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  1. This hasn't happened in a while, so I decided to go ahead and do it for fun. You purchase a ticket with 1 coal. I'll be making the diamond and rolling the number on video using random.org Here is the sheet for numbers still available https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hfiKWo_QOxLhIHSjjEB5lvNBK2FsMFFP2NFIcSWaAtc/edit#gid=0 To spice things up, a magicite will be rolled between people who enter the raffle
  2. Its time again that we ask everyone to help test the latest CDT update. We'll be getting new updates before it goes live with fixes, so this one will last a while. Like last time, we wanted to reward people who played the beta and find bugs or just have some fun with it. How to get on the Beta: Right click dungeon defenders and then click propieties Go to betas and type "i2liketesting" without quotes and check code Select the testingonly_cdt to download the beta. Don't forget to export to open and add the .cbb to the end of your save file (DunDefHeroes.dun) on Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32 Event Rules (Same as last time): There will be a special item for beating the new map (Coastal Bazaar) and the new challenge (Crystalline Resurgence 4). Create a post with the level victory screen shots after you have ran the maps (one of them doesn't have an end screen. Just a screenshot of your screen after the map ends is fine) You can run the new content solo or with friends. You must beat the content on at least medium difficulty. Each person can only get rewards once. All posts must include a steam ID in the post. Please make sure to post any comments or bugs that you may have in your post or on discord Anyone having trouble can post on steam instead: https://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/0/1642041886382694489/ Beta Patch Notes:
  3. In my honest opinion, lagging the game with more enemies so you get more rewards to make Coastal Bazaar "Moonbase 2.0" is not the right way to go. It just makes people that don't have a top end desktop have a hard time playing the map. On moonbase people already get 30 minutes difference between game time and real time due to the lag. You could just make the scaling on enemies harder and the scaling on drops better instead to make a new armor farming map, so you end up getting the same relative difficulty and number of ult per hour. My main point on saying this is that while on moonbase you have to defend only one crystal, this map will have 3 crystals to defend with an a big number of enemies, so the difficulty will be way higher and no one will move to it instead of the old armor map. It just looks like a mentality of "this worked before, so let's do it again and ignore the obvious problems with it". Making the map difficult and rewarding is better than laggy, harder than the old map and just as spammy with bad quality armor Also, yes this is a rant against artificial difficulty with spam of mobs, it's just a lazy way to do it. This will probably end up being ignored the same way emerald city rewards scaling. The only weapon with movement bonus for apprentice doesn't even get near the clava which you can farm on a way easier map Edit: Forgot to say that while testing people who usually have 10 fps on moonbase get to 2 during the waves on this map. This also exposes the fact that if you go under 7 fps, your lightning auras do way less damage, since the damage is frame based. You'll need ultra high stats to do the map, as well as a really good computer. I legitimately don't want to have to go through 4 hour moonbase runs again
  4. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    Rift is hacked, imp is possible
  5. This thread by stieglitz has a paragraph on setting DU
  6. You won't get a rollback for lost items, only if you lost your whole save. Export your data to open and delete all folders there, all items will go to the root of your item box. That should make it easier to see if you still have it in your box or on a character
  7. Yes, they are. Use these ones instead Difficulty - Changing for Play Mode Importing heroes DDDK Overview Checkpoints Setting Up Waves(Start,End,and In Between) Here's another link I found while getting the fixed ones: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/120031-DDDK-Script-Locations https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/23937-DDDK-Tutorials---Your-First-Map
  8. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    armor is hacked, top hat is possible can't check censored items, send me a screenshot of them uncensored if you still need them to be checked
  9. Thaleskpl


    Ball blaster + something for guardian set
  10. Add me on steam, I'll be doing late runs for people who are not able to run the event this weekend and provide a valid reason for it
  11. The dd1 key was sent out on Thursday, check your email for it
  12. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    Mail vest is hacked Obsidian gladius is hacked Hawk, clava and mail gloves are possible
  13. There is no borderless fullscreen on dd1
  14. Thaleskpl


    2 cv on chain vest 390^
  15. From their last message before deleting the forum feature request (since a lot of people ignore the title of the sub-forum), you need to delete the image first from the my attachments page before deleting it from your own post.
  16. I checked it, it passes ic
  17. You should also get an IC on it. Captain Pony has been duped multiple times. Message plane about it Edit: Sorry for not realizing you're the one that farmed it, been kinda distracted recently. Just to make this a real auction, I'm going to 50 cv
  18. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    it looks possible
  19. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    Neither I nor any item checked will waste 3+ hours checking 160+ items where not even one is over ult+. I can see some obviously hacked items (aka every ultimate on the 10 first images), but that's all you're getting out of this thread. No one wants to check every item in someone's box
  20. I'll get the chain boots 410^ for 1 cv
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