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  1. According to the wiki (http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Hero_Damage) the hero damage will increase the damage his DPS pets do. Well that's good to know. I've played hundreds of hours and never knew that! Thanks!
  2. Could someone elaborate as to why hero damage would be desirable, at all, for a summoner? It has been a while since i really hunkered down to try and understand some of the game mechanics.
  3. Bwahahaha ohh man. This dlc looks ridiculous.
  4. The gear is very likely hacked because the negatives are absolutely tiny compared with the positives. In all my runs of NM MM HC I've never seen stuff that has dropped with super high positives (like this gear has) with such small negatives. I mean, I can't prove it is hacked. It just seems to be.
  5. It always confused me why harpoon turrets are even able to target things at a downward angle at all. The turret looks to be specifically designed for direct targets and aerial targets...
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Darkness traps are now critical to total PWN setups. Forget about MM's. Flame turrets + Darkness Traps = Win
  7. Tensions are high with the player-base, lately, and it is because we are seeing drastic changes to the game very frequently and without much warning. To alleviate some of the tensions I am suggesting a few key points, to the Dev team: 1. :mage: If something seems unbalanced go for a small change initially and see how the players react to it. IE: if Apprentice towers seem to be 30% more powerful than you want, begin by making a 10-15% reduction instead of a stark 30% change. 2. :warrior: For every negative applied toward the balancing of a particular class, do something that boosts the
  8. 1007 in speed stat? O.o Is speed not hard capped at 100? lol
  9. I'm curious about those 240^ unicorns. Am I to understnad that it is possible to get 240^ unicorns without hacking, or are you showing us pictures of hacked pets? As far as I know ~100^ unicorns are as high as they go. Someone please let me know the highest they go legitimately.
  10. The robot shoots laser beams, the projectile speed on then normally is already huge. The projectile of the pet is the same as all others. Just because it shoots lasers doesn't mean their projectiles shoot any faster than a different pet with an equal bonus. 1000 projectile speed is 1000 projectile speed, regardless of the pet or weapon.
  11. The solution is not to fix the range to a set distance, but to cap how large it can get. Say, however big it gets at +2000 into the mana bomb stat.
  12. I know that. I meant in general I like my pet projectile speed to be around 10K.
  13. lol @ that pet projectile speed Personally I would have invested a few upgrades into getting it ~10K 974 is just too damn slow IMO.
  14. Nice wish list. I don't agree with about 90% of your suggestions, but it is a good list nonetheless.
  15. Soooo am I bugged or what, since my fully uped 189^ Myth Laser Robot (Obvs in damage, projectiles...) is doing less tavern dps then my 100^ unicorn? I will have to double check, but it seems really odd that a mythical laser robot that is ~90 levels higher than a unicorn would be doing less DPS. Maybe I am wrong and the laser robot has a much greater multiplier on hero damage than other pets, or something. *shrug*
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