I have minimal stopping power, Snaking Sands slows them once (another bug) then can stun for a few seconds if they are in the large radius still, but 95% of any stun that goes out comes from my Huntress herself. Lanes with a lot of enemies tested my target limit after I crossed floor 400. Though much less so after the second Mass Destruction shard which jumped Fissures up closer to my FA dps. I would have to run the Geyser shard again but last time I ran one during a Huntress only climb they were after my BB but before my Explosive Trap and it offered no additional dmg to the ET. Since I didnt plan to use them I didnt run extensive tests on lots of defenses to see if only specific ones worked but afaik, it never offers the bonus dmg. Though the trap still drenches because nothing is protected against that, Oil on the other hand only half works depending on lane/enemy.
  18. TCDO is a spreadsheet I made that I called Theory Crafting Defense Outputs, so anyone could copy it to their sheet and punch in the numbers of relics, ascension, shards, mods, etc and see the attack dmg and dps with separate readouts for 1, 2 or 3 anti mods. Basically just something if someone wanted to see how good a setup was without spending mats to make 30 billion different relics. For something like checking two different defenses with the same everything is great because I have a drop down for defense selection and I can see all them without changing numbers or loading up new sheets. Im not surprised if anyone hasnt heard of it because I started it shortly before DDA was announced so by the time I had it finished DD2 was on its down swing. Only other thing I noticed is that Geyser shard, it has been bugged for a long time. I doubt they fixed it since it hasnt been in any patch notes.
  19. Under a normal FA setup 2 FA should be close to dps of one BB, changing to a crit heavy FA a single one got close to being the 2.6x to match BB but 2 FA still measured close to the one BB. I confirmed the normal setup by just passing my FA relic and shards to BB ingame and then confirmed what I had with my TCDO spreadsheet for testing changes to see how they affect dps. The crit heavy (assuming you had something like your SGT for FA/BB) I could only use my sheet because I havent put any investment into a crit heavy setup. Upgrades will be where BB dies, its scaling is terrible and 2 FA quickly catch and pass BB, not to mention BB has smaller range and a trigger. These things are what I hope to change once CG gets out of DDA development and has time to focus into something for DD2. I want to move its trigger to the edge of its burn area and change its scaling so it will be way better then FA at tier 1 but match FA at tier 5 so there is at least an option of using it early on. Though this skips the potential problem that is hard to fix in DD2, target limits on AoE sources max at 10, so 1 BB can hit 10 at the same time but 2 FA can hit 20, reducing changes of enemies bleeding a setup.
  20. I mean this is the most respectable way possible because I like someone doing something different so I wont blurt out things. Can I request a check on a few things? Through testing and number checking I believe a few things to be incorrect.
  21. I am 3 prime weapons from being completely done with all content myself, so not too far off. Thinking of things to do now to keep it interesting in the middle of doing other games that I have on my list. 100% agree that DD2 and DDA should have had separate KS's. Especially now with the new storefront they made offering special skins and pets to people who buy the game/beta through that and they are "In the process of doing something for previous supporters" whatever that will entail but with DD2 stuff being part of the KS it feels like a sore move to not also include the special DDA stuff. I would definitely been a large supporter of DD2 at that point based on how DDA is going.
  22. I would not turn down a patch for stability but I was just going with the odds that a numbers change for defenses and heroes would be quicker to do than a stability patch. Not that it would change how most players play the game but it would give some of us something new to do and pass along different things to do. ikr its been so long since crit was a thing. Idk about glad but it was a nice change to go from crit to def pwr, though part of me doesnt like this anti stacking so I kind of miss the crit days.
  23. I know Lotus just got this build going but I kind of hope this Dec we get at least a small patch to wishy wash balance around so new builds can be created. We have been stuck on the current for a bit too long since DDA is stealing all the focus and they wanted to support both games. We had a bit of a dip in patch timing over the summer and then Primes came out, but for Dec I feel like they should do just about anything to mix things up. If they cant attain even a tiny patch soonish then I think they bit off a bit more than they can chew trying to support two games.
  24. Wew a lot happens in a day. I meant nothing by my last post, just relaying my hopes that someone else would find a powerful enough build to climb with without using the mass stun stuff that isn't correctly balanced with Diminishing Returns. Though the reason I have never posted screenshots of my stuff to prove anything is because it really doesn't matter lol. Even if everyone in the world said I was lying, I know that my floor, AP and Mastery crown is fact (I see it every time I play) so there is no point in going out of my way to prove it :P The reason I am not on the leaderboards is because of a bug. I spent several months with a couple Devs trying to fix the issue and at the end one asked if I would like to be put back on the boards and I requested to stay off them. They just mean so little to me because of the constant broken builds that carry people beyond their skill and really don't display much of anything unless you know that person or have seen them do stuff in a video or on stream. I really did mean it when I said that crit stuff was cool, its been a long time since a crit build was a thing and I for sure am not going out of my way to make one so truthfully kudos. Crit builds used to be my thing and people argued with me about using all Marks but I still did it because it was different. (Only really old players will remember the old Marks xD)
  25. I have to honestly say I was looking forward to seeing your build. It would have been nice to see someone else climbing without making use of the most broken stun mechanics, but it looks like I will remain the only one doing that for now. Cool to see a crit build working again though, even if it is riding on the back of stun mechanics.
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