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  1. It was cause i had blue c7 gear. Once i almost got a perfect c7 legendary medallion, I put it on and all the stats went up a lot. So legendaries are really that strong.
  2. who said anything about now knowing how to build? I said my gear is screwed. Its irrelevant now. I figured it out
  3. with what shards in your relic? Deadly strike and defense rate. Both fully upgraded. And its not the shards cause he had power transfer on, and when he took it off it was 299k or a little over 300k.
  4. I have max c7 gear. And people in c4 have c4 gear and there defenses are better than mine. Like i did a c7 with some guys, i have a 22k medallion for my monk on the flame aura. Its dps is 70k. The other guy had a 22k medallion and his is 300k. Like wtf? Idk what to do. I have max c7 gear thats as good as c4???
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