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    Item Check Thread

    Possible Both possible
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    Item Check Thread

    Please send me the uncensored
  3. Your link is missing some numbers, it 404s
  4. Everyone can message CPFUZZY , Lolzcoolcat, AZ or me for the items
  5. Greetings defenders! Since the beta for DDA ended up being release at almost the same time as the final patch for DD1, the event team decided to wait till it was near the end of the period to do this giveaway. It's been a long fun journey, and on the spirit of the event right after the first CDT patch, we'll be giving a pretty neat item to celebrate. You don't get to play an event map this time around, but everyone can receive ONE of them by commenting their favorite DD1 memory on this thread and linking their steam profile on the post. This giveaway will be in the style of the beta ones. After posting your submission here, you'll be able to contact a host for your item (after December 15) and there will be a trace sheet for the item. The item will be limited for one per person, and trying to get it on alt account WILL get you banned from any future events and special giveaways from my part, so don't think there will be no consequences for cheating to get extras. The extra time before being able to get the item is to be able to organize it on our side and get a backlog of people to trade all at once. This giveaway will last for the next 3 weeks (Ending at Jan 5 2020), so be sure to spread it around. (Time may be extended due to holiday seasons) Please don't post any screenshots of the item on this thread to avoid ruining the surprise for other people As always, thanks for all the support and participation and for being a warming community. Hope to see you all sticking around for some more time EDIT: Everyone can message CPFUZZY , Lolzcoolcat, AZ or me for the items
  6. Ice should see your message here, but you can try messaging him or Acen on discord to get it restored faster They're both on Oficial dd discord or on DDRnG
  7. The terrible balancing imo was taking a 6 year old pet that takes 2-5 runs to farm as a base for the max damage on a new pet that is way harder to farm. After the changes made during the betas the Kraken became different enough to a chicken to be worth using, where before he was "Mega Chicken 2.0 but way harder to farm. Edit: If by terrible balancing you're talking about your other post: I can tell you the the only unfair boss fights among the 3 cr maps at time of release were against the Kraken and the cr2 Genie King. The mini djinns that were spawned were totally unfair at release, but that got changed, and if I'm not mistaken the damage on the boss got a nerf as well with the balancing changes Mischief made on this last patch. On CR3, the Kraken used to insta-kill you with his ink blob if you were not hosting, and that was made fair on the balancing. The Dragon used to be invisible if you were inside of auras on low graphics and untargateable on controller, but those 2 bugs were fixed. If you're having trouble with the Demon Lords, the issue is clearly your build, since if you place a 4k hp ogre minion with a mage behind on the 3 spots where it can go after spawning you can easily kill the dragon + kraken with a 60k ember sceptre and 5-6k hero stats on your jester with a 5k ab2 monk boosting you. Is the map hard on the first few times when you don't know what is going to happen? Yes, but it's not impossible as you're implying, even without the help of even items I can agree with Mosse on the fact that the changes that were made on the Kraken pet were on the right direction, since it made it unique instead of just another chicken that takes longer to farm. The only problem with it, as it is in the current beta, is the ult rate staying at under 10% for one of the hardest maps on the game with per account rewards. A 4x increase would bring it to around 40% ult rate, which IMO would still be under what is needed on the conditions of the map. The CR3 survival pet, Crystalline Dragon, which is way easier to farm and you get 4x per map completion, has a total Ult and higher chance of 47%, so I really would like that number to be taken into consideration as a base for the re-balancing of drop rates
  8. From what I know you need to use a third party application to copy files, since the game is programmed to not let you copy it by default on the xbox system
  9. I'm pretty sure he's complaining that there was no change made to the emerald staff drop rates. The difficulty change on the map for survival was spot on, so farming cupids should be something that feels rewarding and not frustrating anymore
  10. They're not and probably will never be. The updates on Mac stopped on 2012 or 2013. Your best shot is getting dual boot and playing on windows
  11. You're being placed in open due to the disconnect and not noticing. You won't lose data like that on ranked, you can only lose the last save (when a spinning blue icon appears on the bottom right of the screen between waves the game is saving) or all your data. When you lose connection make sure to look in the top right of the screen on your tavern to see if you're on open to avoid that happening again
