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  1. hahah no, no I joined you and you kicked inmediatly, you posted your setup a long time ago, you use inferno, gas, electric, ensnare, strenght drain, Snd, at the bottom you use a proxie, and auras 4 wyverns, with a harpoon behind nope srry,i dnt use huntress traps xD
  2. funny, I joined you eralier today and you kicked me, also I use your setup, it's the best I've seen, and thank you for helping me, I'll add you must have joined @ wrong tyme [: if i kicked yu,how'd yu have time to copy setup o_O"
  3. i'll play with ya altho i'd have to build i do glitterhelm & moraggo/ moraggo challenge psn HeavenlyClassic on second thought,im always the builder -__- so yu can build & if it doesn't work out thn ill build ^_^b
  4. ^ -_- i wrote what i did because i recall reading a complaint thread of wands with special colored projectiles being more powerful thn they should be. im near 100% certain its glitch,good glitch tho ^_^b
  5. Of course if you're using a squire, you will not attack a monster when it's a "mile away". That will definitely cause him to lunge. Regarding two (2) players intentionally jumping off, then what's the purpose of the slice and dices? Where is the challenge now? You can call it abuse of power if you wish. But using of unfairly for one's own advantage won't be allowed in the events, obviously. Classic and the other hosts cannot keep explaining how the challenge works when it's been explained numerous times. It clearly states on the rules, it's pretty simple. Please follow it. Tito
  6. probably if yu use 2 or so huntress. but the spawn points dnt seem placed as basic as mistymires (judging 4rm trailer ) so yea should be with 4 huntress
  7. r we getting the nerfed sharken or unnerfed 1s O_o"
  8. yu know,when attacking with squire he lunges forward quite a bit-gonna be a pain xD & even tho tht mod spitefully took away the best strategy having two players jump off still seems best if anything,just to guard 3rd guy 4rm the ninja elves gotta farm more animus >.< either way it should be intriguing
  9. boy they make these new maps with a lot of emphasis on multiplayer rather thn solo play anyway,i doubt anyone will be farming the level 4 exp. moraggo yields more thn glitterhelm yet most still farm glitter. time wise unless its atleast triple or so the exp from glitter, glitterhelm will still be fastest exp
  10. ^^ yea and if its a case of waitn on friend r freezing r amount of enemies there is private matches thats the point the original poster was making no need 2 be a jerk,especially when ur wrong. in the case of not wanting to freeze/have 2 many enemies,perhaps a player hosted wanting up to 3 players only?how will he stop a 4th from joining?& how would players join if its private? not everyone has friends tht play this game its VERY simple,if yu want to mooch off someone & join public matches,be ready to get kicked a lot. i say," mooch ' because 4 the most part the host can likel
  11. Follow up question, are there any monk weapons(ranged) that scale better with hero dmg? (Example: undying rod does more dmg than tsudas with same base dmg and hero) im pretty certain thts yet again another glitch if its not,thn no there isnt-idk anything about the moraggo ones tho but original weapons im quite sure there is none [:
  12. any 100+^ moraggo weapon probably just go 70% to 30% or so thn again new dlc might have good weapon
  13. :O guess im farming summit again >.> how about base damage? highest ive gotten was 330's i think
  14. non event ( if tht matters ) ive seen up to 33^ but thts it o_O"
  15. looks like ranged dps monk is the way to go & since pet is valid even when yu fall,id think having two players 'fall' & letting the mentor dps everything would be best. yep
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