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  1. So I made a post about this bit over 3 months ago and making this to see if there is any update on the matter. I bought the collectors edition very early on the game when the tower skins weren't in the game yet and it was said they would be given when they are implemented. When they were implemented I didn't receive the skins and from what I read many others had the same problem. I also made a few tickets about it and it has been over 3 months without an answer from Trendy to the tickets and they are still open tickets. Anyone had any luck with Trendy answering tickets or getting the tower skins? Or is Trendy just ignoring it all to avoid some extra work and hoping players will forget all about the skins they paid real life money for?
  2. the thing is the tower skins doesnt show up for me for some reason :S is there smt you need to do to activate them?
  3. So I have had a long break from DD2 and now that I logged back i saw that tower skins are in the game now and checked youtube and there was a video showing the tower skins from founders/collectors, but I can't find anything about how to claim them. Have they been added to the game already or is the video in youtube on some test server or something? PS. I bought the pack with the skins when DD2 was quite new.
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