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  1. Once he puts his Ice Shield up you will need to ignite him to disable it. Early on the easiest way to get that done is the Huntress because she has her Oil Flask and Phoenix (#2 and #3 abilities) that can create the ignite combo. Because free stuff inside presents is amazing
  2. To get all the powers it takes 70 points I believe. The talent caps you will get regardless of your level and floor if you do that many resets, I did 58 resets and I have +11,000 to talent caps. As of currently there is no known cap on xp and gold bonuses, we have players at and above 200 resets that were still getting the 5% to both each reset.
  3. I think people are going to fight this idea because they get free stuff during only this event. That and the last real story update we got was Drakenlord so they can argue that the last thing we know is he permafroze the land and until we get more story it stays that way.
  4. This thread is also from 2017 so I highly doubt anything the OP said is still in any way relevant. Friendly reminder to check the thread date before posting so you don't inadvertently revive old threads.
  5. That will be a long list because players abbreviate just about everything. In my experience players generally have no problem with explaining any abbreviation if you ask after they have used one so you eventually learn them over time. Short list of the most common: Reflect Beam = RB Proton Beam = PB, protons Flame Aura = FA Lightning Strike Aura = LSA Boost Aura = BA Ancient Power or Ability Power = AP (depending on context) Hero Health = HH Petrify = They are referencing the petrify combo which is the use of Earth and Poison type dmg to stun an enemy
  6. No worries, just wondering if I didnt put in the konami code or something to get it to work :P
  7. On testing this I still find it to be untrue, two Dpylons will not stack together. Can you lay out the steps taken in detail and what you see as you do them?
  8. So much wrong with this is cant even begin. So I wont, I will just view the PS4 team as the copycat team with this and move on.
  9. Well really Im basing it on the Anti Air FA since Dark Emperor/Zombiewookie's build uses something different and what Jantou listed is exactly what is written on Random's sheet. I would credit those two as the originators of the traditional Floor 945+ builds given that they got there first out of the three platforms. Its possible someone stumbled onto the build before then but highly unlikely. Even assuming someone did they had no way to confirm it was good for high floors without being there which is why even I have people already at high floors that have gold and resources test my builds higher up so I dont have to waste time climbing myself. (Of course that is up to them Im not forcing anything on them)
  10. But now I will move to injure you. Are you saying you spent a billion gold to copy Random Persson's build and your not going to give him any credit for that? On top of the fact that he is remaking his spreadsheet so you're copying an old build?
  11. Sure Im not saying you cant, but that doesnt make you the all encompassing perfect player. Definitely not the only or the first person to reach floor 999 either. Being at any floor above other players doesnt make you better than other players and those on the PC team that made it to floor 999 know this fact, but I guess you dont since you just tried to use that to make your opinion more valid than another person's opinion. Not only that but you missed a fact twice, Mochan is trying to beat floor 114 and not currently going for beating floor 999. Then you prove that my advice is sound by going to a floor much higher than he/she is at and showing it works (even though others have shown that it does work at something higher than 710) while trying to prove its bad advice. Im not trying to injure you or your reputation, Im only stating what I see and giving alternatives, but you saying that is a bit hypocritical since you just did the same thing to me by using your floor accomplishment to try and prove that you are better in some way thinking that I cannot somehow cheese Onslaught the same way you did and abuse the most broken mechanic that is Petrify and do the same thing you did. Just because I choose to not abuse or exploit a broken mechanic doesnt make me a worse player than you, it only means I prefer to achieve something in my own way. I can promise you that Im not a bad player by any standards, the PC team that hit floor 999 knows this as well and they recognize me as one of the best players of the game. I would imagine that you just dont know me as well as they do since I talk with them all the time and I hardly, if ever, converse with you or your team.
  12. I was merely pointing out the fact that when you said "a player must have it" was overstating it since it isn't required by any means. Then you turned into into a point that you needed it for floor much higher than most will travel and I used data to show that a majority of players wont reach that floor. Now you backpedaled to saying it was about tips for floor 114. Playertt said it most accurately that using it does make it easier to deal with them and I agree, but a correctly fit FA and Fissure can combo into a powerful setup that will destroy Frost enemies with impunity because they are making use of double dmg on top of anti mods and you can go with double destro or triple anti depending on what you are able to get your hands on and they are both highly effective. Realistically I am also giving tips for Mochan to use at a floor that most people will beat eventually through their play because its such a low floor.
  13. Considering that most (in this case above 95%) people wont go above floor 500-600, I doubt that you need to do much of what people say are required. If you are planning to go above that there is a great chance that you will give up before then or never make it so you are fighting the odds anyways. This of course is hard to back up without the leaderboards being alive, rip them during CG's office remodel, but if they were you could see that in the top 100 (PC) the bottom is in the early 500's and those 100 players arent all active players anymore. Yea maybe it wont work at the extreme floors, Im not wasting my time finding out, but a majority of players you talk to wont even see those floor anyways so its not really worth to theorize what would or wouldnt be good at those floors. Tbh the only reason Im at floor 420 (other than a pun) is because I wanted to prove you could get far without meta anything and that there are other ways to play, which included Overcapping rate and Tenacity.
  14. This might be due to their offices getting flooded recently, Im not sure, but if you can connect to the game then its not the end because the game runs on servers as well just in different locations in the world.
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