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  1. Yes - and if Trendy's asking me to gear up my best DPS hero and tackle some 2 billion+ HP mega boss, for the love of all things holy please remove assassins from those maps😠.
  2. Maybe we could have Betsy and Harbinger maps alternating as floor 9 if we remove the DF map. Would be interesting to play those on full power especially if the unique loot got an overhaul but they are probably a nightmare to balance for onslaught- on higher floors even some basic mobs can one shot the majority of heroes and your core so I don't know how to handle these giant bosses- especially Betsy as she is scripted to hit the core iirc. You will either be constantly looking at the respawn screen while the map fails or you just pop them with your nuke monk in 30s which will be an anticlimactic end lol.
  3. As I said in an other post once DDA was announced I hope they take the crushing grind out of the game for it's last few months if it's going to die in all likelihood - just let us have some fun and get OP. No gear resets and make c8 gear more user friendly and not require 250 materials to level up for example these two end game mechanics go against each other and probably one of the many reasons for player drop off.
  4. Yep, been keeping an eye on it already over half way now😆... hopefully once the 250k is hit the console crowd (including myself) will pile in as well and we will smash through the 350k and beyond 🍾
  5. Do we know if PS+ will be required as this is a full retail game? I think usually F2P games don't require it for online but not sure if retail games can be exempt. I have PS+ anyway so not a sticking point for me and if I remember correctly local co-op should work as long as primary account is logged in on the PS4 at the same time - be nice to clarify though (I guess the same question will be valid for the Xbox guys as well).
  6. I remember playing a few games of PVP on DD1 but it was 'not all that' but considering I probably had well over a 1000 hours in DD1 the faction of PVP play was miniscule in that time frame (probably spent more time arranging weapons in my tavern than total time playing PVP). So that's why it should not be core game play or anything like that at the moment - the focus should be on delivering a solid and challenging TD PVE game and hopefully on all platforms with cross play if at all possible.... then if as the second poster said they add it as an update later if the game is in a healthy state then that will be OK as it's not diverting time and effort away from the launch product.
  7. I too would like to back DDA but can you confirm that the game keys will be provided on PSN in the event of the console release on October providing we hit the 350k target? And if the release is delayed would we still have a code to get the game as backers.
  8. Don't want any form of PVP there are gazillions of MOBA and Battle Royal games out there for people to get their fix... there are very few Tower Defense games and none anywhere close to DD2 or DD1. I think DD2 suffered as it had early plans as MOBA and I'd hate for the Kickstarter funds to be wasted on a tacked on game mode which would cost us more TD content- or God forbid - miss the console release due to dev time and money put in to PvP.
  9. Oh I might of finished AP resetting and hit floor 999 by then 😆
  10. Build timers are also not much fun when placing towers in PS4 when you can not move the camera to assess where you are aiming if it's anything like DD2. Once you planned a build on low difficulty and then copied it over to higher difficulty so it was mainly muscle memory after a point on DD1 - didn't really add a lot to the difficulty especially in teams. I'd be against build timers personally especially if I'm playing solo or co-op with friends, as long as there is some sort of anti AFK mechanism so you don't get leeches or people taking too long to ready up in online multiplayer. Also free movement of the camera whilst building please 😉 on consoles.
  11. Also as there is no concrete release on console and most of the Kickstarter funding tiers offer "a free DDA software key (on platform of your choice)" are we to assume that will be on our console if goal is met or is it just a PC platform choice?
  12. I hope so, I always wanted onslaught and AP resetting to be the gateway to some final insane end game and there would be a need and purpose for all that single player grinding isolation but this news has seriously knocked back my desire to grind it out (Just logged off for the night after picking off one level). Might wait on the news of the new patch to see if it brings any meaningful changes to onslaught and AP resetting before reassessing it all... if it is to slowly die off in it's current state then I'd rather it was with all my 20+ characters fully geared and maybe with C8 stuff than in the middle of the reset-ahon with 3 characters with average gear because I'll probably not even pick it back up for a quick nostalgia blast if it's in that state.
  13. Well that's put a stop to my lofty plans on climbing onslaught and getting 999 base ascension if DD2 is dying off this year, looking at some of the goals some are deliverable in October 2019... I'd probably just about finished doing my resets by then 😲. Hopefully they release the handbrake that is gear reset and let the remaining loyal player base have a blast through ascension and onslaught before we all move over to DDA. Especially hopeful that the $350k goal is met and we get a console release 🍾
  14. Possibly they could introduce more variety in armour MODS to increase damage reduction and HP. The armour MODS currently you stack for DPS in all likelihood as there is only robust that increase HP and all the defensive MODS are actually on weapons like the one that gives you a second life per phase but there are way better weapon MODS to choose in weapon. That way the core balance will stay the same but you could have tankier heroes without rewriting AP or max levels Also I wonder how many people bother fully upgrading armour to C8 as that would be the last thing I would bother with in it current state.
  15. I play a lot of couch co-op and quite often on private as I'm going through onslaught atm . Does that count as multiplayer for the reduction in the timer?
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