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  1. Ah, okay, needed my morning coffee first. Now again, less b*tchy. Let my take a wild guess and hypthese that you actually want to solo the summit. There are multiple guides for that in the guide-area, but if HITTING the dragon is a problem i'll make it short: Once it flies, - shoot him with the cute little siege weapons, he'll land on one of the three platforms. Shoot him. Repeat. If you cant hit him with the balistas - get more running speed. If you cant kill him fast enough - get some more dps. If he kills your defense and you loose your crystal to the creeps, - get a trap/aura build, - or kill him faster. Its that simple. Yes.
  2. Easy way? Dont take those things that let you see dragons on ramparts. Should be quite easy then.
  3. Max i've seen was 87. I have a 57 one, but there seems to be an issue with some of the towers cap on their rate of fire. The deadly strike towers for example are capped at 1/sec wich - with decent tower stats on the app - is reached by a 20 speed boost guardian, - auras and traps doesnt seem to have a cap though. Its ~faktor 4.2 on rof at 57, - if not limited by a cap.
  4. @larose: You're welcome :) @Tony TrapAttack 140 is pretty low for survival, you'll get some of the poison immune orcs hugging your barricades, - the non poison immunes arent a problem, thanks to the gas/ensnare combo, you'll just have to do some more repairs and keep an eye on these poison immunes. I'd suggest non-solo on MM btw.
  5. Looked through my screenies, didnt found one - i'll take one as soon as i'm back from work. Update: Sorry, you'll have to use the screenies on the first page, - my desktop-pc broke down yesterday and the game isnt running on my netbook. I'll deliver as soon as the spare-parts are.
  6. I mostly name them "Tower Chain Chest" ...."Hero Prist Gloves" etc... or just "MINUS" for -tower-range, though i found a -123 tower-range pet and dont have to keep the minus set anymore :) In my eyes its good to mention the kind of armour in the name, if you ever want to combine your sets and still get the bonus easy.
  7. Hey, and welcome. Theres a guide-section here. Btw. Using a quite similar build, - just building the north-towers facing to the west on the roof, so they can do some anti-air too.
  8. Hey, the game has come a long way so far, some things were left behind and need some update: 1) ChallengeRewards These were pretty nice in their time, nowadays even if you get a perfect reward, its recommended that you dont invest mana to update them, - for by the time that you get enough mana to max it, you're on a level, where much better stuff drops. I see two ways to get them up to date: First - make the challeges for a wider levelrange - easy challenges lvl 10, normal lvl 25, hard level 50, insane 70+ - on all maps. Just for example. A map, thats a challenge for a lvl70 char, may give you loot usable for a lvl70 char. Second - adjust the upgrade costs for the low-level stuff. Newbs should upgrade their gear too. Just for the low-level stuff. Dont ask for more. to 1) atm the costs to upgrade a 29^ sicarus is about 120M... ...perhaps it was okay, when that was one of the best weapons in game. nowadays... ...ppl just sell it. Dont like that. It should feel like a reward. 2) Towers. Yes, it has been said that the towers will get a buff for f. And Yes the builders-buff ist pretty nice. Nontheless while the player damage goes from 12 on level 1 (doing a squire for example) to ahem ~30?K a hit - thats faktor 2500, the towers go from 120-2800 - (magic missle for example), thats faktor 23. The monsters' HP are getting tweaked to fit the players damage - leaving the towers way behind. Who builds towers - but for air-defense, anymore? They seems not to do any damage, AND they're getting destroyed very easily. Traps and Auras have at least only one of the cons - due to their immunity to beein actually attacked. I wrote many guides here myself, - and caught myself for feeling stupid if they include any towers but spiked barriers. I guess buffing the towers by faktor 2500 too would make this game too easy by far, - but they need some kind of buff in the endgame. 3) Pets I love the pets. Gone all Pokemon when i started to play. But i dont like it, that there are but 4 of - ahem - 22? wich are actually effective to use. Guardians, Animii, Genie and Fairy. When i first started i tested and switched, until i realized - all these griffons, tigers, dragons, lizards etc. pp are just weaker cousins of the useful ones, using a different skin. Its okay to make some pets stronger then all the others, making them a unique reward or archievment, - but from my point of view that should be in nuances, - not as an absulut. Yes, i didnt mention the giraffe - just because its degraded to an f superpet without its special power (attack, heal etc). 4) ManaBomb Yes, it gets a whole point. I guess every single little skill of every character is useable in Endgame. All but ManaBomb. Squire - Bloodrage, Circular? no question. Huntress - Invisibility, Piercing shot? hell yes. Monk - tower buff, hero buff. Well, yes, even that. Apprentice - overcharge? oh yeah. Manabomb? Why the hell should i do a 3 sec cast timer, invest 200 mana to to less damage then charging my alt-attack? and invest skillpoints. I dont get, why every other offensive skill bases on the owners weapon but mana-bomb. Even if it would have the same damage/scaling as Piercing Shot, it would be still on a 60 sec timer. Thats 60 Piercing shots. In the same time. Yes, it does a relativly large AEO, but again - once per minute. That makes the Manabomb a fun skill, when you just get it. And an absolute useless one >level60. Sounds to me as it needs some kind of scaling. okay, thats enough for now, and yes, english isnt my native language, but at least i try :) So long, a.t.f.a.t.f. -Phil
  9. *g* nice thing with the barrier... you changed to position of the traps behind the forge and used your char as bait, right?
  10. Look, you've managed to get a million mana. Save it. You might have a decent weapon, it will work a few levels more. The shiny-new upgrade costs wouldnt prob let you max it out, before you'll find something better due to just leveling progress.
  11. @rmp And those 66 and 74 you got from? ^^ Say mixed mode survival level 25 to keep some dignity. Doesnt really weaken my point though. --------------------------------------------------------------- Phil's looking for challengers: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?32334-Looking-for-Challange-PPL-EU-Zone
  12. @fat Sorry, i might termed it a little extreme. The patch thing, yes. There was a time, not long ago, when it wasnt that hard to get freekingly overpowered weapons. Then there was a time, this was patched. But some ppl didnt patch. And some ppl made a backup of their files, so they can switch between bevor and after patch. (I guess it would be too much to ask if we wanted that only clients with an UpToDate-patch could connect to trendynet.) But, thats the status. Yes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil's looking for challengers: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?32334-Looking-for-Challange-PPL-EU-Zone
  13. Hm. Some of the new challenges, esp. on insane cant be done with regular loot from the campaign. It might not be very polite to kick you without explaination, but you might just be a burden. Yes. Sounds cruel, i know. I wont take f as an example, - so i'll take the turkey hunt. The number of lives are limited. The erturkey has some Million of hp and some really nasty damage-output. So its unterstandable - from a pure logical point of view - that a host kicks someone without resistences or damage - even if that means to loose a life - just to keep his chances. As newname said, - start playing with friends or ppl you know. Its kina more fun anyway, so many wyrd ppl out there... :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil's looking for challengers: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?32334-Looking-for-Challange-PPL-EU-Zone
  14. You have to play F on insane. But you'll need a 90^ weapon to do that. My advice? Dont mind at this moment. Have fun playing the game. You'll find up to 35 upgrade thinggies till the end of the regular game. Then you'll grind mana for a few dozen hours and buy a high-upgrade weapon from someone who allready brought a high-upgrade weapon from someone who hacked it or kept his files from an old patch as a backup. Then you can do the high-level content and sell the stuff to other ppl, so they can do it too. Kinda social thing, i guess. --------------------------------------------------------- Phil's looking for challengers: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?32334-Looking-for-Challange-PPL-EU-Zone
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