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  1. Well proton beam has been gutted went from 32k crit dmg to 9k crit dmg, archers have been cut by about 50% though still good, PDT isnt very good anymore, and still caps out poison dmg on 2nd upgrade so upgrading past that is still pointless was 118k down to 30k, i figured once fully upgraded itd get back up to ~100k but no, it just tops out at 30k now.. I mean why bother building chars now when a nerf is around the corner once you get to where you wanted, re-balanced my butt, it was an outright nerf. And the rerolls on current items so now i gotta refarm ontop of that, maybe i should just go o
  2. IMO harpoons are just too slow for the dmg they do, I miss the DD1 harpoons for sure haha
  3. Overactive would be the ones that press g immediately I'm guessing, since if you'r inactive you literally just stand there and afk. IMO
  4. Its pretty obvious what button is for what, if you or your friend are going to quickly click without looking then I guess pay more attention?? (that's a horrible excuse btw for clicking on the medals button and why it should be outright removed) Just because its harder for some to quickly acquire medals does not give reason to take that alternative method away from others that it is. Its an option not a requirement, if you feel your medals are spent better elsewhere then by all means spend them elsewhere. And i don't even spend the medals on upgrading... I simply by the item xp buff for 500 m
  5. Some type of redirect for dmg, like a lightning rod for the elec aura, all the elec aura dmg gets channeled to the lightning rod, anything to touch the rod will die, but no more aoe from aura until you destroy that rod. Also they can blanket an area with water, neutralizing the blaze balloon for X amount of time. They drop down a crate of armor (yes a crate of armor, why? Why not! :P ) to suppress the geyser trap Freeze the ground, now eath shatter is a bit sad now and needs a hug, untill you thaw out with fire or the ground thaws out over time. Just a couple that could adds many
  6. One more devious way to help would be to make it so if a goblins walks directly on top of say a blaze balloon before a new balloon comes out they have a chance to get stuck in it and effectively jam it from spitting more out until you clear that jam. Or with a electric aura, if there's too many goblins it can over heat so to speak, untill you fix it. Just 2 of many possible negative variables that could possibly happen. What you think about this idea in general? And post some more as well I would love to see what others can think of!
  7. I like it! I had thought of something similar, about a endurance type thing, just constant flow of enemies.
  8. Sounds like an awesome combo. I was wondering if any training dummy located withing the Blaze Balloon's range have the capacity to make a fiery tornado of death or would it be limited to one? Well I only imagined one fiery tornado haha, I think with too many it would be to much. :p
  9. So i was thinking of papafhills idea http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?112194-Air-enemies/page3 What if it was like a vacuum trap? That sucks and holds enemies in place. It would pull groups of air mobs towards it but it would only hold a few ground mobs in place. It would be like a twister trap that would have a narrow range at the base but get wider as it goes up. \ - - - - -/ -\ - - - / - -\ - / Like that. It could also twist mobs around and daze them so they walk stumble around for a few seconds. Walking in the wrong directions and such, maybe even off ed
  10. Anti Air Towers Arcane Tower Miniture Arcane Volleys fall from the sky targeting air units, as well as ground units (Air is a priority target) Storm Tower Creates a lightning storm above the tower, all air units that fly through this storm have a chance to be struck by lighting. Being struck by lightning will damage and stun the unit. (Possibly fall to ground? High damage for chance to hit w/ garunteed stun, OR mild dmg always hits w/ chance to stun?) Web / Net Thrower A crafty tower that throws spider webs / nets at enemie units snaring and pulling them to the ground. Effects both
  11. Haha, true that, how bout the just melt or phase out and leave behind the poisonous cloud then. Or if they burst its like awater baloon, they mob just pops and u see green droplets, no blood and gore
  12. I was wondering about this a few nights ago, and mentioned it in game with a couple Trendy people, I know iamisom was there and {trendy} Esorath if I'm correct. But the point of the thread is to suggest a new combo for the future. Poison + Earth combo, that would root the enemies in place. So for instance the poison dart tower plus the earth shatter tower, or the poison from environmental traps plus earth shatter. Those are 2 examples. What do ya think :) -------------------------------------------------- A variant of the poison + earth combo Instead of rooting, if a poisoned mob die
  13. I would agree with with papafhill for most part, my only difference is blaze balloons range imo is fine, the trigger radius might need an increase however. also was the frost tower the one you think should be nerfed to slower rate of fire, or was that the leap shot, leap shot i think should have a longer cooldown, it has amazing lane clearing ability and stuns the big guys that don't die. imo the frost tower is fine, just decrease how long ogre is frozen for, i believe its 60% the normal length of frozen state atm. I am curious as to how much tower speed effects the frost tower, ive been
  14. I can see your point MintLemonade, we both have our opinions on the matter. But those exact things being a problem now is what can turn people away and then they don't test at all. I express myself on hear so we have these opinions, that indeed will be addressed later, i know that its still should be said though. All those things i said was what i think needs to be addressed if passes go out to keep the community coming back every weekend, and yes i did give a over estimate of people playing, i gave them the benefit on the matter. Also if there is truly so few people playing, that means so f
  15. I tried they entire party system this last play tests, it was a horrid experience, not once did i get into a game with the one person i was partied with, but i had no idea how to even go about it, as the playverse menu would, it seemd, randomly tell me my party was full, or to invite him to game even though we both in lobby. Maybe its playverse lag, idk, but it was a complete turn off, as my friend just stopped playing when we couldn't get it to work on top of the key/chest issue. I get theres not enough people to test, but lets be honest, theres what, 500 council members, and if they do giv
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