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  1. 1 - Im very sure the "lag" is caused by the stun meta. I have joined dozens of matches in the past month and seen a bunch of different builds, and the ones that cause me to get "lag" are the ones using SR WM or Reflect beams and have heroes using Frostfire/Grave Infaction combos. Also I have climbed to 420 without either of those and had very little problems myself. 2 - I think the range on some defenses is already getting to a breaking point and if they were to buff the gambit then I would probably back off a bit to keep range lower. My problem would be AoE defenses with their target limits. Could easily just rebalance some defenses with issues and get the same effect. 3 - We have to be careful with the unique mods because we could get a repeat of the SR mod where it is far too powerful and breaks the game. Then would end up the same way getting pulled for a rebalance and not coming back for months. 4 - The way to start buffing blockades is to nerf stuns. As long as stuns are around blockades can be made nearly immortal and still be useless because the current defenses that stun are immortal. 5 - There was a discussion between a few players about a hardcore Onslaught mode which had its own progression and better rewards, but it would be hard and still Onslaught.
  2. The reason there isn't something like this is because there is a reroll system that basically does the same thing.
  3. I would have liked to have comment areas too but you also have to see it from their side. Comments have to be read one by one through the thousands that filled it out, whereas the way they did it they can compile answers and get numbers which are much faster to read. ie. Did you think this was good? 3 put very dissatisfied, 7 put dissatisfied, 15 put neutral, etc etc. Its faster to get all the feedback and get back to working than reading long winded ways of "I do/don't like it" With a new CM in the loop, the best way to give fleshed out feedback is to post on the forums. Either way you go it will take time to type and time to read but instead of reading the same fleshed out response thousands of times the CM can read it once and then the replies the thread gets. I mean almost all companies that produce product have an internal testing team, so idk why them having one is a surprise. Also, to what exactly did they move onto prior to feedback? UI? Heroes? Mana? All of that was complained about many times in Discord and Forums so technically they already had that feedback far before.
  4. I see where you are trying to go with that but realistically its the same thing. When you start a map you have x mana and x DU in the first wave and you do two mathematical calculations to figure out what you can spend per lane, then if you are short on either, you would do it again on wave 2. It didn't change anything except how many times you do it and eventually it gets figured out what is best and is simplified anyways. The 200/100 rule of DD2 was only just recently used as a general rule when Lost Temple followed it number for number, before that I never heard of a rule about how much DU should be spent per lane. Even with that rule its just for general reference because Lost Temple is the only map that uses such a rule, the rest are balanced around many details beyond that. (I can't get into them for various reasons) Take The Jacked Sparrow for example which came out after Lost Temple. Follows the 200/100 rule but people only see 4 ground and 2 flier lanes. Plunderers Paradise, same time the ship was released, 7 ground 3 flier lanes, 1200 DU. It's a general rule for players to follow not the absolute for CG to follow.
  5. Host power is a different subject but was brought up before and I believe the conclusion they came to as a best possible solution was a blacklist so you could eventually create a list of people who you don't want to join or have join your games. Is it a magic fix all, no, but it was a decent idea.
  6. Min and max settings on win rate xD I think the host having the power to kick is more than enough here because as others have stated, level and ipwr doesn't correlate to ability very well. Also add in that a max ipwr can be gamed pretty easily. Sets ipwr range of w-x, player has ipwr y, takes off piece of gear, now has ipwr within range of w-x joins and puts piece of gear back on. Host kicks because player found a way around the system, same result.
  7. Small correction, "DD1 players have known for years" because not only were values matched in DD2 but some corresponding defenses were different from DD1 as well. Considering DD1 players aren't the only players that will play DDA I think that has little significance. We will have players from DD2 and players that haven't touched DD games since halfway through DD1's life span and I would ponder a guess we might even have players who have never played a DD game in their life. Also contrary to popular belief, changing something that you work with for years like (((1+3)x9)-6)/15=2 to 1+1=2 does in fact make it easier for you and everyone. This doesn't make you more stupid, it would be called efficient. This is kind of similar to the dps equation for defenses being needlessly complex creating a spike over the first 20-50 points you put in but almost becoming linear beyond that. Why not just go linear growth and create simple equations that others can easily follow than a diminishing return curve. There will be an absolute highest stat total and 0, which means you can easily balance everything between the two. These kinds of things don't make interesting, they create extra work for the player to understand.
  8. Well the intention of making the two costs match is to make it less complex since they don't have to be different. Complexity doesn't mean interesting, depth means interesting.
