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  1. Xbox 360 -Save file corruptedXbox 360 -Save file corrupted Is there absolutely no way of getting any of the lost items and/or banked mana back? Because this is the second time this happend to me now ...
  2. So once again my save game got corrupted ... Is there any way to get my stuff back or a am i just screwed again ...? Finally done assault on insane yesterday and got a nice blasticus... And now EVERYTHING is gone ... Again ...
  3. Brought my xbox over to a friends house last weekend and played it, went fine with no problems though he was hosting it.
  4. Hmm guess i still missed it anyway then lawl, so confusing ...
  5. A while back there was a dashboard update, but that was long before the DLC was up. Don't think there was a firmware update after that.
  6. damnit, im almost out of content on the console, bring some dlc to the consoles mates... You have not even released the part 1 on consoles yet (im talking about EU market) Don't know bout the PS3, but on the Xbox 360 it's already on XBL marketplace in EU.
  7. 1/3/2012 - Speaking of Events! The Amazing Hitmonchan ([[1020,hashtags]]) will be running our final Console Event from 12 noon to 10:00pm EST this Thursday and Friday. What a sweetheart! We should have clarified info on console updates and the likes in coming Digests. Atleast it got properly announced this time and not just 1 small post on facebook, will shirly try to be here this time :)
  8. On 360,happen really often and i checked it whit other people to be sure. IF you hit a root whit a fast moving char you will be propulsed in the air and if your not lucky out of the map. This happen specially on the top left spawn part of the map.Getting stuck in the house is kinda stupid :P LOL had the same thing here once to, or i would end up behind the fence in the tree. (Xbox 360)
  9. Same thing here last night, got all the way the boss wave, then gave me the error ... still coulnd't find the invisable disc.
  10. So I just bought the DLC for xbox, and when I got to the spider queen on the first DLC map I got a disc read error. How is this possible since it plays off the HDD? Same thing here last night, thought i was the only one.
  11. I wanted to play Mistymire forest last night, so i started up the map and got brought back to the main menu screen. Tried it again, same thing. Deleted the DLC from my HDD and re-downloaded the DLC pack, and was able to run the map with ease untill i lost connection with Xboxlive for some reason but as i was playing local solo i didn't mind. But after an HOUR i got to the boss wave, the game froze and got an error from the XBox 360 that the disc was no longer readable and i might want to clean the disc before trying to play the game again. I thought it was really weird, awkward and most of all annoying, i've played it a few times solo and with friends with no problems. Last weekend i brought my HDD over to some friends to play Dungeon defenders, maybe it has something to do with my HDD, i dunno, hope not ...
  12. Really? then i still missed it ...(xbox)
  13. I cant wait to get home and try this. They start at 12pm eastern today! Im hoping for a 3pm invite :-) So, it wasn't just yesterday, but TODAY to ^^?
  14. Would have been nice to mention a date, now i've missed it yesterday, bummer ...
  15. DD on Xbox 360 is just crazy, getting kicked from every game if not Xboxlive loses connection, when i'm in a game without modders i'm getting kicked, in a group WITH modders i'm getting kicked to for NOT having modded gear... Most of these people's gear is named ''360heaven'' or something like that, don't have much against so called modders but they are serieusly screwing up the game. Even with all that i'm still trying to report them question is, if that even helps. Heard a lot will be fixed with the patch, but i guess we will just have to wait and see, then again i got 2 great friends to play with so i'm not giving up on this game just yet :)
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