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  1. Is this a known bug? You can generate gems by dropping them on the floor and picking them up again... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz2iIOXikP8
  2. So, the point "because trendy safes your charackters for the "ranked mode" on a different server." is invalid here, because I'm not interested in playing ranked... Trendy support said in a ticket there's no way to move my characters, but I don't believe them. I mean, I can download cheat engine and have a local character on level 80 in 20 seconds, so there must be a way to get my progress and characters with their items to my pc... But atm I have no idea how
  3. Hm, is there a difference between Online and Offline characters? Cuz I never play online, just co-op with my girlfriend. Or can one use the same characters for on- and offline gaming?
  4. Hey, I did play for some time on Xbox, when I realized there are almost no DLCs on Xbox, but all of them on PC. So I bought the DLC-Bundle on PC (49.99$, *** :D) But now I realized, I can't play my old characters on PC... I've tried Modio5 and Horizon the normal way, like you would do with a TES5-Skyrim savegame, but with both it did not work for Dungeon Defenders. I got my "DunDefHeroes.dun" out of my Xbox360 savegame, but when I move it into the Steam folder, where the original PC savegame was, the game says it can't load my save file. Do I need to adjust Profile ID / Device ID, when trying
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