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  1. Haven't felt like doing the reset because of other issues, but these are good points. That sounds tedious as hell.
  2. A sober realization I've come to is that the longer this expansion is out without fixing the issues mentioned above, the harder one group of players are going to get screwed. I see three plausibilities. 1. TE fixes the onslaught floor system, allowing for saves, restart, or reduced levels per floor...ultimately screwing those working their way up the ladder now through the harder settings. 2. TE fixes the reset and gives more of a benefit to it through various measures...screwing those who are resetting, and struggling through that whole process with pathetic benefits. 3. TE fixes nothing, or
  3. Glad the board writing is larger. Finally attempted onslaught on PS4 since I could do so without just guessing on each lane. It was actually fun too, building various lanes and using different combinations of defenses...that is until the game crashed going into the third map. There goes at least an hour of my time...back to the other game I was playing.
  4. I blame free to play. I can't believe educated (or even uneducated) people would honestly create an expansion that required resetting hundreds of hours of gameplay for an additional hundreds of hours of gameplay for a small % to stats, without introducing new gear or items. No team would sign off on that thinking if they wanted to create a fun and engaging game. They might, however, sign off on that ludicrous if they felt it would increase their bottom line. Undoubtably they have computational models that dictate when, how much, and how often people pay into their game (as well they should,
  5. There was one hope I was holding out for...that onslaught would be easier until much higher levels. If we could have reasonable gotten to, say floor 165, then the reset wouldn't kill my ascension so bad. It would also mean the grind from 0 to 65 would be easier in comparison . If onslaught Is infinite, or 999, it is not too much to think 165 might be obtainable the first play through. However that does not appear to be the case. Although it might be...still can't even see what the lanes are throwing at me. Also it seems if you make it to the third level on a floor and die...you get to do th
  6. Missed your post, because I just made a similar one. But yes this is a problem.
  7. Anyone else having this issue? Always had a small issue with this, but with the expansion it seems even smaller. This is needed in onslaught so you know what modifiers are coming at you. I tried to just wing it, but I literally just had a wave that took no damage and I have no clue why. I've played around with the PS4 settings with no luck. Just curious if this issue is on my end or others on console have the same problem.
  8. You have to refarm gear, but you were going to do that anyways since the cap is going up, and the gear you farmed to this point was useful in mastery and the progression until now. Perhaps I misunderstood watching the dev stream. I did turn it into a drinking game every time Jose said "essentially"...so I blacked out after ten minutes...joking. But I don't believe the gear cap is increasing. Again, could be wrong.
  9. In order to see the benefits of the ascension cap raises you'll have to raise your ascension. I only see these being valuable once you are done doing ancient power resets (because 320 is needed just to reach the original 140 cap). Then you have to go for a high ascension level, even with a large increase to % exp gained...it is a process that will take tens of thousands of levels by my quick estimates.
  10. The way I see it (or understand it), is once I reset it will take me at least a weeks worth of grinding to get back to top c7 gear...where I'll be approximately 500 ascension shorter than I am now and have to spend tens of millions of gold to relevel relics, gear, and shards (by the way if hyper shards delevel I'm going to be pissed). In return for this I'll get 5% increase to exp and gold and one percentage points into something else. Not going to lie, I'm not too hyped. Am however looking forward to playing the new content this week, but after that the grind seems tedious for very small re
  11. Put you automation shard on a volcano and drop that in the left or right lane (I think I did the right boss lane). Literally put nothing else in that lane. That should free up time and dus for you to get the other lanes done. If you don't have multiple lavamancers or mystics for other towers to block lanes it might be rough. Trust me tho, that single volcano can hold the lane. Also drop a few pdt with deadly strikes and maybe vicious to cover the air lanes.
  12. Coop. Plain and simple. Coop in DD1 was almost required, in DD2 it is a burden. In DD1 we needed that monk with a good flame/slow aura build to support our ballistics or flame tower (or vice versa). In DD2 I'll just put the medallion on myself and switch characters. DD2 makes it to where you don't have to focus a character, therefore you don't need to cooperate. Ultimately, I rarely play public games in DD2....because why? I can create a tower character/waller/aura and then just play myself with the reduced enemy health...not to mention the inevitably of some idiot trying to get carr
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