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  1. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    Neither I nor any item checked will waste 3+ hours checking 160+ items where not even one is over ult+. I can see some obviously hacked items (aka every ultimate on the 10 first images), but that's all you're getting out of this thread. No one wants to check every item in someone's box
  2. I'll get the chain boots 410^ for 1 cv
  3. I don't think doing that will get rid of your data. The save is stored on trendy servers based on your steam ID. The best way to start over would be family sharing to get a new save file. There aren't many guides on how to progress early game, but once you get to around 3k stats there are a lot of builds on dundefplanner.com
  4. Winners are announced at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k7n2Z8kl8SO6kppTWIkqkp6gsmyCjdC4a2_fNCeuYu8/edit?usp=sharing Add me on steam to get your prizes: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thaleskpl/
  5. 04/04 was 2 days ago I like how I messaged you saying I would met your reserve and then you change it because that's not enough it seems Extending by 5 days is such a jerk move
  6. Trash forums don't let me delete posts
  7. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    Everything is possible
  8. https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/forum/28-forum-bug-reports-feature-request/ Wrong place to post btw. Shame you can't delete this post and do a new one there Also, such a sad thing that the second request was already done multiple times
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