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  1. use the the dark torment ability, just hurl a dagger at which ever enemy you want and all sand vipers will target that single one enemy. That is the same functionality people have been asking to have removed for a long time, ie. we hate having to play on a hero to make their defenses work. I'm sorry but I wont play on a Mystic to make her towers work and I wont play Dryad period. This tells me you haven't played in a while. Where I don't doubt these will work right now, many defenses work right now so that isn't a profound statement. I can easily say they are not a top 3 defense and even prior to the patch they weren't top 3 so I don't know where you got that. Prior to the patch Bees, slimes and rams were top 3 with utility like Protons Cannons and PDT coming up behind. After the patch WM, ES, and PDT take top 3 with things like BA, Cannons, Rams, Protons, LSA, FA, Bees, etc. etc. coming in behind due to how viable things are. For the same cost 4 FA can handle a crowded lane better in any instance for me so far and the dps Sand Vipers do just isn't enough to change that. If for instance I needed something longer range that deals magic damage then I can drop an elemental attunement on Bees and they stack on enemies unlike Sand Vipers and they also cannot be targeted by anything.
  2. I think Sand Vipers either need a lot more dps or they need to function like bees. Vice-versa, bees could do less dmg or function like Sand Vipers. They each have some uniqueness that makes one terrible and the other godly, but when you look at other things that are comparable like Fissure versus Flame Aura they each have advantages and draw backs but are relatively even based on situation.
  3. The order never matters when doing multiplicative. Your example should be: 100 minus 50% slow (50) is 50 50 minus 40% slow (20) is 30 30 minus 65% slow (19,5) is 10.5 your math is off. your second part should be an answer of 20, not 30. You multiply by the %, not subtract. If i have a value of 50 and you reduce that by 40% that = 20. 20 is the new total value. You are adding a step. From your example the final value should be 13. If you reduce something by % value, what value you are reducing matters. The only way the order does not matter is if the % slow is based on the total value, and not the new reduced value. Then it would not matter as you are always applying the % to the same number. This is why Ex said that you cannot hit zero, as you are not going against the base number after the first slow is applied. Example - starting with 100, if you apply reductions of 30/20/10 in different orders as % reductions from 100 - you will get different answers. Jaws in your example you are showing the first movement from 100 > x correctly but your second steps are showing what the next reduction would be, not final numbers. So your example would be - 100 slowed by 30% = 70, 70 slowed by 20% = 56, 56 slowed by 10% = 50.4 100 slowed by 20% = 80, 80 slowed by 10% = 72, 72 slowed by 30% = 50.4 100 slowed by 10% = 90, 90 slowed by 20% = 72, 72 slowed by 30% = 50.4 You would want your bigger slows to be placed first because of DU reasons though. I think the big problem here is how Trendy presents this because every slow in the game is a "Slow to" wording and I am using "Slowed by".
  4. They do stack but probably not the way you would think. For example, if enemies move at a speed of 100 and you put down full bonus protons it slows them to 35% which slows them to 35 speed then Boost Aura has a slow to 60% which is a 40% slow. So 40% of 35 speed is 14, so it makes them move at 21 speed now. If you add a 50% slow lets say form Frosty Tower then it would further reduce that to 10.5 speed. No matter how many slows you put down you can't stop an enemy entirely but you can get them moving so slowly that they cover almost no ground and the order in which the slows are applied doesn't matter.
  5. I would be okay with also having these items not have rolls and always being 5 bars since they currently go from, 1 bar - basically the most worthless mod you can have to 5 bar - still outperformed by normal legendary weapons but you have something to brag about. Which would allow for Trendy to make these weapons do actual dps relative to normal legendary weapons. Example of this would be the weapons on heroes that can use the charged shot shard you want weapons that can fire fast to trigger this as much as possible but their incursion weapons are locked at 2/sec which makes them nowhere near as good as a drop weapon.
  6. Imo, the only thing shadowflame has going for it is the lazy factor, other normal legendary weapons can get you better functionality. I fully agree with this idea of unlocking the mods on them because some of them are just cool skins.
