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  1. lol... Nothing special to do it without AP. Made it to floor 125 before protean... When you have good build system, it's easy. Anyway, it's off topic.
  2. Y I hope Trendy has tought about all of this. For the new mod/difficulty/map/enemies, I really hope they will do like in DD1, each new map introduce new difficulty scale, enemies. Would be so great ^^ Spiders, sharks, etc, not to mention those djins, i would love the flying ogre too to screw us up hahahaha. I really miss the boss like dd1. But all of this is off topic ;)
  3. Sorry to break this but.....I think there is a big difference between "Maps" and "Floors". You're already on a particular floor and it will stay the same since the changes would just tackles on the amount of required map to advance to the next floor. Which means, if I'm not clear, that once the change is out, it'll just affect the next floor that you're climbing. Just my guess though. Yeah, it's exactly what i wish for. I'm not very good in english, so may be what i said wasn't very clear. I hope the devs will do this. Cheers
  4. You're kidding right? How many hours of play do you have in this game ? How can you permit to talk to me like that? I love challenge. In all your posts you're always showing off and say game is easy, nerf, this, nerf that. Here isn't about this. So i suggest you make your own post and keep showing off there instead of pollute others topics...
  5. Trendy isn t going to do that, i don't think they can do this or it will be a nightmare for cooperative gameplay.
  6. Well, i'm not arguing with the difficulty scaling between onslaught floors. This thread isn't about this. If the dev's are going to lower the number of the maps we should od, they should at the very least reward people for having playing there mod and not putting at same lvl as other people who would not have and just waited that 1 map = 1 floor. it would be very rude to do that toward core players of DD2... I really hope they have this in mind. I've played a lot of hours with friends to achieve this even before the MOD patch, i would be way higher if i haven't work to attend to. Cheers.
  7. Hi guys, Some days ago, I saw Lawlta say that devs were looking for changing the number of what we will have to do to finish a floor. At the moment, each floor above 60 need 3 maps to finish 1 floor. So my question is simple: If i have beaten 150 floor, when you'll change the system floor, will i have beaten more floor ? For example, if you change it to 1 map per floor from start without counting the floor where we had to do 2 maps to beat one floor, but counting from floor 60. Basic math would be: 150 - 60 = 90 floors Then with new system: 90 x 3 = 270 floors 270 + 60 = 330 floors That would mean i would be floor 330 floor right ? I think it would be nice to have this taking count for all the players who have played your onslaught the way it is now. Hope you're really considering it, and won't only think about new players. That would really depressed me if it s not the case, i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one thinking that way. Cheers guys.
  8. Hi, i've done some floors tonight. Encountered some game boss stuck and some fly... It has been a real pain in the ass to finish the map without qui the game... Will you do something about this guys? I don't have good connection, so here is some photo with some with times on it thanks to alt tab mode of steam. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016748926/screenshots/ this link contains screenshots like a slide shot pictures taken every 15 sec or so, on several waves and maps. Hope you'll investigate on it. Yes it's boring to look into those link, but if i took all this time to upload and put all those link manually, it's beacause this bug is way more painful than this... Cheers.
  9. I really don t get all this story around this one, got it in green with tenacity in green too and yellow defense rate. It's not better than some other build i use...may be less effective... I would suggest to stop stay stuck in front of one thing at the store and try other defenses / shard/ mods combo...you'll be surprised, and will not go back to weapon manufactured...
  10. This was the "normal " state of the tower of the Apprentice at start of dd2. After they introduced "uber mode" wich permitted to transform this tower in flamethrower. Then when shard came, they removed the base fire tower mode... It's sad because it was very powerful and really good looking in my opinion... Cheers
  11. I'd be hard pressed to say that this question has never been answered. I usually tell people specifically that if they see it happen, report it, because it's usually a case by case basis. It's an issue we've been trying to counter for a very long time, and are testing out possible changes to spawning systems in general to prevent this from happening. Thanks for answering me, but i assure i've done a bunch of time, in bug report, forums thread with screenshots with maps, etc... This happens in almost every maps with bosses lane, very easy to reproduce this glitch. It's more rare with normal enemies but still happening. I assure you. I'll do a screenshot if this tomorrow when i ll play again, i'm sure i'll see this again. Cheers
  12. Flame aura is an elemental auras, it should not worked i guess. But i did not tried it ^^
  13. Hi, Me too ^^ Always looting same stuff for relics, pretty boring atm, and full Red all the time... even in onslaught floor more than 110
  14. I frequently ask that very same questions to devs in any patchy notes, dev's note but absolutly no answer since the beginning of the game. It's pretty sad. Yesterday again, in onslaught, control burn lane with game boss... No aggro of nimbus/bees near the spawn and boss taking NO DAMAGE from my "poison" ev proton charge... Instead of 15min for the map, i've waited 7minutes per wave, do the math... It's a real pain in the ass...
  15. Hi, I'm looking forward to this, and i would say, i'm looking forward for a spawn boss fix...which is here since the beginning of the game btw ^-^ Cheers
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