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  1. How can you get every shard you need in the game while burning through it? How can you get/learn about all 39 defenses in a speed run? Do they know all the strengths and weaknesses of those enemies? How much ascension do they have when burning the game? When do they take on Mastery mode? I was in chaos 7 two days after it came out. Also I have over 2k hours of farming asc, shards, heroes, enemies and I still sometimes learn new things that help me. You never can gather enough knowledge. The best thing I have learned through my time is how to counter any lane in Onslaught with any mutator combo without using Dryad at all. Something I believe will help me when Trendy sqaushes this meta and players are forced to learn how to do it again.
  2. Why would you recommend that? That sounds like a terrible idea. Don't burn through the game as fast as you can go, learn the defenses of every hero, learn of all the enemies (Even the ones in incursions), get lots of shards because you will need them, and make life easier on yourself. Burning through the game only leads to not knowing what you are doing and failing things that are easy because you weren't ready for it. I hear stuff like this daily from other players that burned through or got carried through the game.
  3. Pretty sure that's called the Final Form Flair at floor 114. I'm not totally sure, I may have to get back to you on that lol
  4. #1 What are you even talking about. #2 Same. Now on to explanations. First, gold has been very useless for a very long time. Until Ancient Power the only real use for it has been for new players who want to not spend real money so they can upgrade gear while they save DM to buy heroes. On top of that fact the implementation of gold boosters would mean the removal of the gold bonus on AP something that is already in the game and will inflate gold values way worse than a simple doubling booster. New players are already at a severe lack now and always will be, that is the nature of the game. This is recently even more of a problem because they jump into Ancient Power without the gold, shards, etc, etc that they need for Ancient Power. Why is this happening? Knowledge and players getting carried to endgame before they are ready. Both of these have been a thing since before Trials were introduced and have not changed after. The best part is they can even offer these for DM which makes it possible to get without spending money (At a severe markup of course to encourage spending money) and is basically the same system as the heroes where you can spend money to get them faster or wait and save DM. You aren't getting anything someone else isn't just getting it faster.
  5. I support the pay for convenience boosters, not really pay to win since everyone gets xp/gold already and pay to win refers to getting something others won't.
  6. You're right, it was jammed packed up between leaderboards and hero changes and that made me miss it. Honestly, I miss it being broken and being 50%, made things super interesting for a short time.
  7. Its only health scaling now. It used to be damage as well but they changed that in the EA 21.0 update. Also, I scoured through patch notes and the most recent mention of enemy health scaling was in the 1.0 Launch notes that read- "This update fixes a bug where multiplayer enemy health scaling was scaling higher than intended. Per-player enemy health scaling is now +25% rather than +50%. Go forth and defend with friends!" All the patch notes after that have not changed this.
  8. You're worried about the wayfarer?!?!?!?!? What happened to the old man and his fruit kart?
  9. RNG is a hater sometimes?
  10. Shards are on a “grab bag” system. This means when you open a shard pack you figuratively reach into the bag pull out a shard and that’s what you get. Then you put the shard back into the bag and shake the bag. Then open the next one where you reach into the bag again and pull again. Overall, this means every shard in that tier has an equal chance to be pulled each time you open a pack. (Best way to describe it) There are 29 shards in c3 which means you have a 3.45% chance to get a Deadly Strikes on any given opening.
  11. Actually, the only thing Power Transfer does at the moment is homogenize Medallions and Marks to be approximately the same thing on most defenses. A slight change in the percentage of PT in either direction would have a profound effect on which relic you choose to use for defenses.
  12. All these recent suggestions are great everyone. My problem with each and every one of these suggestions is that they are tuned for someone in specific. Each player will have a unique experience when first going through the game (ie. like OP who hasnt even looked into resets yet) and players who are very far and has a lot of Minimum Ascension (ie. Juicebags). Because these paths are so different you have to consider where the person asking for advice is in the game. I saw in most of these posts that it was suggested to go the fastest route based on some idea except some players don't have some heroes yet and, most importantly, doesn't have all the shards yet which is a big farm in some cases. This will alter the speed at which progress can be done. I personally highly suggest to new players that you do not speed run your first playthrough of the game because you will find a wall at which you don't have all the shards you need or a good ascension level to get max gambit or crit chance, which has recently become a problem with the speed at which gear upgrades drop. More on top of that you want to have a good understanding of the enemies and defenses in the game to make it easy on yourself. I and many around will also suggest getting a high asc and push floors to get min asc up which further supports what I have above.
  13. If you can get to 3915 Champion Score you unlock Chaos 7 Trials, floor 40 is the end of c6 gear anyways so you are right there. As far as progression goes, I personally think Trials is better than Onslaught after a point because they are predictable and unchanging. The build that works once will work 100 times in Trials as long as you can deal with the jump of enemy stats each time you go to a new tier but the best part is you don't have to deal with maps that just limit you all the way down to no defense options. If you cant quite get into c7 then yes I would say going to c6 is a good idea because in both tiers you will be able to use your Ev strategy again and as long as Skyguards are your only tower in c7 you should have nothing to fear from special enemies there.
  14. Easy exploit to your suggestion, put barricades on top of spawners so enemies cant leave and wait for the system to time them out and win without trying. The only time I see this camping inside spawners as a problem is Hex throwers, other than that its a user error. If you don't spawn camp them they wont spawn camp you. I do agree that Hex throwers probably need an Ai change in some cases or forced behavior but even they can be countered fairly easily when placing near spawns.
