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  1. These new and returning weapons are great.....until they aren't great. I've been looking over this as best I can and thinking about it a lot and I kind of half did the math over it. I wanted to detail it out and see if I'm crazy or if something doesn't seem right. To start, Chromatic said there are over 30 weapons. Juice collected all of them and showed that there were 32 weapons so I'm going to calculate using that number. Within that number there are 3 shields (no attack types or changing secondary stat) and 2 tomes (no attack types but does have changing secondary stats). The rest are weapons with multiple attack types/speeds and changing secondary stats (Ability Power and Hero Health). Of those, Swords only have 3 attack speeds and then a speed bonus. The special weapons Toxic Shock, Phantom Phoenix, and Chilling Touch only have 1 attack type but at 3 speeds. The Dark Ritual Dagger for Mystic has 3 speeds with 3 weights. The Monk weapons have both 3 weights and Single, Triple, Quintuple shot types at 3 speeds. The rest have Single, Triple, Quintuple, Burst, and Scatter Shot and all have 3 speeds. Those listed from Swords down have 2 secondary stats. Now, anyone who knows me from my Stream or Discord knows that a vomit of math is about to caress your eyes, so be prepared. This math will find total possibility of drops then reverts possibility to percentage chances of getting a singular specific drop from the possibility. 3 Shields, 2 Tomes with 2 Secondary stats, 8 Swords with 3 weights and 2 secondary stats, 3 special weapons with 3 speeds and 2 secondary stats, the Dark Ritual Dagger with 3 weights 3 speeds and 2 secondary stats which is 17 of the 32 drops. I know of 5 Monk weapons bringing the total to 22, which leaves the rest as the last weapon listed above (Huntress/Monk) as 10 weapons. This gets written out as: Shields + Tomes + Specials + Dark Ritual Dag+ Swords + Glaives + Ranged Weapons 3 + (2 x 2) + (3 x 3 x 2) + (1 x 3 x 3 x 2) + (8 x 3 x 2) + (5 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2) + (10 x 5 x 3 x 2) = 661 possibilities with 32 weapons That is a lot of possibilities when opening a gift. We do know you didn't care for just the number of possibilities you want the chances of getting that single individual super awesome weapon you are dying to have from the total number of possibilities. That one god weapon. For that you just take 1 and divide by the number of possibilities. 1 / 661 = 0.0015% chance to get the exact one you want out of 32 weapons, with all the things you want on it (not counting stat rolls and bonus speed) Now before you go and burn down the forums, do keep in mind this does not take into consideration the roll value of your secondary stat that is permanent and cannot be changed and the bonus attack speed on swords that goes up to 20% and also cannot be changed. The biggest consideration is how often you get gifts, which is RNG from Victory Chests after you get all the guaranteed ones on the specific floors. I won't be taking into consideration the guaranteed ones because I and many others will not be resetting again (as we have finished that) so those are a one time deal for us. After looking at these numbers in my head, on paper and while writing this I have come to one conclusion. This is absolutely unacceptable. My suggestions on this are not pick one and go with that, its pick BOTH of them and go with it. First, give us some way to reroll secondary stat....uh....stat, soon, next patch, asap. Second, remove the attack types no one wants, like Medium, Single and Triple. Do a survey or something to get an idea or however you want but the undesired attack types should not drop from these. These would significantly reduce the chances of getting screwed by RNG over what is most often a weapon skin and has nothing special about it otherwise. Grindy game is grindy, I get it, but this is way WAY too much. tl;dr The chance to get the weapon you want is really low, if you wanna know more at least skim the post dude or dudette :) Edit 1: Juice gave an image of all the weapons for an accurate calculation
  2. There is a visual bug on mods causing them to show one tier lower but their values are correct. As to why your maps arent going as well, there are a lot of details that go into that and its kind of hard to determine why with such a little post.
  3. The reason Vendors in DD2 now sell nothing worthwhile was because when mods were released players were exploiting 10/10 mods from them all day long rather than playing the game. Chromatic put an end to it and they havent had anything since. When looking to place blame on bad vendors look towards your fellow players :)
  4. RIGHT, I knew I was missing something, that will be the final piece Hailminion. Add that in to mah list of tings used. Thanks Little Magic Hat
  5. FA gets to 3146 range with 5 points into AP range on two players, max gambit, Gilded Deadly, Vicious, and a c7 10/10 range mod. As far as we know you cannot reach a maximum range on it.
  6. Add in the bug that, mods will show as one tier lower than they were but still have the correct values. ie. A chaos 7 mod will show as chaos 6 when details are shown but still has chaos 7 values.
