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  1. Add me on steam, I'll be doing late runs for people who are not able to run the event this weekend and provide a valid reason for it
  2. The dd1 key was sent out on Thursday, check your email for it
  3. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    Mail vest is hacked Obsidian gladius is hacked Hawk, clava and mail gloves are possible
  4. There is no borderless fullscreen on dd1
  5. Thaleskpl


    2 cv on chain vest 390^
  6. From their last message before deleting the forum feature request (since a lot of people ignore the title of the sub-forum), you need to delete the image first from the my attachments page before deleting it from your own post.
  7. I checked it, it passes ic
  8. You should also get an IC on it. Captain Pony has been duped multiple times. Message plane about it Edit: Sorry for not realizing you're the one that farmed it, been kinda distracted recently. Just to make this a real auction, I'm going to 50 cv
  9. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    it looks possible
  10. Thaleskpl

    Item Check Thread

    Neither I nor any item checked will waste 3+ hours checking 160+ items where not even one is over ult+. I can see some obviously hacked items (aka every ultimate on the 10 first images), but that's all you're getting out of this thread. No one wants to check every item in someone's box
  11. I'll get the chain boots 410^ for 1 cv
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