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  1. 1220 Ascension and grinding C7 since nearly 1000 Levels . Need something new
  2. just wait thats normal -.- you get like 100 bad for 1 good drop . i often get crap stuff too ( Ascension 1120) btw you know 11400 for Weapon 7~k for armor and 23k for Relict is the max?
  3. come one seriously? first time i see a red one haha http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170831/slrmpmtu.jpg
  4. mimimi pls make the Game even more easier i cant defend every Map and Level with the same Defense this Game is sooo hard i played all the Way from 0 to 1000 without getting carried and i was often bored because this Game is way too easy. So my Question .... Iam too good or the others are just bad? seriously if you dont build brain death you just cant lose its impossible i dont understand all this whine Topics
  5. no Cooldowns .... just Ev 2 and R2 and the Roller is down in 5 Seconds. Bosses with 500 Million HP and 3 Times more Damage to Walls ...this would be a Challenge . or endless waves and +1000 Enemy Level after every Wave
  6. no there is only a Handful of 1000+ on PS4 . Highest is arround 1500 . Iam 1090 and i never saw a 1500+ yet
  7. every 30 Sec a Roller? lol boring high end Players can nearly 1 Shot a Roller even on 7
  8. always upgrade your Gear to max thats expensive but the fastest way to get better drops. Iam nearly 900 Ascension trust me i was always bankrupt too but i had my 20000+ with Level 250~ Thats the Problem of the exp Event i have a Buddy too he was already 300+ and only 12000 Relicts because he just got tons of exp
  9. Yeah 300 is Low should be like Stat+ 1000 or + 10% Hero Damage for example . 350 Armor thats just ridiculous .High end Chars have 40000 Armor thats not even 1% . All Buffs x5 then its worth it
  10. yesterday i saw someone shooting at me for fun but i was close to the Crystal and the Crystal got Damage
  11. ''oh no my Pet cant destroy 500 Enemys this Game is so broken!''
  12. seriously? if your Char would be Lost ok but your Win Streak? Thats worth a Topic? Later you have every Shard like 10 Times i even delete Power Transfer Shards because no Space and already 5 in my Bag + on my Chars Relitcs . btw i never got a Blue Screen or Error Message and i play since Ps4 Release . Check your Ps4 :/
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