  7. Thats because it swaps from every 5 floors to every 10 floors so it will go 40, 45, 50, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95
  8. The answer is the same "its a combination of getting backer info and getting a survey out to relevant tiers". Until KS provides them with the information they need (Who backed via email address, what tier they did, and that they confirmed payment), compiling that information into categories based on tier, getting a survey setup for each tier that was backed, sending out those surveys in batches so email companies don't mark them as spam (as would happen if they were sent all at once), receiving the surveys back and then finally processing the responses and sending rewards. Some of these processes can be handled at the same time others require prerequisites to be completed first. Sometimes I feel its best to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Imagine waiting on a company to give you something that you need as soon as possible and being unable to do anything to speed it up, meanwhile you have customers beating your door down ready to burn your house if you don't hurry up. You can't give them anything because you don't know what they pledged and you can't trust their word otherwise you end up giving 300 top tier rewards when only 12 people pledged top tier. It all just takes time and we just have to wait patiently. They aren't going to just forget about it and I'm willing to bet when it all starts rolling forward we will hear about it because they don't want us to miss the email they send.
  9. I'm with you, numbers for the most part in games are superfluous. It doesn't matter to me if I'm doing 10 dps to an enemy with 150 hp or doing 10k dps to an enemy with 150k hp or 10m dps to an enemy with 150m hp. They all die at the same rate and it was just perception over the numbers that made any difference. There is a limit though, since you dont want to drop into decimals nor do you want to get to a time where integer limits get enacted stopping you from going any higher. DD2 had the problem of integer limits being hit, and I would like this to not be a thing in DDA. If at all possible that this does happen, I see no problems with scaling numbers downwards to allow for gain to continue. ie. cut enemy hp in half and cut dps in half (numbers only really) keeping the same ratio which allows for continued scaling.
  10. You are over looking a detail that they are creating this store for them, not through KS. They could very easily include a bunch of required information on "checkout" that includes names, addresses, ingame names, etc etc whatever is need to skip the whole process of contacting you afterwards. Also I think Dizzy is very right, having people wait would be bad. I think this is reading too far into things either way, just sit back and enjoy playing the games and watch how things go. Why try to predict things when you have no background information of what the company is actually doing.
  11. 1. First? enemy in range, in front of the pack or out the gate? 2. How do you measure strongest? HP, Resists, Damage, Size? 3. Closest, To Defense or Core? To that end, we already have Closest to Defense they just lock on after they target that enemy until it dies or gets out of range again. 4. Last? Enemy in the pack, out the gate. This one kind of seems redundant since DD games have a thing called hitboxes so shooting last enemy in the line results in hitting the first anyways. Unless you place them to shoot from the rear in which case it already does that too, since again hitboxes. No offense though, Bloons is super simple and traditional and I believe the DD games are far beyond that. Trying to bring in things from other TD games like that will be a lot more complex and difficult. To be honest a lot of these are already technically in the game to some extent so adding them wouldn't add much complexity to the building portion of the game.
  12. As someone with a physical disability I have pressed the wrong key many times in a row which is overly painful when you lose a portion of time you have for building. Even beyond that, streaming wasn't a huge thing back in the day or at all very early on in DD1's life so there is another portion to that decision now. How entertaining would it be to watch someone who is always paying attention to the game and not chat. During build phase I would have to build with my full attention, including any mistakes I make due to a disability, then during combat I would have to pay attention to enemies and defenses, like a tower that was going to fire at an enemy that died now has to go through it's fire time for the next enemy allowing them to get closer than anticipated. The only time that wouldn't be true is easy game modes or stuff that I generally stomp into the ground. So what timers actually do is not allow for any of the toughest content to be played on stream at all. This doesn't include any Twitch Integration they have planned which can make things much worse. tl;dr - Disabilities, random events with enemies, and random people aren't something strategy can compensate for. Timers are uncaring and waste time ironically enough.
  13. I more than anyone loves the BA but, even with these suggestions, I think first the elemental combos need balancing before allowing more defenses to proc them. Especially a BA which has one or two other uses that can be combined with elemental stuff. It's just a slippery slope that we are already at full speed sliding down with nothing to stop it since it doesn't appear CG will fix the broken elemental stuff now.
  14. That is immediately a game defeating idea, gear that gets better forever would eventually lead to auras that are map wide with attack rates of 0.00 giving ∞ damage. Like with DD2's Onslaught, gear has to stop somewhere and you have to eventually lose. No one seems to understand that infinitely scaling gear is a huge power creep issue and invalidates games.
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