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  1. That pack is more for newer players who have no heroes because it saves you a ton of DM or Gems and you get all the heroes for it. I'm willing to bet they make some new heroes because they won't want to kill their reputation forever by putting out that pack and not doing them.
  2. Yea thats what we've seen when tested. Makes sense given the wording since on multiple occasions the word "Burn" or "Burning" comes up and those need an oil source to get the bonus dmg from ignite
  3. The new combo is Ignite and Burning Strikes "Burns" an enemy, so think of it like fire dmg over time. In order to get the Ignite you would need an Oil source to Oil an enemy so the Fire dmg over time can Ignite them to get the bonus dmg modifier.
  4. Next week, they had to go through certification again because its been so long since they last did an update for DD2
  5. What like, D-pad up, both triggers, X, B then use left joystick to select the hero you want? They already use button combos for controllers so I think they know they can do that lol
  6. Console controllers only have so many buttons and they cant fit more hero swap keys on them so they denied this feature a long time ago due to that reason
  7. I think you mean Reflect Beam. Buff beam got a huge buff, 20 DU per node, New shard for more power and has twice as much range
  8. The chest ignores auto collect rules unless you open it and the items are on the floor where they will obey the auto collect rules. As long as you have auto collect set on at least one bag it will grab everything out of the chest. The Gilding shards one will probably be an answer you dont want. The last we heard on it, there would be tracking issues for shards that are stacked which is why we dont have that option either. They also mentioned in their live stream when they released Gilding that it was designed to be an endgame player activity and was supposed to take long periods of time to do. I would go with asking them to do shard pack stacking or un-upgraded shard stacking as that would also fix your issue with inventory.
  9. Sorts 1 -> 10 or 10 -> 1 mod level, 10s are always good and 1s arent great. The sorting only cares about mod level which is all they can look at. The one about not collecting gear without mods you just need to turn off auto loot of white/green items since they are the only ones that have no mods. A few I know are already answered by devs to be a "no" are - The whole player control of maps section, inventory during waves, Gilding shards, hero deck, keybinding, and drops based on owned heroes. The no part is either a straight "no" or a "We cant/wont Because of X, Y, Z"
  10. Im just going to assume you came to the forums with the specific purpose to drop your piece. I would suggest going to the "News" section or trying out one of the other sources Chromatic uses to get information out there. In approximately 7 hours from the time of my posting PC will get an update to DD2 and a week from now the consoles will get that update as well. I will add that a few of your points are already a thing ingame.
  11. I'm not Chromatic but I can put myself in their shoes for this kind of thing. I highly doubt they would ever take a player at their word and ban someone regardless of innocence. Otherwise, players who don't like me would make up some stuff and report me for it and I would have been gone a long time ago. My bet would be that CG took the reports and investigated each account and found something credible in the logs and banned with a concrete reason. Given they had reason to ban I also doubt they would reverse it for anyone or even just wipe the account to let that person back in to do the same thing again.
  12. You would have to explain two things before I think they would take that seriously. 1. Why would you climb that high before resets when they are easy way earlier 2. Why climb there after resets when there is no reward for it I wouldnt say those are the only two things but probably two of the more major things. Also I would think carefully about what you are asking for and detail it out completely. CG is know to take ideas and put their own spin on it. This could be twisted to make resets never stop climbing, so AP 50 could require you to climb through 500-530 which would require quite a bit of firepower.
  13. They have been against floor skipping since the start. Im not sure they would do it in any form.
  14. https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new That link will take you straight there, good luck I hope you get it back
  15. Exglint


    Id say tune into the next few weeks, they just posted an update coming post on the forums if you missed it. They might give more details as they come and give you a better idea of where they are going.
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