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  1. Each slot in the material vault can hold 9,999 of that material. After that you will need to use them or stack extras in another vault/bag.
  2. Uh they do, the ignite combo requires oil. A mechanism within the game for elemental combos.
  3. So what this part suggests is that we should roll the game back a few months because the guys currently at floor 947 got there with the use of things that are not currently doable and thus the rest of the community doesnt have the chance to do the same? OR is the suggestion that we should roll the game back to when mastery was just released so everyone who got the easy mode mastery then has to do it back when it was hard just like the guys (and gals) who did it back then? Tbh the game changes over time, sometimes it takes out OP stuff, sometimes it makes things easier. We do have some power to guide Chromatic to what the community as a whole would like and just because I say something doesnt mean it will happen. What I am asking for is the correction of 2 mods that as you can see in videos are obviously unbalanced and very overpowered. Hail nor I were the first ones who brought it up either, Hail wanted to share this info because he knows Chromatic has been informed and wants as many people to get use out of it as possible. Lawlta also reads everything, so even if I never posted he would see this :P Last thing I would consider myself is an elitist too xD my highest floor at the time of this post is 365, Onslaught is boring to me. I wouldnt waste my time climbing that high, but I applaud those that did.
  4. Each node's chance is independent of the last. If an enemy is in all 3 nodes it has a 57.8% chance that at least 1 node will drench every 0.38 seconds (at max rate) or basically every hit. With only 2 nodes hitting its a 43.75% chance every hit. Then the obvious 25% chance per hit with 1 node. Just some quick maffs for everyone
  5. Actually as funny as this will seem, I intentionally run what people consider weaker than meta setups. The power is in knowledge and lowering me back to the start is just a time delay because my knowledge will still win out and I will blast right back up :P As far as mods you might wanna say delete them because 1/10 are still very usable and I bet I could clear floor 200 or 300 with 1/10 mods, especially if I swapped to meta stuff but then I might be able to clear much higher. The reason I joked with him about it is because it was already mentioned on a Chromatic stream so they already were looking into it and this just gave them a reference for it, also Hail and I know each other so I was just poking at him with my elbow xD
  6. Forgot PDT which never had a chance to be a thing :P
  7. Just wanted to poke in before it gets too deep. Lets not assume anything about manpower or time to develop, Depending on how they work their cycle Im sure every now and then there are one or more people waiting on other things in DDA to finish so they can continue on their job which is free time to work on DD2 stuff. Managed improperly and that person is just waiting without taking on any other possible job is manhours lost that you are still paying them. For the purpose of this thread lets just contribute ways they could bring old content back to life by using it in the form of endgame content :)
  8. I have no idea what HD build would not use Burning Strikes since its best in slot for one of those but skipping past that I saw a much better suggestion. "What about Betsy, she would be better for Onslaught." Honestly I love this, mainly because I dont think people really remember her since Campaign is more one and done than Incursions are. Betsy has a few things about her, the first is she can flap her wings and make all enemies faster. This is like Dreadbones but every enemy on the map and at higher hp levels this is problematic because enemies would run through defenses faster. Her map has 5 ground lanes, 2 of these have short straight areas and are very curvy. Starting you have 2 air lanes with 2 that open up, thats a lot of chances for DA or bad mutators on air (They also get sped up by Betsy). The big thing is her curses, this is what I bet people remember the least. Jumping into campaign to just check them out and get actual numbers, the Betsy curse area is permanent, covers a big area and reduces Defense Power by 75%. If she places that over your setup then you're boned, move the whole thing. If you cant get a better location then reroll is your only option to change the lane that couldn't have defenses moved. Cursi-kaze reduces defense power by 50%, reduces range by 25%, and reduces speed by about as much as a single frost orc (not that much). The best part, Tenacity at 100% protects from Cursi-Kaze, it does nothing to protect you from the Betsy Curse. This sounds much less fun than a freeze I do have an option to get rid of by just shooting a torch or using Tenacity at 100% and a boss who is just a miniboss (there is a chip/servo for him), can be stunned, and wont just fly off at a moments notice to go hit the cores. I'd say if anything Betsy would be more problematic than DFK by far.
  9. Nice, I was afraid I would have to make a post on the forums to show Chromatic what to nerf and be the bad guy but someone else finally did it for me xD *Places the "Lawlta beacon" to bring his attention*
  10. This part caught my attention. Do you really feel like the game having you put in Burning Strikes to counter Drakenlord is limiting your options for shards in your weapon?
  11. I didnt try it myself but another player made a video with it and I did get a nice laugh watching the synchronized assassining as they went in and let go of him :P
  12. "assassins: they can ´╗┐still latch onto you" The Tenacity Chips allow multiple Assassins on you at the same time, so at high floors you are dead even faster since you also cannot run away from them either, unlike having one on you and the other couple Assassins chasing you.
  13. Updated the sheet to Version 1.5. It should be a lot more readable now.
  14. The range on the Reflect Beam is the distance that its bomb that travels from node to node can attack the enemy, anytime it explodes it deals damage. Some people have fit it to deal damage and they want that range as large as possible. This defense is one known to have damage falloff over distance though. At max range (800) it deals about 35% of its total damage and at mid range (400) it deals 83% of its total damage. It is on a bell curve for damage loss but it is still something to take note of.
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