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  1. I would say the reason for the cost is because you can easily buy multiple 5 packs and not get the shard you want versus guaranteeing the shard you want every single time. I would also say the reason shards cost the same for each tier regardless of difficulty is because they only drop in that specific tier, you don't get better chances or more of that shard at higher tiers. I'm sure everyone would love a price decrease on shards but that would break the game at the prices you are suggesting because at 100 or 250 DM per shard (depending on tier) would get you 2-3 shards per day on your daily alone and even more if that day happens to coincide with the weekly mission. When the devs introduced the gilding system they didn't intend for it to be something anyone can do in a very short amount of time. Its supposed to be a huge grind with a big payoff from the extra power and immunity to Ancient Power resetting.
  2. So if I read that right, you want the 5 random shards to cost more than 1 guaranteed shard? Then scaling up in price based on tier?
  3. Are you just concerned with those two relics or is that happening to more relics? I ask because Drain Aura is in the top 10 list for worst mods in the game so if this is the only relic giving you issues then I would just toss it and be glad it wasn't something better.
  4. Also keep in mind that its been a while since the spreadsheet has been updated and hasnt accounted for the recent string of 4x gold events that have pushed prices up in a lot of cases. On top of that you have to remember the trading in DD2 is in a free market, the sheet can be used as a guideline but those prices are not set in stone.
  5. https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new This will be the support line, they wouldnt answer anything like this publicly on forums or discord and would probably direct you to that support desk if they did say something.
  6. You can put in a ticket at https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and they can help with that. It probably wont be instant reply but they should get back to you shortly.
  7. I dont know what they could have said to get you banned, "He is selling things for too cheap and we are butthurt"? Chromatic doesnt have an automatic banning system, they are all done by hand and they arent stupid to just take anyone at their word without some form of evidence that they can look deeper into. Selling things cheaper than normal price isnt even a 24 hour suspension offense. That stuff happens on an hourly basis between friends and alts and on live streams. I believe there is something deeper to this.
  8. If you were permanently banned then there is a very good reason for it, especially since they keep very little focus on DD2 atm. That stuff is gone for life.
  9. I know none of this you will want to hear but it is the truth. When CG was asked on their stream they said "We were only considering the option to make a small dev team but have no concrete plans as of this time". If they made these weapons better than anything normal it would make people cry out Pay to Win which, last I heard, no one wants. Always been that way, isnt likely to change. Stacking can be fixed with the vault, Material Vault can stack up to 9999 on materials, and there is always the option of bringing the carnival back. The lag on maps in Onslaught was figured out a few years ago as well, people dont want to hear the answer so they put their hands on their ears and shout "Lalalalalala" because the answer is stop using Reflect Petrify/SR WM/Frostfire and Grave Infection or anything else that causes tons of timers and effects from filling up your game slowing down the portion of the server you are allowed. Lots of people have moved to normal defenses and had no lag issues at all proving that point. Xmas is great and we get free stuff, removing it without adding something in return would only make people hate them for removing it. This is called a meta, these characters and their defenses are no better or worse than they used to be. The only thing that happened was buffs made those specific characters better than everyone else so players moved to use only them. The solution is to nerf them back into line which players also do not want. Buffing things that arent used will cause power creep because, most likely, those buffs will either make the ones buffed too good or the things that are buffed will make the current meta even more meta and unbeatable. Im sure you have good intentions by trying to give CG something to look at but I think you are a little early on that and there are bugs that are running rampant that definitely need addressing before they do something that introduces more.
  10. While I am suspicious of this for many reasons that aren't making sense, saying DD2 is a dying game means DDA is also in the same boat. Multiple times through DDA's very short lifespan of many updates it has fallen below DD2 and once was below DD1 in concurrent player count and it stayed that way for a while each time, so in that respect an update for DD2 would be good because it doesn't bottom out as low as DDA. Keep in mind that player count is PC only, so including the console players in that count means DD2 is doing far better than DDA right now and the previous times DDA was below DD2. I also think they either said or mentioned something about not allowing cross saving from PC to the other platforms for a short period after the consoles get their release so they have a chance to get their progression without PC players ruining it but once they do allow that the PC count will probably plummet in DDA. tl;dr - Im suspicious of this move Augi made, but if DD2 is in a dying state then DDA is as well
  11. It is on PC, they havent released it on consoles yet
  12. Yea they are putting too much focus on their new baby DDA so the only codes that get anywhere are the ones that players may still be holding onto
  13. What kind of codes are you looking for? I assume you means for stuff like skins and flair but its always nice to check and be sure.
  14. Once he puts his Ice Shield up you will need to ignite him to disable it. Early on the easiest way to get that done is the Huntress because she has her Oil Flask and Phoenix (#2 and #3 abilities) that can create the ignite combo. Because free stuff inside presents is amazing
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