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  1. I plan on making several characters when I get into chaos 7. I'm just starting to win chaos 6 maps at the moment. I have been upgrading gear so fast that I have only focused on one character. I hate having to build defenses just to stun assassins off of me... so I chose the Abyss Lord as a dps. I just can't handle multiple siege rollers with him.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I guess I need to gear out a monk. I have been relying on the Abyss Lord to keep assassins off of me.... But he sucks at killing siege rollers.
  3. Am I suppose to be getting multiple siege rollers in a single wave while playing solo? It is a little frustrating to lose to 2 siege rollers while trying to progress through the chaos tiers. I thought I read that solo players would never get more than 1 siege roller at a time. I can't find that post again.... so I might have imagined it.
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