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  1. 5 hours ago, playertt said:

    Op says without BA only thing i see from picture is he probably using destructive pylon in LA  / also ive seen this alot when ive joined others then when replay another match their stats would return to normal / even with max ascension 64 million  i don't believe is possible

    Even Dpylon isnt around, you would see the purple half sphere at the defenses feet

    1 hour ago, Mochan555 said:

    Maybe it's photoshopped.

    Doubtful, this is a known issue thats been around a while and gets pointed out in the discord all the time :) Even under normal circumstances the players who dont place the defenses sees a slightly lower then actual dps. So if I place a Flame Aura you will see 2.8m dps but it actually is 3.41m just because you arent the one that placed it.

  2. 30 minutes ago, Mochan555 said:

    How many Ascension Levels do you two have anyway? Can you hit 32M FA with 999 points in Flame Aura?

    Nope, a reasonably fit FA will peak out around 12m dps with a BA and Dpylon not counting anti mods. If you count anti mods then it can easily hit that but it wont show on tool tip. Also if you heavily boost FA with many things then it can hit above 100m dps but you would notice that going on 

  3. Well Im sorry but looking at steam charts none of it is corroborating your numbers. Over the past few months I have been watching these charts nearly daily to see how DD2 is doing against DDA to see when the player count declines and it doesnt even flinch when DDA gets a patch. I've also included DD1 in the chart comparison I watch because reasons.

    On 4/14/2020 at 10:42 PM, THerris said:

    and then 2 days ago the game decided i dont get to play any more. increasingly bad lag spikes, rising ping, its taking me literally 13 seconds to press G, the game is teleporting me to 19 seperate places on the map when i tap the W key.

    this issue is 10000000000% with the games code/servers and id LOVE to know an ETA on it being fixed

    This does not sound like a server or game code issue, this sounds perfectly like an internet issue. Which could come down to an issue along the path your data takes to get to the server having a problem and is not fixable by Chromatic because they wouldn't own the line or nodes between you and them.

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  4. On Tuesday PC had 1100+ players at peak, so Idk where you are getting your stats but I would check them again. The game has hovered these kind of numbers for the past few years so not dead. Also every 6 months or so the "Game is dead" threads pop up and they are never true.

    During peak times the servers do struggle we have seen it a lot and during low times the server has zero issues which we have also seen a bunch. 

    They are prioritizing DDA but that is because they are trying to make the game succeed and doing it remotely due to covid but that doesnt mean they have given up all hope for DD2, they are still planning on supporting it, they just need to get DDA on its feet first.

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  5. It is possible that your minimum ascension will go up from your current ascension if you climb high enough. Though I would recommend going above floor 100 at a minimum since that is easily attained before ever doing resets and will get you above 1k ascension. Go further if possible, every bit helps.

  6. The floors and ascension level you have determine your minimum ascension and increased talent caps.

    Minimum Ascension = ((Highest Floor - 30) x 4.16 + (Highest Ascension level / 50)) x 3

    Increased Talent cap = (Highest floor - 30) x 4.16 + (Highest ascension level / 50)

    You only ever gain 1 Ancient Power point per reset

  7. I know lots and lots of people who are in the same boat as you, it does suck quite a bit.

    They did say a while back when DDA was just put up on Kickstarter that after they successfully deployed the game they would look into the possibility of cross saves for DD2 but added that they give no promises on whether or not it could be done. Probably because they would get a better understanding of how it is coded with DDA that it might be possible to copy most of that work into DD2's code for the same system.

    Just keeping fingers crossed.

  8. Its called Drakenlord's Soul and it drops from the map Drakenfrost Keep in a rotation with three other mods that change each week. To be honest its more visually cool than a good mod. In the very short range it has it slows enemies and after a few seconds freezes them for a few seconds but if you havent killed them in the few seconds it takes to freeze them then you have other issues that need attention. In my opinion it is better to have a damage mod instead or another mod that has better utility.

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  9. 11 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    Anit mele + ranged? 

    Shards - Combine w/ gilded DS or VS? Then destr and rate?

    Anti Range, Anti Support and Controller with Deadly Destro and Rate shards. Mine currently has Gilded shards, max asc and a 0/5 c8 relic. Tier 1 with no boosts it sits at 5.14m dps tooltip, fully boosted it jumps to 10.3m and with anti mods applied it has 12.75m/25.6m dps (4.25m/8.53m dps for each bolt fired) against fliers respectively. Upgrading the relic to max will most likely push that boosted dps over 30m which is about 10m dps per bolt it fires.

    All in all the SGT is an absolute monster if you want it to be but like Xiao Xin said, most player skip dmg and go for a petrify combo which does work but for the same cost I can double the dps numbers above resulting in even more terror to fliers.

    I also understand that mine are being pushed to their limits and most players wont see those kinds of numbers even if it is just a one amp SGT build.

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  10. Couple points to go with this image

    • Given that SGT's Def Pwr Scalar is 6.5 the 100 Def Pwr difference in those relics isnt going to be that large, at most its adding just shy of 1k attack dmg. Basically its not going to make a 30k difference.
    • The image shows what the tower is using and that nothing else is affecting this tower (including my hero's radiant crit hyper shard because Im too far away or boosting type defenses which are nowhere nearby) and shows both normal and crit dmg 
    • Probably the most important thing about all this that I saw doing this test, Controller affects SGT first shot as well, not just the shots following the first. So Controller is always active on SGT.