  9. I already do, its called Slice and Dice xD I wasn't considering that at all because it is another level of scaling and balance that the first part of cost is positioned around. DU cost is everything because at the end of the day they still costs hundreds of mana to upgrade and if you have open DU it will always be better to place another than upgrade them. While I understand what you are saying, the next best thing to use in any map is Lightning Aura (In Beta, who knows if this will continue to be true). This will use Str Drain anyways so most likely, unless the Lightning Aura is balanced as well, Harpoons will almost never see the light of day. While I'm here, I appreciate the feedback on the idea.
  10. The best way to help is to post suggestions of fixes and content on the forums. We will have a new community manager soon and that will help with the flow of information that CG hasn't been able to keep up. If you want to be part of their team you can go to their website to see what they are looking for then apply. They are a very small team trying to push out a new game and maintaining a game already out so I wouldn't expect super fast updates like a large company would do.
  11. To be fair they are going to have to make changes one way or the other from where I sit. Fireballs are more effective than Harpoons, traps have their issues and the very expensive towers aren't worth the time to consider currently because the cost vs mana dropped balance is off since they took out the mana as currency and abilities cost. Considering they are going to need to do a balance pass anyways I think it would be worth the time to draw up a possibility of mirror costs. They have done this successfully before so I don't believe it is beyond their ability to do, and I believe they want as many people playing as possible so having things like this create a barrier to entry when timers start popping up. Before anyone says "Timers are Insane and up so they should know before then", you can start the game in Insane difficulty (Gear level not considered because we don't know it) and after a few days carries will exist because there is nothing limiting that aspect. tl;dr - I believe it is still in the area of possibility to consider making them mirror costs to simplify this part of the game when they go to balance defenses that aren't fully balanced yet. Though I do believe the game will be imbalanced on launch because a balance pass is a massive undertaking in any game.
  12. Just wanted to start a thread to see if anyone could logically and/or mathematically explain the reason why Mana cost and DU cost for defenses were different numbers and why they just cant be the same number. To me it makes more sense to raise the DU limit and make the DU cost the same as Mana spent, for ease of understanding for new players and for ease of remembering for everyone else. Anyone have a concrete and understandable reason it should stay the way it is?
  13. Doesn't feel realistic that a kingdom is defenseless either. They would definitely have this set up well in advance on standby waiting for an attack on the kingdom, especially if these are high interest targets that need to be kept safe. So imo, to feel more real I should load into the map with a setup already built in advance so I don't have to do anything more than just get them active. Also doesn't feel very real that 1, 2, 3, or 4 are fighting alone when they would have all kinds of guards defending the kingdom as well. So on top of the last point I want at least weak guards to be running around repairing and fighting too. Sarcasm aside, realism only goes so far when trying to explain something. We are definitely in make believe scenarios that logically make zero sense even when considering a "Hero" in fantasy settings because they would still have a battalion behind them ready to fight complete with Ballista, Catapults and possibly a mage platoon for support. I would also imagine with the size of the attacking forces we get, they would be noticeable well in advance (If not scouted by friendly units already) giving you more than a few mins to be ready. On top of everything, DDA takes place after DD1, and we know we were dragged back through time by a malevolent entity so we should have warned the correct forces and had extra preparations made to be ready for an attack. There is just way too much that had to have gone wrong in order to give us a short duration to build and this is all unrealistic.(And all NPCs would have to have an IQ of 5)
  14. All 4 maps in DDA's Beta have less than 1 min timers on Insane difficulty. (Non-survival matches): Map 1 - 50 secs Map 2 - 47 secs Map 3 - 44 secs Map 4 - 42 secs Those are on every build phase so even midway through the map you had limited time to check newly dropped gear against your own and then go on to maintaining your build. Though Lavamines may have changed since they added the extra core and lanes. (I dont plan to play again so I would need confirmation from someone who did jump back in after that patch) DD1 had build phase timers that got shorter the higher up in difficulty you went, DDA is based almost solely on DD1. I found something to base it on. I cant recall a 10 second timer anywhere either but DD1 also never had hero decks and their timers in Nightmare (The highest difficulty for DD1) had longer timers than DDA's Insane difficulty. I can only assume but that assumption is based on a previous fact.