  7. I've gotten maybe 7 from floor 85-162, so at least on the lower end of the drop zone they are generally rare
  8. You can only place one per Mystic, so the way to get more is to get more Mystics
  9. What if its purpose was to limit a player to 4 heroes? Then isn't it technically doing exactly what it's supposed to do :thinking:
  10. Not really no, except time and dryad cheese. Really wasn't a huge accomplishment. Also, the recent patch changed nothing in Onslaught.
  11. Not really, well ya, kind of. Example , my flame auras range is about the same size as my boost aura (i got big boost auras) so by over lapping them as much as possible, u get damage from drain aura mod, a little extra from the boosted flame aura, a little more from rippling explosions, then u gotta figure in the stall from boosted grasp. If its gilded mobs are moving half as fast through all of that giving u twice as long to do damage to the mobs, in essence doubling all that damage (lady orcs aside of course cuz they laugh at stalls). Now further down the lane drop a tree with a couple of bees that can reach the boost aura with a control chip on them so the do extra damage to ALL the mobs being cc'ed by the aura ... Pretty much game over for anything passing through boost aura aoe. So flame aura, a tree, 2 bees, and a boost aura costs 160 du to shut down a lane. If its a boss lane or heavy lady orcs throw down a couple LSA's. I use variations of this set up in every lane that isnt cybork or frost. Granted i haven't pushed any high floors yet but 15 times though the AP system and it hasn't failed me yet. High floors probably will crush this set up im sure but on your way up there, its a fast efficient set up that only requires 2 builders. I have 0 ascension on boost aura, dont need, shards do all the work so 1 monk and a dryad easy suace. My BA makes my FA push out 1.4m dps at tier 1, so I just stack 4 inside the BA (with 1k range) and walk away, place a proton if I need some slow and the frosty proton works on zerkers. No need for an elaborate setup with that kind of damage. At floor 150 zerkers that dont modify the damage done rarely make it more than halfway through my FA.
  12. Bees are showing more dps than they are doing its easy to see basically what towers do with a simple equation but you have to do it by hand. (atk dmg + (crit chance * (atk dmg * crit multi))) / def rate = dps This wont work on some towers because of special shards or stuff like PDT which also calcs dot dmg but for most towers that equation will give you accurate-ish dps based on the numbers the tooltip gives.
  13. No one ever mentioned removing them, we want them balanced because they take things away from the game. Also the answer to your question, is balance. For the first part....care to explain Mastery mode when it was released? Second part, I'll give you the same answer I got on many other threads....because we love the game and want it to be the best it can be. Third, the majority liked the changes because they made the game blindly easy so anyone could do it not because it allowed all towers to be viable. That could have been done without making us overly strong and some of the changes we suggested here would still make everything viable. (Also even with changes people are still going all dryad or all WM or all :insert tower here: because it makes the game as easy as possible not because its their favorite) Forth, people quit mainly because of the game being overbearing with enemy types and the time commitment, not because they couldn't use x tower.
  14. Or to do a balance pass on things that are too strong to bring them back a bit which is what this thread was bringing into focus. Thus making things a slight bit harder earlier on rather than bore you playerbase to death.
  15. So those of us at range and speed cap at tier 1 would get nothing from upgrade in exchange for.......purple?
  16. Lul where did this thread come from and hahahaha if you are using the Boost Aura shards I can tell you that you are missing out on massive dps gains :P
  17. So you think its completely fine to play for 500 hours in afk-able content to reach floor 300+ to start seeing any kind of difficulty? Just to play in moderate difficulty for another 200-300 floors to reach something that would actually make me lose to enemies rather than my own mistake? I'm not crying about this, I will take full advantage of the game being overly easy as I have always done so all the 7 year olds can actually get to 65 without the game being hard :P
  18. A short search of your past posts says you basically agree with anything that makes the game as easy as possible and any change that would harm that is the end of the world. Not everyone shares your opinion and would like some kind of difficulty somewhere that doesn't take over a month to reach. Also the forums are a place to share opinions so telling them to stop is not constructive or doesn't add to the thread. Such as, why do you disagree with a certain level of balance to mods that some players feel are over the top after giving us so much raw power in form of dps and makes the game much easier than it has been in a long time?
