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  1. Best to check with CG support, the corrupted Gunwitch codes have been out for a while now for instance I received mine for PS4 EU on 24th July but it was a phased process but I'd imagine you should of got one by now.
  2. Currently downloading version 2.02 on PS4 EU. Does that mean we should get our codes in the coming days?
  3. Had a quick look at some old YouTube vids but most are cheese vids lol. Found one from Juicebags where he mentions building away from cores to avoid the eye going near them so maybe back in 2016 it could hit cores https://youtu.be/LP2RskAWiwc Ahh serenity auras and PDT, now that was a great meta
  4. Going to have a pop at him later... maybe it was the little eye swarms crossing my path that lead them to hit stuff like cores and towers. Possible that he could destroy cores etc but got patched out the same way as seige roller missile did as I said it's a long time since playing it. He comes from the double lane on the left of the map if I remember and there is core near that so maybe every now and then the core may of been in line with the eye balls if you choose to fight near there so they may get hit that way.
  5. I thought the eye could damage towers and cores.... it's been so long since I fought it so it may be a cake walk now but I am certain if you stood in the wrong place or were respawned while it wanted to attack it could take everything out that was near you at the time. There is also a built timer and bonus skeleton lanes which may cause additional pain in onslaught depending on the spread of enemies and modifiers ... and loads of fast moving eye balls that go for cores which would probably overwhelm SGT as they are pretty poor in higher onslaught anyway. I'd reckon it would be harder than Betsy or Harbinger in onslaught but who really knows as I have not played that incursion since it launched so I've got much better gear, towers and MODS etc. As there is no reason to play incursion maps as the rewards are rubbish and most are low tier crush fests.
  6. Done my bit with the $30 bundle let's hope for a successful game for all of us to enjoy! Just seen Borderlands 3 is out in September as well the last quarter of the year is going to be knee deep in co-op looters for me
  7. We need all incursion maps to be available on C7 for fun. Bosses in onslaught could be interesting if balanced correctly as some are scripted to hit the core... but damn the eye of Cthulhu on high onslaught that gives me the nightmares
  8. I'm glad that by the sound of things DDA can be played completely offline. Lag and crashing have been the main problem with DD2 and halted my progression repeatedly... back in the bad old 3 map per floor onslaught it was nearly impossible to string 3 maps together without some kind of crash or DC and then it got better until the DR update hit and that brought more of the same until it was fixed but it's always been there and is getting more prevalent again on higher floors.
  9. I hope what ever dev support they have left on DD2 can look at fixing it or toning it down so it's playable as it's flattened my motivation to continue climbing as it's a roll of the dice if you progress rather than any kind of skill or defense power... you either get through the lag to omega wave or it crashes😠. I am well aware that Path of Exile is due out next week and DDA in October so the temple's performance issues may well be the nail in the coffin for DD2 for me if nothing changes.
  10. The temple is killing this game for me, the lag is unbearable I just quit out of level 154 after 4 waves of 1~10fps "action" with the damn level stuttering along with randomly teleporting bosses- you just sit there with the kill counter still stuck on 1000+ enemies and then bloop your down to 50 with 3 assassins on you and the cannon ogre you were waiting to kill is suddenly the other side of the level one shotting the core. Then the high roller lane opens up😭 I tried once but after attacking the first roller for a good 30 seconds with out it's health changing whilst it morphed through the defenses in front of it (it was probably long dead at that point) something killed me and after the respawn the core went down eventually and I switched off the PS4. I'd rather play Drakenfrost keep every floor 4 and 9 than the temple at least I can actually play that map and it runs fine, the temple always has massive lag and high chance of crashing after wave 4 if the enemy counter gets up around the 1000 mark. It was an interesting design concept and when it runs fine on lower floors it is fun challenge but it has serious issues and it's never really been fixed... Maybe reduce it to 3 waves and omega on 4 to reduce the strain that more lanes and enemies seem to bring . Then if it crashes I've wasted less time anyway getting to that point 😣
  11. Yes - and if Trendy's asking me to gear up my best DPS hero and tackle some 2 billion+ HP mega boss, for the love of all things holy please remove assassins from those maps😠.
  12. Maybe we could have Betsy and Harbinger maps alternating as floor 9 if we remove the DF map. Would be interesting to play those on full power especially if the unique loot got an overhaul but they are probably a nightmare to balance for onslaught- on higher floors even some basic mobs can one shot the majority of heroes and your core so I don't know how to handle these giant bosses- especially Betsy as she is scripted to hit the core iirc. You will either be constantly looking at the respawn screen while the map fails or you just pop them with your nuke monk in 30s which will be an anticlimactic end lol.
  13. As I said in an other post once DDA was announced I hope they take the crushing grind out of the game for it's last few months if it's going to die in all likelihood - just let us have some fun and get OP. No gear resets and make c8 gear more user friendly and not require 250 materials to level up for example these two end game mechanics go against each other and probably one of the many reasons for player drop off.
  14. Yep, been keeping an eye on it already over half way now😆... hopefully once the 250k is hit the console crowd (including myself) will pile in as well and we will smash through the 350k and beyond 🍾
  15. Do we know if PS+ will be required as this is a full retail game? I think usually F2P games don't require it for online but not sure if retail games can be exempt. I have PS+ anyway so not a sticking point for me and if I remember correctly local co-op should work as long as primary account is logged in on the PS4 at the same time - be nice to clarify though (I guess the same question will be valid for the Xbox guys as well).
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