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  1. So I don't quite understand. This is only happening with my ballistas. I have them directly behind my wall, on flat or high ground, not bottom of a slope. My ballistas keep getting nailed by something, they wind up half dead. However, my walls and all other towers around usually are barely scratched, and I keep pulling my ballistas farther and farther back behind the wall but they continue to take damage despite the distance. I'm only on chaos 2 so it isn't a special enemy issue. I haven't witnessed the culprit who is hurting them yet. Are they freaking suicidal or what? Lol
  2. Pets seem so incredibly weak compared to what I remember dungeon defenders 1 allowing. I have a legendary tier dragon in its elder evolution and its attack seems ridiculously low to me still. So my question is, do the quality of the pets increase with chaos levels? Like their max attack damage at higher evolutions. I get a buuuunch of eggs while I'm grinding and I just let them rot right now, but if higher chaos levels (I just got to c2 this weekend) has better pets then I guess I should start hatching them instead? I dunno, I'm just confused on how to best handle pets in dd2, basically.
  3. Playing split screen on Xbox One. None of the normal information is showing for player 2 (on the right side) but is still appearing as regular for player 1 (on left). For example, the health numbers /meter above towers, the symbol representing what upgrade tier a defense is, enemy numbers above portal doors during the building period, etc. They're simply not there for player 2 Any known solution? Anyone else experience this? I checked through Options already, no luck on that one. I don't remember this being an issue when I played, last time being many months ago
  4. Unfortunately, the Wayfarer doesn't sell standard items (only weapons with a unique locked shard), those just drop from the enemies or you can buy them from the blacksmith, though the max stat he provides is C3. Not true, he gives weapons based on your current highest equipped character. In other words, you were c3 last time you checked. (ps. how is that unfortunately? Thats kinda exactly what he asked for though :) ) Ok...maybe I got something wrong..... what do you mean by standard items? I thought that means "normal loot"? By "standard items," yes, I meant more like "normal loot." Items that may have good stats but are just common drops in games, no specific names or powers to them. Whereas, to me, unique items would be the special ones that have unique names and powers and can only be dropped in certain scenarios, i.e. Betsy in the Wyvern Den map. I am seeking information on unique weapons for the purchasable characters (i.e. Mystic, Dryad, etc.) I'll check out the Wayfarer!
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses! I appreciate the help so much. Ahh thank you for how in-depth this comment was. Definitely helped me a lot. I spent a few hours this morning reading through the recommended new player links and subsequent pages, like the one on reddit, and I feel so much more confident and comfortable with everything now. Seriously thank you a bunch! ** New question to anyone who cares to answer: For the "Item mule" character, do they HAVE to be equipped to the 4 player slots that you're able to switch between during combat? Or can I own them but unequip them (so that you can only access them if you pause the game, but not during mid-combat)? Sorry if that doesn't make sense or there's more common lingo for the terms, I don't know how else to phrase it
  6. 1. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to games like this. I'm used to things like Skyrim, Fallout, Witcher, that kinda standard console thing. So the statistics and math that goes into how to gear up completely confuse me, I've read so many threads here about this but I just can't comprehend it. Could anyone help explain how to upgrade your gear and successfully improve once you reach the chaos trials in a very clear, novice-friendly way? Without using acronyms and jargon that confuse the simple-minded people like me who are not really used to PC gaming trends lol. 2. Does playing campaign on Hard (instead of Normal) increase chances for better loot drops and does it give you more experience? 3. I don't think there is but figured I'd check-- is there any way to trade/buy/sell/whatever items between different players? 4. Lastly, has anyone ever put together a basic FAQ or general guide/tutorial to the game overall, or know of a resource like that, that I could be linked to? I have so many random tiny questions or confusions, or there might be things I have no idea about so I wouldn't know to ask the question, I thought it was worth asking in case I've missed such a thing. I love these forums and read them often, but I can't always follow the discussion and I rarely find threads with the topics I'm looking for. I know I can make them but.. don't really wanna make a million topics about stupid tiny things all the time, and like I said, I don't always know the questions to ask since there's probably stuff I'm just missing in general. Sorry for my noobness. I'm trying lol Any help mega appreciated! Thank you! :)
  7. Doesn't the wayfarer just sell standard items? Not the "special" ones, such as the Betsy weapons for example? I didn't know about the unique shards, that's awesome! Thanks for the heads up on that
  8. So I have the common bug where my screen goes completely greyed out in the middle of battle when I take heavy damage. I read that turning off damage flash fixes this issue, but that is not accurate in my case. It did REDUCE the issue, but it didn't erase it. I'm still having issues, especially in the last campaign map and all of the chaos trials/incursions. Just played Griblok's Horde and it was absolutely horrible, I could barely function at all and my 1st player had to carry me the whole time because I was blind and useless. Is there anything other than turning off damage flashes that I can do to help fix this problem right now? And in the longer term, how long until there is a fix to this bug in general? It's a pretty big/serious one and I'm surprised and kinda upset to see it hasn't been fixed yet despite finding error reports going back a month and older... that's a long time without a resolution!
  9. I was wondering if there are unique weapons for the purchasable characters? Specifically interested in The Dryad and The Mystic weapons, but curious about any of the other purchasable characters, too. I.e. Betsy weapons, Harbinger weapons, all that stuff. Thank you in advance! Tried googling and had no luck on figuring out a definitive answer yet.
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