  12. 30cv on the ++ mail helmet and 15 on the ++ mail chest
  13. Baby djinn are stupid on emerald survival, they have 20m hp on later waves and only take damage from players. There shouldn't be a mob that can just two shot my towers on a map that's already this hard on non-MM. I can't even imagine how hard mixed mode is on this map. This map is way harder than any other map in the game on survival because of this and the fact that they are able to make all enemies golden. I legitimately don't know what is less annoying to run for the rewards, campaign with the boss and the "kill all towers" mechanic or the survival with the "lose your run" djinns The cupid pet is fine for dps, but I stand on the fact that To add on this, the 40-50 ogres that spawn at once at the end of the map already make it hard enough as it is, the baby djinn just make it so the map is bs. It feels the same way as tow when kobolds killed the east crystal out of nowhere
  14. This is officially over now that the patch is released. If you still need rewards message me, washboard or lolzcoolcat on steam
  15. Just to state my opinion in here. The rewards for CR4 are not worth the time investment you have to place in the map, especially when they are done on the same way the Polybius rewards are. Getting a pet that rolls ult and higher less than 10% of the time, and each time you want to farm one it takes you at least 10 minutes is not something nice. The map was made less annoying to run with the removal of one wave, but the rewards don't make it worth running for them. Balancing around emerald city weapons was nice on the staff and sword were nice, but the gun change was questionable, the weapon is still very underwhelming when compared to a blaster rifle or even a pawn shot (weapons that came way back and are easier to farm) since they don't have a spread and do generic damage only. The carpets on emerald city are kinda useless since the time it takes to get on them is higher than just running to where they take you most of the time, they should be moved or changed to something smaller imo. Coastal Bazaar is by far the best map in this update. The end of map rewards are pretty good on campaign and the survival drops make it an alternative to moonbase (the old meta armor run that everyone did). The use of the higher quality makes people that don't have high end pcs able to farm armor without taking way more real time than ingame due to getting low frames. The amount of ogres at the end of waves is kinda high at the moment, getting upwards of 50-70 on the last few waves of survival. Mini Genie King rolls are kinda underwhelming on the quality factor, suffering from the same problem as the Mini Kraken. Overall, all 3 pets that were added this patch seem quite bad on the quality percentages. If you compare the difficulty of CR1 and CR3 to CR4 and Emerald city, they're around the same for farming a pet on them, but the CR1/3 pets roll ultimate or higher 50-60% of the time, while CR4 and Emerald only get 10% at most. The difficulty on Coastal, while not as high as the other 3 survivals, is higher than doing a King Game survival run for a dice, but the dice rolls ult 20%, which is double the percentage of the new mini genie king. Speaking from experience on this, even when the Mini Spider Queen (MSQ) and Crystalline Dragon roll ult that often, due to the sheer difficulty of the map not many people farm them really often. Meanwhile Dice get farmed a lot due to the low difficulty of the map, low time it takes to run 2 waves and high quality of rolls on them. The new pets need to roll ultimate more frequently, otherwise they won't be pursued after. While talking about how useful they are and not only on the quality rolls, both the Mini Genie King and Mini Kraken irrelevant choices. For both of them you need around 500 upgrades with good hero stats to beat a 39k chicken (which only takes at most 3-4 hours to farm, compared to the hundreds of hours for a high quality roll of the new pets). They shouldn't need that high of rolls to be comparable, somewhere around 400 should be the number to aim for. The MSQ at 400 upgrades and decent stats does way more damage than a chicken on non-boss mobs due to her quirk of shooting webs. While the Mini Genie doesn't need to outright outdamage a chicken at lower upgrades due to it giving the player mana, it needs to be at least on the same level without a god tier roll on upgrades and stats. The Mini Kraken on the other hand needs to outright beat a chicken due to the sheer dificulty of farming it, being awarded on one of the highest difficulty maps of the game. I can't say anything about the desert cupid due to not farming a decent one yet, but once I do I'll come back and say something about it. As always, this is only my opinion, but I think a bunch of people would agree on it.
  16. This hasn't happened in a while, so I decided to go ahead and do it for fun. You purchase a ticket with 1 coal. I'll be making the diamond and rolling the number on video using random.org Here is the sheet for numbers still available https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hfiKWo_QOxLhIHSjjEB5lvNBK2FsMFFP2NFIcSWaAtc/edit#gid=0 To spice things up, a magicite will be rolled between people who enter the raffle
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