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  1. But it doesn't keep the streak intact, as they originally said and I have experienced
  2. Can´t open it:/ odd, it was working earlier copied a link from share this time, so see if it works again Just remove everything after the last slash
  3. I take large issue with bosses on Geode waves with Controlled Burn. Malthius completely ignored the rig and timed out, Griblok destroyed the walls, was Provoked through the rig and timed out, Thorc was protected from PDT by Geodes, destroyed the walls again and walked into a wall until he timed out, the only one I killed was Tuskar, because I knew there wouldn't be any draw back to placing PDT in the middle of the lane after the Geodes died, and this is at 15 million odd HP, and my relics are 11k at best. I would also complain about healing bosses because they heal absolutely every bit of damage I do via tower or ability or Hero, but that might more be on me not having good enough gear, but enough luck to time them to death as well
  4. However, that doesn't explain the prevalence of certain maps across multiple floors to the point where I don't even want to bother seeing what they have on offer
  5. But why is it skewed so heavily into anything but? I have gone from 10 to 18 and removed from the map pools four times now in trying to get something different. If the map selection on each floor were actually limited, then at least state it so I can stop trying and put up with boredom from being on the same maps
  6. After getting into the Lost Temple for F18 3/3 and my connection to the host timing out and taking a break, I got back and decided to attempt Floor 18 again. I get in, and the map is Dead Road. For the fourth or fifth time, so I skip and get Ancient Ruins for at least the 5th time, and Dead Road again and Throne Room and Dead Road and Throne Room Siege. Then "Need a break..." Yes, I need a break from the same maps over and over again. I know Buried Bastille is available somewhen because I remember Thorc ignoring the pathing and walking down the side to destroy the core when nothing else ignored pathing, but it all seems to come down to Liferoot, Dead Road, both Throne Rooms, Ancient Ruins and Greystone Plaza. Yes, each lane has a modifier making it "new, fresh, exciting and fun", but that means nothing when I play the same maps and know where to place what no matter the modifier
  7. I feel your pain most of the problems with the update are so obvious is make you wonder how qualified is the individual leading this game. Unfortunately ever since this update not a single member of the trendy entertainment has come created a thread acknowledging our concerns or apologising. It’s truly insulting qualified enough to make you play the game :thinking: Honestly, creating threads whining about the update and imaginary problems and then insulting a game company because they don't spend as much attention to it as you want is pretty low. If I had to choose between making a post like this and just deinstalling, I'd just deinstall. The worst thing about it, trendy actually reads your posts and is probably more hurt than you are. You don't have to play the game to see that there may be major flaws in a recent expansion, so they are not necessarily qualified enough to get them to play, only enough to get the hopefuls to report the situation. I don't think an inability to get past a map, irregardless whether you win or not, losing however long it takes you to complete two maps in a row in progress because "Your connection to the host timed out." at no fault of your own and not being able to read whether or not monsters will walk right through your walls are imaginary problems. If I had to choose between creating a post to voice my issues with an expansion and possibly getting something changed or just uninstalling and letting it spiral, I'd try and save it honestly. If they're hurt, let them be hurt as some of these problems are stupid.
  8. I'm on the same side as Voldine, I was at A-90 odd, had the best items I could have, stat wise and progression wise from C1, and no matter what I tried, constantly looking at the forums and reddit on what to build and where to find out how to beat Wave 1 on C2. Even from before I even looked at reddit and the forums, I knew how to read and didn't place auras, didn't place traps and couldn't get anywhere. So I had to leech to progress and got better gear. After a day and a half I've maxed C4. There just aren't explanations. All that needs to be done is to explain the system, maybe make C2 easier or increase the stats from C1, and then there shouldn't be as many problems with it
  9. THank you for explaining how loot works. The question down that path is "Why is loot so complicated that it needs some explaining to get right?", but that's something only Trendy can answer. As for relics and shards, as stated in the first post, I have max Destruction, max crit damage, some range, empowered flame, max health boost, I do have Shield but I have that on the backburner for range first. As for DPS, I have said Apprentice due to being on a laptop (no mouse) and being able to do long distance shots, and if needed manabomb which does a hefty amount to anything. My issue is really in the fact that I don't if my relics are good, but now that I know what hoops I have to jump through to get stronger ones, I can eventually max out on C1, unless they're close enough to do C3, but that's only if I can reliably get Buried Bastille, which I would love hints on
