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  1. You are such an alarmist. Where are you getting your information that Trendy are planning a hard nerf on the Dryad. The last update I remember seeing is that they planned to buff the under-performing towers. Thats what happens with over used metas. Its a fact, look back at Ev2 early c7. Also when was the last time Trendy said they were going to buff under-performing towers? Last time I heard that was last summer just before the massive tower rebalance.
  2. Lotus, do you think Trendy intended players to get to floor 200+ without resetting? Doesn't that break about half of their new system that they put out to give us more content to do and make us take more time playing to get where we are? Was floor 114 supposed to be easy to get to and get that last flair set that was actually placed as a goal line? I don't believe that's how they saw this working in their mind and if floor 200-ish is getting too difficult to run with Dryad active then you have an answer right there that was an intended mechanic to get you further, Ancient Power. If your goal is to get as far as you can without AP then if they balance Dryad and you can no longer climb you have achieved your goal and then some because players behind you wont be able to get that far without AP.
  3. The problem with this is time and resources. it takes less of both to balance one hero vs 12
  4. how would you balance the dryad then? I just leave it as it be and just buff the other defenses that are near useless. Which defenses are useless that would make a profound change on Onslaught? I have made my way through to floor 89 (and still going) without using Dryad unless the lane had no other answer and even then I used a tree with no range and only 5 bees and didn't stay on Dryad to get bonuses. the only difference to my style of building and Dryad is how much I afk and place stars to keep bonuses. I even still afk most maps while doing floors. Im not doing anything spectacular either, all my progress is shown on a stream.
  5. It also goes away if you die during the build phase too. Lets just say I might or might not have missed one of my Barb's right clicks when I was in build phase one time and that pit opened up out of nowhere :P
  6. This is an interesting spin on what we have now and I do like the way you are going with it. The one problem I have with it is it does extend on a current problem that players don't like about AP, is that it takes forever to get to 50 resets and this increases it to 95? looks like and that will only go to make that problem worse. (All depending on how trendy changes things of course). If you made it put one point per box you still leave it at 19 counting D which is still a long haul for most players. (I didn't count the far right boxes because I wasn't sure if you were supposed to put points in those to get them or if they activate when you fill out the rest of the catagory).
  7. Yay no more stuck Zapper, now I can kill him even faster
  8. You will be missed, many good times. Good luck on your future endeavors.
  9. I support bringing this back as well. I mainly used the Stat fps cmd and disconnect cmd for the reasons listed above.
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