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  1. Yup, farming does take a long time. Now imagine how it was before dust existed. Unfortunately, both of those features were given as bonuses to the base game. Dusting was to make it a little bit easier but not guaranteed and Gilding was given as an option for endgame players to squeeze a bit more out of their defenses. Since their introduction players have twisted Gilding from being for very endgame to being required for everyone and dusting as an additional chance to get a shard you want into some kind of feature to guarantee shards, and forgetting why they were introduced in the first pl
  2. I would suggest posting this in the DDA section rather than the DD2 section, the devs dont come around the DD2 section much
  3. All I can say is the way it is currently is intentional and its doubtful they will change something that is currently working they way they want it to work
  4. No I do not want to bet, because now I see a different account. Again with only the posts in this thread making me think you are afraid to reveal yourself so you create fake accounts to hide behind the wall of protection the internet has to offer. This is a tactic used by those who know they are in the wrong. He/she cares so little in fact that they created two accounts for the forums and hunted you down to continue berating you instead of just letting it go because of the fear that you might actually get him/her in trouble for the behavior ingame. (Also you spelled "Believe" wrong. Co
  5. Tbf ZoomXmoo, you coming to the forums as well in an aggressive manner doesnt help your case Also you only have two posts which means this thread is your only activity leading people to believe you are stalking to create drama
  6. At AP 33 it changes to floor 90 up to floor 120 because completing a C8 Expedition puts you at floor 99 as your next floor to complete. You have shorter resets now because of that.
  7. Negative it is a bug, that will be fixed in the next patch hopefully
  8. Also please dont post the same thing under multiple sections
  9. I would assume what happened was you put a 10 mod from a chaos 6 relic onto a chaos 7 relic then leveled the chaos 7 relic up to chaos 8 which made the chaos 6 mod a chaos 7 mod, leaving it short on rate.
  10. I mean they are aware of this issue, making it sound like they are going to fix it so in my head that sounds like you arent going to keep it. :shrug:
  11. Embermount Flames drops from Campaign to Chaos 7 but you would need Lavamancer in deck. Multiple in deck make it better or having GW or Barb also enable mods specific to other heroes to drop. That all being said, Embermount Flames is a terrible mod. Fissure has a target limit of 10 enemies and enemies burning from Embermount Flames takes up that limit, so 10 enemies burning means the Fissure itself isnt doing damage to any new enemies entering it. This is compounded by the fact that enemies dying inside the Fissure makes the mod useless, enemies dying shortly after Fissure means an a
  12. I know this will sound crazy, but they could also not add hard counter shards/mods for the special enemies we already have in the game to make them pointless to have :P
  13. This has since been removed, the only enemy with an elemental weakness is frost enemies being weak to fire. Why did they remove them? Who knows
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