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  1. Tbh all these easy ways to get 10 mods has ruined what would have been a good idea. If anything I think they should take a lot of this away. 10 mods are in such abundance right now anywhere you look someone has a full rack of 10 mods on their relics or just sitting around in bags/vaults. The original idea for these was a super rare drop like Ultimate/Ultimate++ armor in DD1 and over time people complained about never seeing 10 mods and Chromatic (Trendy at the time) kept adding ways that anyone with 1 hour per day playtime could get a 10 mod within a week. The funny part about this is with all the ez mode changes they make to DD2 everyone is looking forward to DDA which will go back to the roots with DD1 and its drop rates which is what mods were modeled after at the beginning. So I cant wait to see how much easier they make DDA after all the tears are spilled when the masses cant get the super rare drops that dedicated players are getting.
  2. What he meant was an option when you have all 286 tokens and 858 motes in your inventory to roll straight to 10, not a counter to keep track of how many you have done. So you would still need to grind all of them first before doing it.
  3. Unless players on one cant play with those on the other which will needlessly split a community that is already small.
  4. Do you have ideas about what would make your defense better but nothing ingame to test with or dont want to waste the time, Gold or Mats? Do you lay awake at night thinking about that mod you deleted to test another mod just to have it be worse and had to replace it again? Do you wonder if upgrading to C8 would even be worth the cost? Does this sound like an infomercial? If any of these questions are yes, then I have the thing for you :D In all seriousness though, one thing that bugs me is not knowing and that applies to defense setups and the potential gains or losses. Thus I made a simple sheet which grew into something a lot of people wanted. Something, anything, that would save them the Gold, Mats or time required to play with different things to see what if any gains they could make to get better performance out of their defenses. All you need is the information the game gives you and let the sheet do all the heavy lifting. No need to worry about equations, tier upgrades, or what if scenarios. Basic stats for relics and ascension are provided in their own tab for future upgrade potential reference, logic of equations are in the same tab as outputs if you only want the one tab, a Version History keeps you up to date on changes, and a Requested Features tab may be added if there are a lot of requests for something and I need time to figure it out or determine it's viability. The Base DPS/Base Attack Dmg readouts can handle 1,000,000,000 (or 1 billion) so you can even play around with make believe stats up in the Chaos 20 kind of range if you want and the Anti Mod/Base Dmg on Crit sections read from the previous two so they can go much much higher (though may have some space issues :P). Theory Crafting Defense Outputs Sheet I hope it helps everyone as much as I want it to and has helped me. Feel free to leave feedback in this thread and defend those dungeons. Edit 1: Any updates or changes will be reflected in the sheet's Version History tab and not posted here so check back every once in a while for updates
  5. I get what you mean by it, and I only meant it as a joke. Realistically, spreading them out like that would make the very high AP amounts worth more but the time investment would also skyrocket and all of the lower AP would be worth way less and the investment into doing AP would be near zero. If they made it 20 levels even then you would get 0.5% for each point spend into Ancient Destruction which is nearly nothing. If they made it the same way it is now where you get more from earlier points and less from later then at some point you would start getting 0.1% at like 15+ points which makes that also near worthless. This is compounded by the fact that players hate AP with a passion because it takes before it gives. They wont take a longer grind in the name of making the very high AP levels worth more. Most call it quits before AP 70 because of boredom anyways so the only ones who benefit are the 1%.
  6. Bored after 26 resets but wants them to raise the max powers from 70 to 280, GG. DDA is not DD3, DD3 will be after DDA
  7. This is my Flame aura alone it has 2 anti mods and a max rate mod on a c8 relic, with Destruction, Mass Destruction and Deadly This is with a 20 DU defense next to it with Destructive Pylon giving the noticeable bump of about 640k dps or about 1/3 of my prior dps This is with Boost Aura alone. It is also c8 with gilded shards and 10 mods giving about 480k dps or near 1/4 of my prior dps Putting both Destructive Pylon and Boost Aura down gives me this. Double of my prior is 3.42m so this is like a 90% increase to dps, keeping in mind that the FA and 20 DU defense are the only ones in the BA at the time and I place more defenses to get more out of the Diverse Power Servo on the BA, I can easily double the dps of every single defense in the BA. So essentially, if you have 140 DU worth of defenses down You can place BA and a 20 DU defense, 60 DU total, to add 140 DU worth of dps to your setup. That gives you 200 DU worth on the lane with an effective 280 DU worth of dps. How is that worthless in any way? Also Im well above 124 and still using all of that with much success, so I do not believe it is a useless tower.