    SGT with Controller versus non controller.png

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  11. Health comes from armor, weapons and putting points into hero health in ascension. I would assume you changed some gear recently and you went from a set that had health to a set that didn't or had little and why your Dryad with little to no armor has health is because she has armor that does have a health stat. I would also assume that you have no points set into health in your ascension so you wouldn't gain any from there. Without seeing the gear you had or the gear you have now or what you have recently done it would be hard for anyone to really make any direct conclusion to what happened.

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  12. As much as I and many others would like to see more in DD2, CG's focus is on DDA atm and since we have heard nothing about any support for DD2 at this time I don't think we will see any changes in at least the next six months.

    As far as the suggestions you made, the campaign was split in half and the latter half was turned into adventures and the overall campaign is more of a tutorial about how the game series works rather than providing any significant challenge. Mods do leave something to be desired but I think they should first balance the mods correctly before branching out into any potential they may have. As far as rare loot, I think we have enough rarity of loot and I would rather see something more unique than rare. The lore/story is already there but each start of the lore was cut off before being finished most likely due to the investors wanting to move onto something else rather than finalize a story. We have many branches that can stand on their own giving a great story, they just need to take the time to flesh it all out.

    All in all, you aren't alone but it's a matter of getting attention more so than making suggestions right now.

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  13. On 3/30/2020 at 5:29 PM, 11ssttSSggtt said:

    ok im new, ive played for a few weeks and im almost Chaos IV.  I have one character i play (Monk) and while ive updated other's gear, ive got the Monk gameplay down well enough to be useful. Here's my issue.

    Suddenly a box with something in it resembling a sword appeared below my character and it reduces my health to 5K, which is basically UNPLAYABLE. Nothing anywhere mentions what this is, how or why i have it and how to get rid of it.  Internet searches?? Nothing. Game wiki? Nothing. Ive quit playing because i cant progress when the main i like to play is GIMPED by some phantom shit the game NEVER mentions. soooooooo wtf?

    Im having a hard time picturing this in my head, is it possible to get a screenshot of what you are talking about?

  14. The only thing Champion Score is used for is unlocking the Chaos Expeditions, of which the highest you need is 5300 to unlock Chaos 7. The only thing Champion Score is used for after that is "Look at me I'm special".

    If the drops she is getting from Chaos 7 has 6/10 upgrades and when upgrading it further gives you the stat increases then I wouldn't worry about the gear score. Also Relic gear score is not factored into Champion Score so if she is upgrading one of those then it wont change Champion Score.

  15. Tbf Fogs, if CG doesn't do a balance pass then it wont matter what they throw at players because the stun stuff will dominate everything with ease. If we only got to choose one more thing to have, I'd rather have a true to the word endgame mode with real endgame rewards rather than a playground for people to skip the farming we currently have. A mode that doesn't let a single meta rule over everything and has rewards that actual endgame players would want. I think CG will be doing more than what most people think and we are just waiting for DDA to get its footing so CG can put some people on DD2 to do something.

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  16. Looking over the discord and assuming you posted this very shortly after running into your issue, it seems this was the result of a server that was acting up and a CG employee actually did behind the scenes magic and swapped off some servers for good ones and it was fixed soonish after. You may have just rolled unlucky dice and hit it just as it happened.

  17. Firstly, please stop typing in all caps. I seriously detracts from your posts and makes people not want to help at all. Secondly, are you using google translate? Your original post made no sense which is why you had to clarify in the first place.

    Overall I think posting those pictures made me take this all much less seriously. You are throwing a huge fit over losing a little Defender Medals when you have 10,600 in one picture on top of the 10k Gems showing that you are in no way hurting for DM. Then another picture showed you have a min ascension so far above most players which makes me feel like I'm going to be talking to an entitled and self important person. If you would have calmly and correctly explained it then there would have been no need for the pictures.

    I understand it sucks losing a bit of DM to some weird bug but I don't think you're in dire need of it to start with so your reaction to it is completely unwarranted. You have so much more in the game than players before you did and the game is easier to beat than ever before. If you want proof of that go look at the ingame collections menu and see that there is an achievement for getting 2000 ascension. This used to be a huge thing and today its the biggest joke ever. Things like Flame Auras used to have 400k-450k at tier 1 at the very most with the best possible gear and today we have ten times that now. Mastery used to be a huge challenge for the best players and now anyone can laugh their way through it. When Onslaught released floor 200 was considered godly.

    Don't panic over something so little, cherish what you do have today and remember it didn't used to be so good and it could always get changed.

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  18. And that's why I said something needs to be done for other reasons. It's not about having other options, there is an issue with the relics that currently exist creating an EXPLOIT and they need to either fix it and bring it back or disable the combo for everyone. Players are going to latch onto how they cant make it but others can and that is not a problem that is an opinion, the problem is that the combo is doing something it definitely should not be doing and needs to be looked at immediately.

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