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  1. DD:A on the Switch needs some serious improvements, the game currently feels unplayable. Bug #1 - Playing Co-op with a friend, only the host gains XP, although you dont realise this until the current map is completed, you can level up numerous times in-game but when you finish the map and go back to the lobby youll be reset to the level you started the map on. This causes a number of problems the game doesn't seem to like, for example, you can be Level 40, level up to 45 in the current map, and equip level 45 equipment, finish the map, go back to the tavern, reset the level back down to 40,
  2. Just posting to ask if this is an intended effect? I dont see any mods or shards that could possibly cause this... While standing in buff beam with my adept, it drains my mana, moving out of the buff beam corrects the problem, but should buff beam be draining my mana?
  3. Just wondering what some mobs are classed as due to mod definitions... For example - I was under the assumption lightning bugs are support, however it seems range-boom servo makes them explode? So are they classed as range or support? Or are they both? What are Flying Kobolds classed as? If it turns out lightning bugs are both, then maybe its the same for things like necromancers? So having Anti Range + Anti Support damage will stack?
  4. Quite Happy with this nerf actually, not over the top, and i did state in my original post the stun duration is long...
  5. With a low shocking rev mod, this happens quite frequently.
  6. The thread exists because everyone is allowed to air their opinions and discuss the topics.. Trendy might have said they are making a change, but they havent said what, and could possibly still be influenced by the community discussions... no one is arguing. So troll... begone
  7. Thank you for the info ^ (did say above correct me if i am wrong) As for the water shard, im an xbox player, so that is probably why i had no idea about it lol
  8. I could be wrong, but im pretty sure adding elements on tower does NOT give them the ability to add status effects... With the exceptions of Shock damage being applied to an already drenched enemy... and fire damage being applied to an already oiled enemy
  9. Im glad you provided the required insight on the incorrect numbers within the thread and laid out the real numbers... This information was extremely helpful...
  10. I agree with you, dont get me wrong, but heres the real issue with the attack speed... People are saying the stun percentage is too high... lets say at a 3 bar Shock Rev mod is 25% chance to stun right? at 0.3 atk speed 1 node is going to hit 3 times a second... that 25% chance is pretty big because of that... Even if the stun percentage gets nerfed to lets say 10% chance... Most people use 3 nodes... thats still 9 pulses in 1 second... Mobs are still going to get stunned even with a lower percentage chance... because of the atk speed... and if you make the chance too low, then no one wi
  11. Yes correct, and correct me if i am wrong, but before this update. WMs could not reach 0.3 atk speed, unless you used an orb with + rate (even then not sure) Nerfing the damage significantly... So, now you guys get the high damage output + the 0.3 atk speed... Maybe we should just keep the shocking revlation as it is, and nerf the damage the WM gained from the increased attack speed then? By your logic that would be fine too... right? If i am wrong about the WMs previous to the update then fair enough. Nah man, I got it right. I read the thread. Maybe you didnĀ“t read what you w
  12. The mod already fits the WM perfectly... As highlighted and proven above, the mod is not the issue, why adjust something that isn't a problem just so it can "fit" something... This also isn't the fault of the Weapon Manufacturer either, but again, as said above, is the problem with the attack speed changes... Does anyone actually read the threads these days? or just pick out parts they deem fit to them?
  13. I disagree, the chance to stun is actually quite low, it just seems high due to attack speed... 1 node can get 3 pulses off in 1 second, that makes the stun seem OP... not the stun itself, the attack speed IF ANYTHING needs tweeking... Do agree tenacity is OP though but thats due it being bugged... and also perfect mod shouldnt reach 100% anyway...
  14. I am seeing a lot of people complaining about how Shocking Revelation is OP and needs nerfing... but this really is not the case. Shocking Revelation might "seem" OP to some people because theres not much in the game currently that stops it. Let me explain: Cyborks completely remove the use of a lot of the defenses that exist in the game (to some degree prevent certain heroes being used) so when the update came along, and gave us a Tenacity mod, of course a huge majority of people are going to use it, because this allowed a majority of players to start using defenses they like or heroes the
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