  8. In your own dictionary then they still did not hide or lie. At the time that the KS was created they simply did not have shipping confirmed. At the time the KS ended they still did not have shipping confirmed. They cannot simply enter any shipping cost they want and hope that once confirmed they would match. How could they tell you any cost if they did not know at all?
  9. Throwing a tantrum over a small shipping charge? If everyone who keeps saying they were hiding it or didnt state it would sit down and think for 10 mins they would see that they are being over sensitive. So far I do not believe time travel has been invented yet, and no one in the world has the power to see the future. With that knowledge I just need to look for the information of the the process of time. They started the KS and everyone made their pledges After it ended people kept complaining that they were not sending out surveys to get the rewards Then CG made a statement that they were still trying to get the shipping companies organized Then they sent out surveys and people them complained they had a huge shipping cost Where in there did they deceive you? They literally didn't know until just before surveys, in which you would have seen it anyways. With physical items in the pledge everyone should have been prepared for some kind of shipping charge anyway.
  10. This is the part that makes no sense. How much damage and health do you see C8 enemies having? In C7 we currently see about 30-40m health bosses and lower on normal enemies. For C8 how would you scale that? Double? Triple? Quadruple? Quintuple? Currently with C8 stuff even Decuple times hp enemies (10x), this leaves bosses with 300-400 million hp and somewhere around floor 280-300ish, are very possible under little challenge. Which leaves the challenge up to the new enemy. This new enemy needing to be the challenge would need to be something that turns the tables on the player. Typically called "hard counters", which are very disliked among gamers in general. These enemies have nothing in return that can stop them, thus they need to implement something for us to fight back with. This in turn makes them soft counters. To take a minute to explain these two for anyone who may not know what they mean but read the forum. "Hard Counter" is something that completely nullifies you and has nothing that can stop this (ie. Headstrong or stun immune Assassins) <- Even though we do have a counter to these now. A "Soft Counter" is something that is effective but not completely (ie. c1-c7 Tenacity). It works but doesnt make the enemy invalid, in that instance they can still fight back against it. If you make a new tier and make another hard counter enemy people complain, but if you make it a soft counter in any way then its not challenging. Even with the idea of just giving them more hp and damage in C7 doesnt make the game challenging because of all the power we have currently.
  11. As much as I think this would be fun, it eventually gets self defeating. Make c8 expeditions, get c8 gear, c8 becomes easy. Make c9 expeditions, get c9 gear, c9 becomes easy. Make c10 expeditions, get c10 gear, c10 becomes easy. Then we eventually get to floor 999 difficulty and everyone is beating it like there was never an issue. I do like OP's idea where you just increase the difficulty of what we have and get more loot, xp and gold for it. but that seems like it would eventually get out of hand xp and gold wise since it would be stacked with AP bonuses and multiplayer bonuses to give insane amounts per map. Loot not so much though since the only thing multiplayer offers there is 6 guaranteed legendaries and if you are getting 300% loot that doesnt affect those 6 legendary then it would be useful without being broken.
  12. I think there is a lot of subjective posts here and no one is actually wearing the CG tag, thus does not speak for or know the true answers. Now looking at the OP's start, the question posed was about the last two genderswaps and if we will get them, then the first reply gave the best answer. Drifting onto what will or wont happen with patches is outside our knowledge, as they have said they will continue updating DD2 and nothing more. Unless someone has become their new Project Manager I think stating things like "new content every 6 weeks or DD2 is the way it will stay" is getting away from the topic at hand.
  13. And in a few months when the DDA beta test goes up the discord will be for DD1, DD2 and DDA but will only pretty much have DDA content
  14. Im not 100% sure as I do not speak for CG but Im overly positive that they will continue to use the Official Dungeon Defenders Discord. The same one that people call the DD2 Discord currently although it is for any Dungeon Defender game.
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