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  1. Are you on PS4? Patches, even minor bug fixes, are usually at least 6gb on console.
  2. Generally, you wouldn't use Vampiric Empowerment over Destruction on medallions. The reason why people use VE on Dryad defenses is because her defenses have amazing natural range, meaning you usually don't need any range investment (Deadly Strikes) outside range gambit from ascension. You can use the extra shard slot (after Destruction, Defense Rate) to invest in more damage (with VE).
  3. I don't believe it works both ways.
  4. I agree that the cannon ogre's ranged attack is very strong. The projectile moves very quickly and does a lot of damage (though it is a cannonball to the face, to be fair). Maybe decreasing the projectile's speed or adding a small wind-up animation before the ogre shoots to give us more of a chance to dodge would be good. As for bugs I've noticed, dropping a corrupt star from the Dryad on a cannon ogre launches the ogre VERY high, while also retaining its forward momentum. I've accidentally launched cannon ogres over my defenses and onto my core a few times because of this strange interaction.
  5. I'm surprised you weren't aware of this. A lot of players exploited this to cheese AP resets quickly, basically bypassing the C1-C7 grind after every reset. Some players were able to reset multiple times a day under the old onslaught system like this.
  6. Agreed. This is a pretty big stealth nerf to grinding AP quickly. I guess Trendy never intended for the trade system to be exploited for fast AP resets, so maybe this change was made to address this.
  7. The gem mine is £8.99 for UK people. Not sure how much that is in USD and other currencies.
  8. Still looking? I have one in my shop right now.
  9. I've had this happen to me once (PS4) just after Protean Shift started. Not seen it since though.
  10. 75 heads total, not in a row. :) I'll admit it was an extreme example, but the principle still holds: you can do anything with a finite number of outcomes any number of times and see runs of 'bad' luck (lots of heads in the coin example).
  11. It is RNG. It's also about how much time you're putting into the game. Think about it like this: if I flipped a coin 1000 times and got 500 heads, but you flipped a coin only 100 times and got 25 heads, would you think your coin is biased? Similarly, if we both flipped a coin 100 times, and I got 75 heads, but you got 25 heads, would you think your coin is biased? I know it's demoralising, but just play the game without worrying about MOD quality and, given enough time, you'll start seeing some high-quality stuff. :)
  12. Yes, you keep gold, defender medals, gems and all materials. In theory, you could just level all your gear back to C7, but this is very expensive, so consider only taking a small number of items back to C7 (1 or 2 medallions should do).
  13. The ancient power system is changing in the upcoming patch, so some or all of this could change: 1. Your gear (armour, relics, weapons) are scaled to low-C1 standard (about 300 gear score). This includes everything in your inventory and vault, not just the stuff you've currently equipped. 2. MODS are also scaled to low-C1 standard, but do NOT lose rarity/the number of bars coloured. 3. Your ascension is set at your minimum starting ascension. Not necessarily a decrease depending on how high you climb in onslaught before you reset (I'd actually gain about 70 ascension levels if I reset right now). 4. Your pet upgrade levels are reset as if you'd just hatched them. This has been confirmed to no longer happen after the upcoming patch. 5. Your non-gilded shard upgrade levels. I think that's everything.
  14. If you like throwing mushrooms and stars at things, an ability power Dryad is for you. For this, you'll want some or all of these hero-specific shards: celestial attunement, corruption's bargain, corruption's blessing, corruption's embrace, corruption's fortification, corruption's harmony, poison leaves, shroom bloom, shroom doom, shroom gloom. Some generic shards you'll want to consider: inspiration, mana capacitor, bulwark, worm scarf, speed boost, construction, critical strike, plus loads others. It's up to you which ability/abilities you want to focus on with an ability power Dryad. Assign your ascension points accordingly. Look for armour/weapons with ability power as a secondary stat. If you like slicing things with a sword, then a hero damage Dryad is for you. There aren't any hero-specific shards for this build, so you'll be mainly looking at the generic hero damage shards, mostly power gambit, amongst others. Look for armour/weapons with hero damage as a secondary stat. For defenses, all the Dryad defenses are strong. You'll want a medallion with 3 shards from deadly strikes, defense rate, destruction, mass destruction, vampiric empowerment on defenses that deal damage, For the tree, 3 shards from deadly strikes, explosive guard, explosive shielding guard, fortification, power pylon, shielding guard, vicious strikes. Good luck!
  15. Gear doesn't currently drop any higher than max C7. The only way to increase your gear further is to upgrade it to C8 quality. C8 ampoules drop occasionally in victory chests in onslaught 80+, but it's SO expensive to upgrade through C8 quality, it's not worth upgrading anything except one or two medallions. You won't need to do this for a while. A hero damage Dryad? I'd wager that an ability power Dryad is much more effective. In any case, for hero damage, you'll want mods like power chip and healthy power chip on your armour, and whatever you think fits your play style on your weapon. A useful mod if you're going to be in melee range of enemies is the last stand chip.
  16. That depends on what other defenses you're using. Of all the Dryad's defenses, the Bees get the most benefit from upgrades. Slime Pit gets a decent boost from upgrades. I'm sure the Harpies do as well, but I don't use this defense as it's pretty lacklustre right now. I use the Nimbus a lot, it's one of my favourite defenses. That said, it gets very little benefit from upgrades. That's not to say that you should never upgrade it. If you have the mana to spare, you may as well upgrade it as more damage is more damage. Generally, the lower a defense's DU cost, the greater the benefit it will receive from upgrades. Try it out! Sit in the tavern and upgrade high-cost defenses one level at a time and look at the increase in attack damage. Then, compare that to the increase in attack damage of low-cost defenses.
  17. Hello! You might be aware of the ogre-spawning-from-the-ground issue. I have created a clip of this in action (see https://youtu.be/QOn93ZdwwLQ). Be wary of these mole-ogre hybrids! They might be borrowing burrowing (tongue-twister) powers from the Lavamancer. If the clip doesn't work, let me know. :)
  18. I haven't seen this mentioned for a while, so I'm just wondering if there are any plans for console players to be able to turn their character when placing towers? As is, the 'is my PDT actually pointing at the spawn' mini-game can be tricky to master (I still haven't).
  19. I've also noticed this when gearing up after AP resets. It seems to only happen in C3 and has been happening since at least the Protean Shift update.
  20. You get 1 ancient power point per reset, with 50 points needed to reach the cap, so 50 resets to have the maximum ancient power.
  21. I think this is more an issue with the build phase <30 seconds challenge. Some maps are just about doable in 30 seconds when alone (forest crossroads mostly), but others I'm not even sure are possible (I'm looking at you siphon site D). I think having a time limit proportional to the number of players would be much more reasonable. Something like 60 seconds for 1 player, 45 seconds for 2 players, 30 seconds for 3+ players. A change like this would make it less mandatory to find a group for certain challenge combinations (build phase <30 seconds + no more than 1 of a specific defense especially).
  22. Farming C2 for defense critical strike and noticed that the victory chest for Ramparts wasn't dropping any shards, only gold, loot and pet boxes. I tested this on 5 separate runs just to make sure. The other C2 maps had shards in their victory chest, and I got the bonus shard on all maps. I've also noticed that a lot of worn/sturdy loot is now dropping on Ramparts (>50 drops per run), similar to Unholy Catacombs in the past. This didn't happen before the Ancient Prelude's update. I'm not sure if others have got the same issues. I tried searching, but couldn't find any other posts about this.
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