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  1. Everytime I sucscribe to a map, ill go in game the download will start, but it will stop at 99.99% and close steam. Any idea whats the problem?
  2. No one should go through the hell that this challenge was originally, cool reduction.
  3. I just found this squire guardian http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006332010/screenshot/595842431596934976
  4. Don't forget my favorite *Players who join wave 14 and complete the City map will be banned in 10 minutes or less.
  5. At least you didnt get banned in the middle of a run :S
  6. oh so like the final upgrade cost 400m? :D Nah, somethin like 29m I think, I really forgot. :S
  7. wut D: You know.. the trans pets.. when they start to hit 15m per upgrade and go to 30m per..
  8. How high was the upgrade cost towards the end? And your numbers are on par with my Trans ~200^ + Laser Robot. Not too bad at all. It was high enough to make me out of tokens+be at 6m mana for awhile.. lol..
  9. It does about 400k per egg in blood rage, and the peck hits for 1m with a high end DPS.
  10. I would say invest in the 3rd screenshot pet, since it has no negs at all. The best DPS pet would have 200+ hero damage/HP and abilities , the 3rd one almost covers all of that.
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