  15. The OP wasn't talking about the 2 min G timer, though I do think it could do with some work. What he was referencing was the forced timer in Insane and above during build phases that no one currently has any control over. Once you end the warmup phase, which is before you get any mana, and go into a build phase in a match that is at Insane or higher difficulty then a short timer starts. If this timer runs out the Combat phase will start even if no one hits G at all. It is 100% a speed check and serves no other purpose. If you are fast then it adds nothing to the gameplay, if you are slow then it will most likely cause you to lose and thus stop playing because you are most likely going to be unable to do something other than get carried into better gear. Another issue is it starts at sub-1 min in Insane which means I cant wait to see how short it is in Nightmare and Massacre. I think the tears from players having to fight a 10 second timer in Massacre is going to be glorious. Just an assumption since I have never played Massacre yet but unless they shorten the timer I don't see how it will add more "Difficulty" in higher difficulties (as the diehards describe it does).
  16. I started my first map in hard and did 2 waves then dropped to tavern to switch to Insane and completed my first full map on Insane. This skips 3 difficulties which would be half the game. I think its short enough. Mana also will have little to do with duration of play if tier 2-3 defenses will beat a map anyways, getting to tier 5 only means a matter of seconds less due to how mobs take forever to spawn. Correct me if I'm wrong but you would also be doing the same. I respect this opinion. On the other hand, standing around on a builder doing nothing (maybe repairing once every other wave) while tier 5 defenses afk everything is the least enjoyable for me. Maybe in higher difficulties and on harder maps they do give more mana, kind of goes back to the previous point, we can't possibly know this since we aren't Chromatic Games employees. All in all, I think the point eventually comes down to, this Beta wasn't in a great spot and they should have waited until a bit closer to launch when more systems were complete and could be used in the Beta to get a more concrete idea of where the game is at. We are missing so many things that are incredibly important to talking about balance in this level of detail and I think this means most feedback is useless at this stage. If you strip DD2 down to its most basic form, it basically is DD1. Only once these systems are connected does the game take a shape which can give feedback, at a deep level, a point. Mana currently as is makes the game playable, which was the whole point of the Beta. Aside from visuals of mana, which like everything else can be changed, the amount is of little importance until you have a more full experience to base feedback on.
  17. Lot of people assuming a lot of things going on here. "Players don't want this, they want that", "This is how the game should be" or "This is what is happening". Should probably stick to fact or personal opinion with supporting points that don't include information that cannot be confirmed or is based on a small sample size. The playerbase is literally thousands deep and the percentage on the forums, discord, streams or your group of friends is an extremely small sample size. Personally, I'm up for testing anything different. DD1 was a good game but an exact copy of the game is pointless because you can just go play DD1. Imo, use the same formula not the same exact thing. "No one wants x" Don't lump people into something like that, even if I agreed I would argue with the point just because that was said. "Most players want this" An impossibility to know statement, you asked over 10k people what they want? (That is just based on how many people pledged on Kickstarter, probably a lot more who didn't) Weird that you think this, considering players were doing survival in Insane without upgrades on gear and minimal, if any, pet stats. I got to wave 15 Insane without putting points into my heroes with only two people. It was fun up until kobolds killed us both at the same time and that's when things fell apart. What exactly is stopping people from playing? The fact that DDA might have some grind and you might lose matches often until you get strong enough? tl;dr - its getting very apparent that players are starting to say whatever they want if it affirms their point
  18. Keep in mind that in DD1 mana was also used as a currency for many things and it will not be that way in DDA which is why there is a huge difference in the amount you get.
  19. AW man I was looking forward to the players who would complain about free stuff again lol
  20. Not a bug its an interaction between enemies and towers, they will try to run through for a few seconds before attacking one to two times before trying to run through them again.
  21. Im kind of wondering if you played a weird DD: Minecraft Edition or something that some fan half made. In DD1 when you activated a defense you wanted to place the camera would go overhead and there would be a small circle around you in which you could freely place the defense anywhere inside. This gave you full freedom of the map just like DD2 and DDA. As a side note, replicating yours or other's builds is rather easy on a consistent basis, so I'm lost as to how this is hard to do. If it is oddly hard then I guess I'm a god builder for doing it for hours and hours in DD2.
  22. They arent weaker to stun than other enemies but its the only way to stop them from moving because they are immune to slow
  23. Their weakness is either stuns or high damage. If they have headstrong then you better hope you can do tons of damage.
  24. The second Mass Destruction and easier to obtain Destructive Pylon did make the game easier for a lot of people. The players higher on the leaderboard were heading that way long before Prime Incursions though, the mass stunning stuff they kept added to the game, even after trying to nerf it several times, made the game too much easier.
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