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  1. That's a good joke....or troll, I really don't know which. Do you know how absolutely broken "immunity to rollback" gear would be? Finish Floor 65 take off all c7 gear, put in vault, hit reset button, put c7 gear back on and run one c7 and grats you are back at floor 55 15 mins after you reset.
  2. Hi, Yes, I would like to pre-order 50 units please. Yes, I do have a credit card. No, I don't care what the cost is just GIMME MOAR SPACE´╗┐´╗┐
  3. That would be called a Fissure, it does fire damage to targets within its range (and would do more damage for only 10 more DU). Giving Oil Geyser a shard that ignites would make the Oil Geyser a useless Fissure because the ignite removes the oil. Also this can be done with a Oil Geyser and Fissure (or any other defense that is fire damage). Also as a side note, we are waiting on a confirmed change to Power Transfer, so I would hold off on making up new ideas for shards until after that because they could put PT in the trash can making any Def Power setups useless.
  4. I am slightly confused at what you are trying to say here. Maybe I'm reading it wrong idk, but the Harpoon Tower already completely ignores Cyborcs disable and has a shard that lets it do splash damage.
  5. Definitely. They could give them the same treatment as witherbeasts. Very little effort to do and would be a nice change. Some mutators with zerks are super cheap. Or possibly give berzerkers the same treatment that the Unstoppable mutator give enemies since that is basically the same thing as a berzerker. Drench and Oil still apply to Unstoppable enemies they just don't get slowed by it which would be the desired effect for berzerkers rather than just removing them from the equation like Wither Beasts since they had a different issue entirely.
  6. Time, skill, knowledge and I would say money in some cases are all determining factors of the type of gamer. There are probably even a few more things I cant think of off the top of my head but I can say time isn't the only determining factor for how hardcore you are and lacking in any of these will put you down a step or two. Time is a big one yes but if you play for 18 hours one day and can't beat floor 12 you are most definitely not hardcore by anyone's standards, you are just a kid with too much time.
  7. Personally, I don't think its either of the choices that have been mentioned thus far. I believe there is something for everyone here but it seems they have aimed more at the average gamer. As noted Casual gamers usually fall short in terms of being able to complete content and the hardcore destroys it. The average gamer will be moving forward at the pace Trendy needs. As much as the higher content seems to be aimed at hardcore players I believe they are in the same boat as casual gamers in terms of complaining about the game itself, they burn through content and then get bored running it 90 billion times and ask for more. Whereas the casual gamer usually cannot complete the content for various reasons. On the other hand the average gamer will be able to complete the content but at a pace that allows for more content to be produced at a regular basis. In a measurement of a single day it doesn't give the full picture but when you look at their progress over a month long span they put in enough hours to get somewhere but not enough to put down 5+ resets.
  8. I've been told this by 3 diff people but every time I tried going through 10 maps and rng never showed me that, I get bored and try again today and they give it to me first map. That will be edited by the time you see this :P
  9. A while ago I started a spreadsheet for lots of information about Onslaught and since then I have been refining it to make it better. It was posted a long time ago in the DD2 Discord but since then I have made it to a point where I'm happy with it. Onslaught Spreadsheet Hopefully this helps people that have not seen it or aren't in discord to have seen it. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as I will always be looking for way to improve it further. Future planned content: Updating the enemy and mutator icons Current requests: All lane schedule names and enemies in the schedule
  10. You could do c7 trials. Time commitment is 10-20 mins, better xp and gold, still gets you increased talent caps and min asc, and you can stop after any map. If you dont plan to reset then this is still endgame since going higher on floors provides the same benefit as grinding asc in c7.
  11. refer to sentence one in OP. @petticrew quote: HUH!? Not even sure where this comes from. Took me a sec to figure what AP is, Ascension Points right? If that's your concern. I could care less how hard it is to reach or gain AP. As long as it doesn't take hours to progress or no progression at all. 1 thread with lots of activity and interest is better than 2 threads with half. AP = Ancient Power, Asc = Ascension
  12. That still leaves the fundamental question. To what purpose is getting through this content when nothing requires it? I also like this word, "Progress", its a nice keyword to get people on board with a change, but has a loophole. Make a save feature and players get around the time constraint, finally reset and get their Talent caps, xp/gold bonus, and Ancient Power point, then climb back to max c7 gear. Right where you started, the only difference is a tiny bit of extra power you didn't need to clear c7 before, thus not fully establishing progress. Like I said I'm not against this idea or the others like it, I just feel there should be something existing to require such a change. Since we don't have any content that needs this then the players don't need AP or any of the bonuses. Even more so, look at it from another standpoint. Assuming it takes 10 hours to reset each time from fresh reset to floor 65 and reset again, you have to do it 50 times to get all AP. That's 500 hours total. If you can play for only 2 hours a day (Or one floor) then it would take you 250 days out of the 365 of the year. Keep in mind 10 hours is an outstanding if not nearly impossible time to maintain each reset. So technically, even if you got this save system you would be stuck in a loop of resetting for the rest of time play catch up with everyone else.