  10. I want to continue playing this game, but no matter how I've set up on C2, PDTs don't do enough damage, Flamethrowers end up dead no matter where I place them if I still want to do damage and Earthshatter can't take it on alone, so I get no loot from C2, the loot I get from what I do on C3 is worse, but to get better items I have to equip worse items that sell for more, which I do have unless 200 is less than 150? Is there not a sensible way to get stats up so that I can get HP matching others? I don't know if my equipment is even good for where I should be in the limbo between demolishing C1 and failing at C2 and C3? SHould I just respec? I've put all of my stuff in the first post, should I just quit? Because I have a feeling that lower stats will make the game harder for me. DO I need other shards? I just don't know how I'm supposed to progress anymore
  11. My interest in this game is rapidly dropping because I don't know where I have gone wrong I can easily clear C1, lose horribly on C2, get to 3/5 of C3. When I ultimately went to a public room to leech a win of C2, I saw someone with an ascension at least 30 lower than mine with a wall with 200k more health, having 800k at T1. My walls (I use Mystic for this) have 689k. I have yet to see any loot that can even better my totem, let alone boost it up 200k and nothing else I get from C1 is good. I lost a C3 before writing this and had killed the Siege Roller and got a Mythical helm. In all but one case, 2 stats would go up by a single digit under five, another up by 30 or so and the final stat would fall 500. SO I don't get better loot from C1, I can't get loot from C2 and I can't get better loot from C3 (Because I don't have the devotion to this game to work hard to pass round one to probably lose round two, all for a chance at getting a good item). Where can I get weapons with more than 1.1k Hero Damage and not have every other stat fall off a cliff? Yes I don't plan on taking hits, so HP isn't a problem, but I do want strong crits and manabombs at least, I want more than just hero damage, that shouldn't be too hard. I see people use PDTs as the main DPS in C2, but I don't see how, I don't know what to do in C2 at all. I can't find good places for Flamethrowers, PDTs are just weak, Earthshatter is too slow to do what Flamethrower does, and it feels like even if I got loot from C2, it would still be worse than what I've got from C1. I've got a Medallion for Flamethrower, Mark for Earthshatter and I have an Orb on PDT, but I only bring it up because it seems I don't know how to use them. Empowered Flame, is that good? is 2.6k on a Medallion and 2.5k on a Mark where you would expect someone at ASC 92 to be? What is typical? Am I just that horrendous at placing? I just line up Flame Auras in front of the PDT, Lightning Strikes if I can, that seems to kill everything, is that not fast enough? How do I make it go faster then? I can't upgrade Destruction or Crit Damage Shards further, I've maxed crit chance, moved on to crit damage that just seems to make sense to me. Is this game a case of there is only one way to play it? A way to make gear that gives you -500 for about +40 better than the +500 gear? From what I've read, upgrading doesn't seem to make your loot better, but no loot is better, no relics are better
  12. Just where have I gone wrong? I currently have 108 hours logged in game and am at Ascension 92. I can easily sweep through C1, barely get through 2/5 C2 if I can even get there and lose at 3/5 on C3, but only on Buried Bastille. The only times I have won a C2, was when I joined a public game, gave my mana to somebody else who would have an Ascension of around 50 or so, but have walls with 200k more health than mine. I no longer get better loot from C1, don't even get loot from C2, and only got loot from C3 from bosses on BB. This leaves me stuck at demolishing C1 for no gain bar money, which only became relevant after I bought 6 C3 packs, and end up stuck with what I have meaning I can't go further. Fore reference, my weapon (Apprentice) has 1151 Hero Damage (Highest out of all bare Squire at 1259, but I don't use him as I'm on a laptop and would struggle hard), my Wall's totem has 2622 HP, 1054 Crit Damage and 1078 Speed with a maxed Fortification and base Shielding Guard and Panic Fire (On for the gigs at this point), giving it 687,822 HP. This is 200k lower than a set of Skeletal Orcs I've seen (Yes, I know they have 5k more at base, but I don't see 5k turning into 200k) For damage, I would use Flame and Lightning Auras or Flamethrower and Earthshatter The highest stats I have on Medallions are 2624, 1062 CRT, 992 HP, 1039 SPD and 2429 (-195), 1066 SPD (+27), 1093 HP (+101), 1083 CRT (21). Which of those is better? For shards, I have max Destruction, max Crit damage, 28% range, a few HP sitting around but I don't see the point in them apart from walls and one Empowered Flame. I use Marks on Lightning and Earthshatter, 2544, 1010 PWR, 1081 HP, 1101 SPD and 2459 (-85), 1072 PWR (+62), 1064 HP (-17), 993 SPD (-108), but this one seems a lot clearer for which one is better, I just keep it around for some reason. Max Destruction, max Crit Damage and only a 4% range for these as they naturally have a larger range but I still like that larger range. I know that PDTs are used a lot, but from what I have, I just don't see why. From what I have equipped right now, it has 3665 ATK Damage, 4020 Crit damage, 5864 Poison. Attack rate is 1.97s, Poison rate is 0.79s. All I can see from these is something to put right at the very start for chip damage, not a main damage dealer. For reference it has a 2352 Medallion with 967 SPD and 940 Crit. Finally for my Ascensions, I've maxed crit chance, have 10 in crit damage and then 20 in PDT Damage, Spike Blockade, Viper Fang, Flamethrower and Flame Aura with 11 in speed. In hindsight, I don't know why I really did that for Squire and Mystic as I'm not using them apart from the walls right now, but I'd have done it eventually. So the question that I have remains: How do I fix whatever mess I'm in and actually win a C2 alone? Or, how do I get Bastille again? It has a lock on it and it is the only map I have not had after losing. I cycle through all the others, just not Bastille and that is where I could farm bosses the easiest
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