  19. :thinking: before it was bosses werent interesting but now they are too easy. Any thought that it might be because we just got 3 times stronger and you now have to climb Onslaught to 3 times your floor to find a challenge again?
  20. I agree with the OP on these mods. Tenacity wont be much of a thing after the fix because reducing a 12 sec stun to 8 secs with a 40% still leaves your defenses dead in the water for 8 secs and a cyborc lane will walk all over you. Whereas with pierce you always pierce and your dmg is just reduced, but reducing millions of dps to 40% still leaves you with plenty of dps to one or two shot the things reducing you thereby removing the reduction altogether. This is aside from the fact that any defense with storm servo has a chance to stun if you have a boom mod and drench shard, removing the shield with the first shot and forcing all of your dps through to eliminate the problem before it even becomes a problem. Boom servos are just free dmg and are not interesting at all. They are literally no different from the problem people have with shards where the best shards are just dmg increasing shards and the unique ones are worth nothing compared to them. Thus we have moved to a new mechanic that mimics the old one and has the same problems.
  21. Well since you asked :P The information I saw that wasn't properly researched was - Wm as an AoE defense has a target limit of 10 not 8 (Mentioned by Rusty) The speed cap has always been 0.38 and speed caps haven't changed on any defense With a decent relic prior to the patch you could easily get close to cap without an Orb or Def Rate shard. With a 9200 speed secondary you could get it to 0.45 only 0.08 above cap, with 9600 speed secondary you could get it down to 0.43 only 0.05 above cap. These were not rare rolls to me and easily attainable for anyone who played. Then a disabled drop shard was brought into the mix, Water Elemental, this should never be brought up in a matter of changing things that exist within a game. First, xbox has none of these shards so their balance is completely different, and second, there are so few players that actually have these that it has little effect on the overall community. I do agree that these shards should either be fully enabled or fully disabled, but Trendy doesn't seem to want to do either which causes these problems. Most importantly, Trendy has already said they like where WM is at and they don't like what the mod is doing, so they are going to tweak it to make it useful but not too strong. Which isn't going to be the last tweak trust me, other mods are also over performing and are just flying under the radar atm because of other more powerful things though some people have noticed them.
  22. So many wrong numbers and claims within the thread. Does anyone gather data before posting or just blow smoke out their rear :P
  23. Technically speaking, Onslaught was always intended as it was in each form it has had. Also lul what record do you believe you have even set, I searched Guinness World Records and there are none recorded for DD2 :P
  24. Except this idea hasn't been fully thought out and there are problems with it. There are so few shards in each chaos tier for each different piece of gear that it would make farming for gilding take a matter of a day at most. Doing a little searching, and ignoring Barbarian shards, on DD2tools there are no chest shards in Chaos 6, so what would you get when farming for chest materials when a shard drops? Also in c3 there are only 10 defense shards so you have a 1 in 10 shot at Deadly vs the 1 in 30 now, or even better 1 in 8 in c4 at getting a rate. As much as I would like a change up with shards, this is just an attempt to make gilding 10x easier.
  25. Someone in my stream said something about Tenacity that I fully agree with, "Tenacity is one of those mods for new players to use until they learn the game and get more comfortable with defenses and learn how to beat the chaos enemies". This isn't one of those things experienced players should be leaning on to win in my opinion, you should know how to beat these enemies. Vast experience also allows you to use these types of defenses against their counter without ever getting countered, like auras vs Cyborcs in places they cant reach. Which then brings me to values, less punishment is always good but immunity to punishment is boring. I think Tenacity should max at like 80% at c8 which will leave these enemy type relevant. These enemies should still promote variety, especially in Onslaught which was created to do just that, or danger from using a defense they are designed to limit. (lowkey, piercing is next since it does just that now and is flying under the radar atm).
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