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  1. I'm interested. I'm off an on a lot but can easily join any time as I leave steam up and my computer on. Have multiple 100s all with decent or better gear. SID below.
  2. That's honestly a terrible idea. Clicking each, and every post....Every Single one...EVERY SINGLE ONE. no. Just no. I agree to a point, but with how much random chatter there is in the thread (which causes some posts to be missed) could possibly be avoided. There are times where you have to go back 2-3 pages to help someone, which is multiple clicks anyway. I'm not saying I don't appreciate them doing it. Just trying to come up with an easier way for both them and the people who need items checked. Which granted will be extremely hard if not impossible. lol
  3. I would like to see a sub-forum created just for Item checking so that each person can create a new post. I think this would help eliminate requests being lost and hopefully people would not continue to repost and repost and repost and thus other people's postings for checks get lost. I highly doubt this being done but I personally think it would be helpful.
  4. I would like a code to give to a RL friend who missed the steam summer sale when the entire game was 75% off. He couldn't come up with the money for it then so I know he can't now. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.
  5. yeah but I figured since I already had the other trophy it counted those pets toward this trophy.
  6. I'd love to be next if possible. marzuco on steam link below
  7. I've previously received the Catch 'em all trophy, and since sold/traded the pets I didn't need. This was done before the I've got monsters in my pocket trophy was up. I have since obtained all the new pets and have not received the trophy. Do I need to reattain all the old pets again?
  8. go to this site and run it. http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/intro.aspx see what it says.
  9. I was just able to get back on but lagged connecting to trendy servers. I'm gonna just relax and take a break for a while. Good luck to anyone still unable to get on
  10. Sorry it took me a lil to get back to you Ice. Everything is just my factory installed stuff. I recently did a restore on my system, yes I was having the problem before I restored. The only extra thing running is MotionJoy the latest version, but before the last Eternia update I had no problems. I even tried my old HP which never had lag either and it is getting the same problem as my alienware.
  11. Since the last big patch (Eternia part4) I have experienced unusual lag and stoppages in play last anywhere from 3-8 secs. I've tried lowering the video quality, removing and reinstalling steam, updating video drivers (not needed), restarting router(s), and restarting computer. Playing on: alienware M17x R3 Intel i7 (not sure on speed) Nvidia 560M 4GB memory All assistance is welcome and appreciated. Thank you
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