  15. The gear score is a value designed to tell you the power of the gear, thus the max gear score of anything would be so extremely rare because the primary stat and all secondary stats would need to roll maxed out with the best rolls in the game. Even getting max drops will have random looking gear score since not all stats will roll good. If you are wondering when you should move up you can check the champion score lock on the next tier or use the few sell value spreadsheets and compare the gear dropping to max sell values.
  16. Well by forced I mean these bonuses you all are suggestion give a serious progression boost. Also as a side effect these bonuses will give leeches a reason to be who they are since the chaos trials were Champ Score locked. With these bonuses in place, assuming I could play at an hour that isn't completely dead smack in the middle of the night, My friend and I could join your match and do nothing and get free bonuses we weren't getting before because 2 extra players (or just an extra account) and to top it off when you try to vote kick that friend or alt account would just deny and nothing happens. DD1 reference, in that game progression wasn't tied to gear and gear has a more in depth requirements system and more variability which allows for such things. There should be something else that encourages grouping rather than straight bonuses. There is always the possibility that players in DD2 just don't want to group since mastery was Trendy's attempt at encouraging groups and the best they got was duos. An idea of this would be a map that required 4 players and you start in your own lane separated from each other and are required to build your own lane. After the wave is over you move forward and the next "lane" set pairs you up with one of the players next to you and you build together. Then you finish that wave and move forward again to be paired with another player, so on and so forth. Then final wave puts everyone together to fight a tough boss within the final wave.
  17. As much as I would like reasons to party, any bonuses awarded like this is forced grouping and I don't believe that is the way we should go. As far as the example of seeing the higher floor players build, there is nothing stopping them from going down to the floors where people struggle and do the same build there. You still get to see the build and how it works and the higher floor player still gets the same xp and items since it all caps out before 65. On top of that their build would work even better since they are used to building for content harder than what they are going into.
  18. Lower geared players leeching has effectively been removed from the game as you need a certain gear score to even join in a tier of Trials and with the current system of Onslaught you cant join a floor without having completed the previous floor. This doesn't stop the true leeching of players that are properly geared and just don't want to help so they get all the benefit for no work but that eludes to party control options. I do agree with the concept of this idea since increasing enemy hp is a rough way to do scaling for more players since the hp scale on lanes you cant watch with multiple players means you have to overbuild those lanes and underbuild the ones you can guard. There has to be another way to do something for having more players without tapping into extra bonuses for forming parties which leave players who don't socialize in the dirt.
  19. By 999 caps, do you mean resetting through AP a thousand times??? Otherwise i am not sure what you mean, so please explain. Each time you reset you get +1 to talent caps on the ascension tree for the nodes that have 140 currently for every 50 asc you have on reset and each floor you complete above floor 65 each reset. This can be done in 1 reset (not likely because the amount of work would be staggering) or 50 resets or 200 resets, that part is more up to how much work you put in. I have a spreadsheet floating around full of Onslaught information and one tab near the back has a basic formula of how to get full talent caps in 50 resets which would also get you full Ancient Powers at the same time. That means if you follow it after 50 resets you are done with resetting if you don't want more xp or gold bonuses. Each talent point is worth 15, 20 or 30 stat points depending on what it is and what defense it is for and stacks up quickly. Of course with our current reset system this means you likely won't get to use this increase until you are either nearly done or done resetting. (Something I hope changes because these talent points are powerful)
  20. Don't get me wrong I also would like to see AP/Onslaught get a change but I just wanted to point out that the increase talent caps does give quite a bit of stats. Currently with a 22.9k totem and full asc a spiked blockade has approx. 27k def hp but with full 999 caps and the same totem you have approx. 52k def hp. Thats a huge gain already but the gear is the same which I understand is where we are looking atm. Maybe once they get AP/Onslaught right where everyone is happy we can go into making super unique and farm worthy gear, possibly through something like DD1's challenges like Assault and Warping Core, and with stat deviation it will create something fun and worth the time to get without making stats go up.
  21. The first part already has functionality in the game, as you progress through floors you will hit a point where enemies have enough to make you want more power thus you reset get increased talent caps and Ancient Powers then you go back up to where you were. That kind of ties in with the second part as well since the increased talent caps give you the small increase of stats you are talking about. As far as making drops relevant, I don't think ever increasing numbers are the way to go. That will lead to the same problem no matter how steep you make the scaling, eventually your numbers are too big and any future content is childs play, thus boring and will eventually make you quit. A slightly better option is to have higher floors give better and better chances at getting maxed out drops so the higher you are the less your drops are subject to the deviation but still keep some deviation to make farming still a thing.
  22. I dont "main" any hero, I use them as they are useful for the situation Im in.
  23. Never once did Nigiri ask for a vicious strikes nerf, only that its shouldn't be usable on Blockades.
  24. I get the feeling that you have no idea who I am or what I have done thus far. Hi, I'm Exglint, a TCG streamer whose goal so far is to push one floor of Onslaught a day to extend the amount of content I have to stream. During these floors I actively avoid using Dryad at all costs to show people that as easy as it is to abuse her to beat Onslaught she is not an end all and other heroes can do it. During which I explain why I place or do things to help people understand some of the decisions. I do know the game very well in fact, and I know how to use things in ways that aren't considered normal to my benefit. Talking down to people isn't a way to get them to see it your way though. Where I don't want to see a shard get removed as a possibility from trees I have my own idea for rebalancing the Dryad that I have decided not to post because I really don't normally have the time in the day to explain why Dryad does need this. I do highly agree that she will get it one way or another and I would like to have some control over the changes that are made to the game I love to play. Thus, I would like to pick a rebalance before Trendy chooses for us and makes it something I really don't like which would ruin the hero for me until she is changed again to make it better, which might take a long time considering they are a small team and only has so much they can do at once.
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