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    PVP as an idea was tried a few year ago as a joke and the community that believed it was true hated it. I highly doubt they would ever try this again. On the side note, power creep is a terrible way to get content out of the game and even CG realized this back when C7 was released and moved onto Mastery rather than c8.
  2. By this I assume you mean they didn't put desirable micros in the game thus making people not want to spend because the mtx we got had little to no impact on the gameplay. As an example, instead of putting in a booster for xp they decided to put a 5% bonus on AP which is way more powerful than a simple booster they could make money on, or a resource/mat booster which I am very confidant people would buy to cut the grind down. Then by "Set things right" I assume you mean create a barrier to entry where people who refused to put in some money to even buy bags in DD2, can't or won't pay for DDA because it will most likely be more expensive than the bags of DD2? Both assumptions because no detail was given on those two points that stuck out to me.
  3. Where are you at in Onslaught and have you done APs yet? If the answer is you are done with AP then you are climbing for personal reasons as that progress no longer affects your game in any way. If not and you are less than floor 400, then I can confirm that you do not need Tenacity or Automation because that is how far I have gotten without them so far. (I quit climbing because it was boring and no longer affected my game) I think Zombie is going to be right, people want to afk the game and we can all blame Trendy/Chromatic for letting everyone have a taste of the sweet life of doing nothing and winning. I don't believe this was healthy for the game and I await the day when they finally take the stun meta away and make people actually do something to win.
  4. "Regular players who play maybe an hour a day dont have the time to grind for this." This statement is frivolous. If a task takes 100 hours to complete, it doesn't matter if you do 10 hours at a time or 1, it still takes 100 hours to complete. Those who can put in many hours per day still had to go through the task of gathering the ability to do the task or finding other ways to do it, you can't punish them or ask to have their accomplishment taken away because some people can't put in that amount of time. As a point of argument, you don't have to get very high in Onslaught to complete the Ancient Power grind, floor 150 will give you 1440 min ascension and is more than enough to do resets forever and is very obtainable with many builds and very little power if you are correctly geared to do a small climb and resets. I climbed to 200 and did 58 resets without the use of Tenacity with DFK in the way every step of the way while my defenses were using relics that dropped and not re-leveling the ones I had. To compound that, I don't even use the meta that everyone else has used, so the game is very completable without the need of Tenacity or Automation.
  5. The thing I was more homing in on was the relative difficulty and level of gear you will have. If something is challenging and at level with you in a normal match and you are jumping around with a pet over your shoulder, then you have Defenses + Hero + Pet doing damage. If you strip away Hero and Pet and are left with only defenses then you just lost a pretty good portion of your potential damage, multiplied by party members. If it was a challenge before then you are now losing because defenses wouldn't be enough. To offset that you need to overgear your defenses to have them cover for the missing damage that you and the pet were doing. This is where the drops will be concerned, you will most likely be above what the current average drops will be in order to complete the map. On the inverse, they could also make the mode easier by reducing the enemies damage, hp and speed, but that means its easier than any other part of the game. In either case I don't know why anyone would expect the same progression from that as players who play the normal part of the game. The other point I kind of touched on was, this game mode is basically what both previous games turned into. At the end of when I played DD1 all it was is place defenses and wait. There really wasn't much for the player to do because everything was so absurdly powerful. In DD2, the meta has become so bad that you just need to wait for enemies to die because they can't get past the perma-stun defenses. Both of these has led to a very boring gameplay, or "game not play" if you will. In a normal tower defense game, you don't start with the ability to fill out your defense, you gain that through killing the weaker waves and they ramp up as you place/upgrade more. DD games are built around having a hero and a full defense at the start. Also in normal TD games you don't worry about repairs because enemies are not going to attack them, they are just pathing from one spot to the next. I don't think its even fair to call this a TD game, it really is designed completely as an Action TD.
  6. I have to be honest here, I'm confused about this. Pure Strategy is a mode in which your defenses do everything and the hero and pets can't do anything. So by definition, this is all of DD2 at the moment. This also would have to be easier than any other type of play because you are subtracting the hero and pets from action so your defenses are going to be overpowered to complete the mode. Why would it drop loot better than what you already have if you are beating something that you are already better equipped for? This is also probably the most boring type of play because once you start you just go make a sandwich and watch Netflix. If anything I hope the whole game doesn't eventually become this just like DD1 and DD2 did.
  7. This mod has some severe issues that make it not nearly as good as you describe. If it was just that good then it would be amazing but it doesn't quite perform that well. If they die inside the Fissure, then the mod didn't do anything and any other mod is better If they die very shortly after the Fissure, then another mod could kill them faster inside the Fissure If they burn for long after the Fissure, then the Fissures itself stops working because each burning enemy counts towards the target limit Unfortunately, these things combined hurt the usefulness of this mod greatly. If there is a situation where this mod shines, it would be so specific that I don't think I personally would use the time to gild shards for it or the mats to make the relic.
  8. Factoring the mats and items from normal maps, Drakenfrost Keep in C7 still holds best gold and XP to time ratio over all maps in the game
  9. When you find a bug, you report it. They have a bug report website just for that. The thing you do not do is write up a guide on how to abuse it and then distribute that on the official forums. I recommend that you remove the guide from steam and report the bug on https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/ which would be the right thing to do. You don't want CG knocking on your door. You are free to not take this friendly advice and find out what happens, but you may not like it.
  10. When you think about it, there is no point in Onslaught once you have finished resets. Climbing to high floors is an ego thing, it doesn't progress you at all. Realistically, DD1 and DDA are the exact same way, once you finish a particular difficulty it's done forever because you can't gain anything more from it. If you only ever think about things you can get from playing to make you stronger and not what fun you can have then there is no point playing games beyond a certain point. They are an entertainment industry, if you aren't having fun then what is the point? I have played each of these multiple times finding different ways to do it while having fun and not just blazing through them using the meta to make them as boring as possible. How many players can even do these without getting carried by other players or by getting carried by overpowered mechanics? I think the players are creating the problem and you cant blame CG for problems you create. I can half blame them for letting the problem persist so in that way I can kind of see where they are at fault.
  11. inb4 they do this but also include a balance pass to petrify and SR/Water :kappa:
  12. Or maybe he realized the thing he said was exactly what I said just worded differently, or maybe his cat deleted it by walking on the desk, or maybe aliens are getting payback from the raid on area 51. Honestly there could be a million reason for it and everyone is looking at the worst case scenario but looks at no other possibility. To answer the purpose of the thread, the reason these are so easy is because the community is making it easy with something CG is in the middle of attempting to rebalance. They also want this to be somewhat accessible to a lot of the players and not just the 1%. If they rolled out a rebalance for the stun stuff I expect a lot of these become much less completable for a majority of players and some carries will start failing causing more people to depend on the higher end of players for carries.
  13. It used to stack with 4 players. They changed it a while back to have double the power with the same max bonus, thus the 2 players. It will still stack 4 players worth if they together have equal to or less than the max bonus. The offset to multiplayer play is the bonus xp and legendary items.
  14. :thonk: Well at least everyone else will now see that the devs do read everything lul
  15. I just wanted to poke in for a sec and make the quick joke "Oh noes, playing with other people in a multiplayer game :o" Fun jokes aside: They never said this. The last thing I have heard a dev say was, "we currently have no intention of stopping support for DD2" which, translate how you will, means they will continue things for DD2 after they get DDA up and running. Endgame does not mean End of the Game.
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