  13. Aside, from the fact that there is an active thread discussing this very same thing I will ask the same question I asked there. To what purpose is it to make it easier to reset and get AP when no content in the game requires these bonuses and this is completely optional at this point?
  14. Literally my next post after the one you quoted and answers you last question. Also I was using MMO raid groups as an example of gamers in common games putting together larger groups to do content that takes a lot of time. If stuff like this comes to be part of your game and you cant balance life and game to get enough time to do it then you move on to a game that offers more flexibility time wise. Until such a time that we actually need AP in order to complete content, I see no need for a save feature so people can do one map a day to get up to floor 65 to reset.
  15. Since this is the most recent thread you've revived I will put it here. A local co-op just wont happened with the way the game is built, now split screen is another thing entirely. I wouldn't get your hopes up, in the current time we hardly play in teams as it is much less can we hardly find other matches since the most recent introduced content. If you think people will want it I would suggest starting a new thread and try to get people on board with it.
  16. Where is the description and what does it say? I am curious. That is the only Incur map i have not played yet. Going to have to fire that one up tonight now i think. I have yet to see any instructions in any other Incursion maps tho. I am still trying to figure out how to do that darn DA one from C5, and after playing the C4 cleansing map like 5 times, i have only now figured out how to actually cleanse something. I get so frustrated with Incursion maps. They have VERY specific requirements, but they don't tell you what that is and it changes on each map. Its been a while since i last played it but its to the left of the middle of the screen somewhere around the chat box. They give little hints like "Frost Gobu (Sword ones) chill when they attack", just simple little things about them. I don't believe it says anything about Yeti but with 6 of them in map you can play around with them.
  17. They spawn 6 Yeti (I think) in the incursion and on top of that each wave they give a small description each wave about the new enemy in there.
  18. Let's look into the future then ;) Probably eventually, there's gotta be content that require Ancient Power, which mean there's a reason. Maybe that's when change is needed? Then it will be on Trendy when they have an idea for content that requires AP to remember this thread and change this as well so that it can all be rolled into one and it will do two things rather than one. First, people will be able to do the content, but secondly and most importantly, people won't already have all the resets done giving them more stuff to do rather than burn the new stuff and go back to having nothing to do.
  19. I use Deadly Strikes, Boosted Grasp and Rippling Explosions. Tbh I just threw rippling in there because I had it laying around and an open shard slot and I didn't really know what else to use since I didnt really care for the boosting part of it
  20. Oh I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with any changes, just simply pointing out that in the games current position and form, Onslaught and Ancient Power are completely optional and until there is a reason to actually do it there is no forced action here. :)
  21. Okay, I'm interested, How are they forcing us? Resets aren't required for anything, they are just another endgame system we have an option of doing. Chaos 7, Mastery and Incursions can be completed without it.
  22. I like using them. For the slow factor alone, they can be very useful, as well as boosting barricade stats. They are definitely nice to use in C7. But when you start to climb the Onslaught floors past 55, I really start to doubt the viability of it. But then, I couldn't be sure as I didn't really experiment with it as I am currently a "victim" of the Dryad meta. Maybe Exglint would know as he/she (sorry not gonna assume) climbs floors without using dryad defenses. 5 Proton nodes in a line, 1 sand trap in front of the 3rd node, BA behind the 2nd node and BA front of the 4th node, Frosty tower off to the side if the 3rd node = Game Ogre lane that moves slower than dirt. My go to lane setup on Game Ogre and its only problem is if they are Yeti for it Kappa. But yeti can be stun locked by a hero and the proton will help take him out. Other than that I do use it in some other places if I have the extra DU and there are no cyborcs or cursi-kaze.
  23. Not saying I'm against any ideas or that I don't agree or disagree but, ever heard of an MMO raid group for an endgame dungeon? These usually take several hours and require 6 or more people to be there the whole time. These do sometimes have save points but then require the exact same group or you have to start over. Long gaming sessions are normal things, though no one is forcing you to do Onslaught nor is it required for any of the other content in the game. If you don't have the time then don't do it, simple as that.
  24. How can you get every shard you need in the game while burning through it? How can you get/learn about all 39 defenses in a speed run? Do they know all the strengths and weaknesses of those enemies? How much ascension do they have when burning the game? When do they take on Mastery mode? I was in chaos 7 two days after it came out. Also I have over 2k hours of farming asc, shards, heroes, enemies and I still sometimes learn new things that help me. You never can gather enough knowledge. The best thing I have learned through my time is how to counter any lane in Onslaught with any mutator combo without using Dryad at all. Something I believe will help me when Trendy sqaushes this meta and players are forced to learn how to do it again.
  25. Why would you recommend that? That sounds like a terrible idea. Don't burn through the game as fast as you can go, learn the defenses of every hero, learn of all the enemies (Even the ones in incursions), get lots of shards because you will need them, and make life easier on yourself. Burning through the game only leads to not knowing what you are doing and failing things that are easy because you weren't ready for it. I hear stuff like this daily from other players that burned through or got carried through the game.
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