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  1. Im having a hard time picturing this in my head, is it possible to get a screenshot of what you are talking about?
  2. The only thing Champion Score is used for is unlocking the Chaos Expeditions, of which the highest you need is 5300 to unlock Chaos 7. The only thing Champion Score is used for after that is "Look at me I'm special". If the drops she is getting from Chaos 7 has 6/10 upgrades and when upgrading it further gives you the stat increases then I wouldn't worry about the gear score. Also Relic gear score is not factored into Champion Score so if she is upgrading one of those then it wont change Champion Score.
  3. Tbf Fogs, if CG doesn't do a balance pass then it wont matter what they throw at players because the stun stuff will dominate everything with ease. If we only got to choose one more thing to have, I'd rather have a true to the word endgame mode with real endgame rewards rather than a playground for people to skip the farming we currently have. A mode that doesn't let a single meta rule over everything and has rewards that actual endgame players would want. I think CG will be doing more than what most people think and we are just waiting for DDA to get its footing so CG can put some people on DD2 to do something.
  4. Looking over the discord and assuming you posted this very shortly after running into your issue, it seems this was the result of a server that was acting up and a CG employee actually did behind the scenes magic and swapped off some servers for good ones and it was fixed soonish after. You may have just rolled unlucky dice and hit it just as it happened.
  5. Firstly, please stop typing in all caps. I seriously detracts from your posts and makes people not want to help at all. Secondly, are you using google translate? Your original post made no sense which is why you had to clarify in the first place. Overall I think posting those pictures made me take this all much less seriously. You are throwing a huge fit over losing a little Defender Medals when you have 10,600 in one picture on top of the 10k Gems showing that you are in no way hurting for DM. Then another picture showed you have a min ascension so far above most players which makes me feel like I'm going to be talking to an entitled and self important person. If you would have calmly and correctly explained it then there would have been no need for the pictures. I understand it sucks losing a bit of DM to some weird bug but I don't think you're in dire need of it to start with so your reaction to it is completely unwarranted. You have so much more in the game than players before you did and the game is easier to beat than ever before. If you want proof of that go look at the ingame collections menu and see that there is an achievement for getting 2000 ascension. This used to be a huge thing and today its the biggest joke ever. Things like Flame Auras used to have 400k-450k at tier 1 at the very most with the best possible gear and today we have ten times that now. Mastery used to be a huge challenge for the best players and now anyone can laugh their way through it. When Onslaught released floor 200 was considered godly. Don't panic over something so little, cherish what you do have today and remember it didn't used to be so good and it could always get changed.
  6. And that's why I said something needs to be done for other reasons. It's not about having other options, there is an issue with the relics that currently exist creating an EXPLOIT and they need to either fix it and bring it back or disable the combo for everyone. Players are going to latch onto how they cant make it but others can and that is not a problem that is an opinion, the problem is that the combo is doing something it definitely should not be doing and needs to be looked at immediately.
  7. Well its not that great and there are other options that do the same thing, but the bug is a good reason to do something about it.
  8. Tbf regardless of the motive behind it, he may be right. This would be one of those things where they just need to bring it back or remove it entirely, especially since its bugged and people are exploiting it.
  9. Why would you use either of the HST shards, they are both ultra terrible and worthless. Just go for a normal damage setup like SGT uses. HST is good on some lanes and SGT is good on other lanes, why should they be tweaked to be spammable on all the lanes? If you don't use the broken garbage that is petrify, HST is much better at destroying Kobolt and Flying Kobolds than SGT is and will definitely rip through DA faster than SGT. They just have different purposes and uses, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  10. Did you know that the dps listed on the SGT is for all three shots, so for an individual target the dps the SGT deals is actually 1/3 of the listed dps. The Hailstorm also debuffs enemies that makes them take more damage. In the scenario that they have the same listed dps, you could say the debuff covers the period of time it takes to swap or reload and it kills groups just as fast as SGT since it would kill them three times as fast. @Zombiewookie lul, yea as time goes on that seems increasingly unlikely and even if they did do one I doubt they would look into what it needs and just spam whatever balance they want to make it look like they still want to support DD2
  11. So just a quick question. Can you detail how the SGT out performs it?
  12. I think the funniest part of the thread and possibly all month was the part where you say Huntress and Apprentice isn't very good and you were considering Shadowflame and Bone Glove as options. Which is saying a lot with all the DDA stuff this month lol. As far as actual numbers and human tendencies, even with this discovery people will naturally move to best option with least work. The 500-600% damage that this would give you with any kind of thought required doesn't match the brainless play with Nuke Monk blindly firing secondary shots with a ~1400% bonus. Basically, without a balance pass to everything, which I'm not getting vibes from CG about them doing such a huge task anymore, mods are at a minimum not going to change much leaving Monk to reign at the top of the dps food chain for 99% of the playerbase. If players wanted to put in the effort then putting that combo on Monk would send his dmg into skyrocketing into outer space leaving absolutely every hero in the dust.
  13. Shadowflame auto aims for center mass so they go for chest, you would have to be directly above an enemy for that to work and she cant fly. GW is so weighted towards Ability Power that I doubt a full set of c8 Exploit Weakness would change that. Most likely the heroes you would be looking to use this on is Huntress and Apprentice and considering their current dps and the possible bonuses they would get from this, nuke monk would still greatly out dps them from range.
  14. While great to know this effectively changes.....nothing. Zombie is right, this is still 100% useless and I even use a HD Huntress as my primary lol. The problem here for ranged heroes will lie in the fact that it will only work if 1. You have a 1x 4/s weapon and 2. Can land consistent headshots on targets in the middle of crowds. Shooting into crowds is self explanatory, the number of projectile parts makes sense to those who know about it.
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