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  1. Old post but nothing changed, Embermount Flames hasnt been touched since it was released years ago
  2. To use the Insurance item you need to hold Shift (PC) or I assume R1 (PS) or RB (xbox). Im guessing on the console buttons because I havent used a controller for it. The message that pops up when you are about to use the insurance will tell you that the items will be saved.
  3. You won't find any publicly available valid codes for DD2. DD2 codes are single use, and you'd pretty much only be able to get them through giveaways.
  4. It's something that has been requested many times in many different ways and every time Chromatic has said they wont add inventory during waves. Also, I dont think @ tagging chromatic is going to help much. They see every post anyways. Since Im here though; That will never happen, I 100% promise the answer will be a big no xD This has been asked before on one of their streams and the answer they gave was basically, "Its not easy/possible to do something like this" and that was back when DD2 was the focus and had the power of the entire company. Now its probably a no r
  5. First I will assume you are not a native English speaker so I wont go over that, but I would suggest some punctuation and spacing when you do long posts because it confuses people who try to read if you dont. For Shocking Revelations changing into Stunning Revelations, Chromatic disabled that back in 2018 claiming they would be fixing it in the future. The change that was made was the change to Stunning Revelation so it wasnt because people complained it was because Chromatic wanted it to change. As far as player count, if you look back to 2018 you will see we started losing players
  6. Drops rates of what exactly? You never specified and there are a lot of things that drop in the game and they all have different drop rates. Also as a bit of a side note, DD2 has the largest playerbase of the three Dungeon Defender games, so I dont think it is being killed by any means.
  7. tl;dr - here is a lot of really OP and broken ideas to make the game trivial
  8. Yup, farming does take a long time. Now imagine how it was before dust existed. Unfortunately, both of those features were given as bonuses to the base game. Dusting was to make it a little bit easier but not guaranteed and Gilding was given as an option for endgame players to squeeze a bit more out of their defenses. Since their introduction players have twisted Gilding from being for very endgame to being required for everyone and dusting as an additional chance to get a shard you want into some kind of feature to guarantee shards, and forgetting why they were introduced in the first pl
  9. I would suggest posting this in the DDA section rather than the DD2 section, the devs dont come around the DD2 section much
  10. All I can say is the way it is currently is intentional and its doubtful they will change something that is currently working they way they want it to work
  11. No I do not want to bet, because now I see a different account. Again with only the posts in this thread making me think you are afraid to reveal yourself so you create fake accounts to hide behind the wall of protection the internet has to offer. This is a tactic used by those who know they are in the wrong. He/she cares so little in fact that they created two accounts for the forums and hunted you down to continue berating you instead of just letting it go because of the fear that you might actually get him/her in trouble for the behavior ingame. (Also you spelled "Believe" wrong. Co
  12. Tbf ZoomXmoo, you coming to the forums as well in an aggressive manner doesnt help your case Also you only have two posts which means this thread is your only activity leading people to believe you are stalking to create drama
  13. At AP 33 it changes to floor 90 up to floor 120 because completing a C8 Expedition puts you at floor 99 as your next floor to complete. You have shorter resets now because of that.
  14. Negative it is a bug, that will be fixed in the next patch hopefully
  15. Also please dont post the same thing under multiple sections
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