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  1. Yes but you know :| Now is Era of shards PS: Headless Horseman' s Blade is too my favorite in Terraria :D I have godly one and defeated even Moon Lord :D Wow! That's nice, totally did not cross my mind to try to defeat the Moon Lord with it! Gotta try that :D I get him but not easily on Sixth try
  2. Oh god, is this a thing now? Only a little bit. :D
  3. Wish granted but this forum was removed and your thread with it I Wish to live forever
  4. Hell-o Iam here with a game... BROKE A WISH This game is about you write your Wish and also write why the Wish of the one above you cannot be Example: I Wish that this thread will be populare
  5. Yes but you know :| Now is Era of shards PS: Headless Horseman' s Blade is too my favorite in Terraria :D I have godly one and defeated even Moon Lord :D
  6. Everyone can help Wiki Its easy just go to https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Main_Page and edit page you want. Best would be if anyone would upload pictures :\
  7. There wasn't going to be a photoshop that existed of this. Now there is going to be. Sorry for rules I broken but with purpose You know that our Wiki is that what is
  8. !!!!UNCLE IAMISOM WANT YOU FOR WIKI !!!! Hello everyone, our Wiki is ... sadly backward and when you look at the other Wikis, for example Terraria wiki ... they are accurate and everything is found in them. In ours we find that only a few people work on it. And so I encourage everyone to participate on the Wiki and help, and everyone to take pictures of things and upload it to the wiki. You can do it anonymously. MAKE OUR WIKI THE BEST, MAKE IT WIKI WIKI NEEDS YOU You can start right Now: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Main_Page
  9. Hell-o the next enemy in chaos should be Necromancer... Legend: Orc skeleton= big skeleton Human skeleton= small skeleton Necromancer Chaos version of dark mage *Has bigger range *Has same abilities but are green and stronger *His mostly used ability is summoning Unique Summon skeletons: More types... 1. Summon big horde of human skeletons 2. Summon some orc skeletons 3. Create small pool with Old One's symbol somewhere on map (have very big range) that spawn human skeletons, expire after 10 seconds, spawning one orc skeleton 4. When non skeleton enemy die in his range He revive him as ske
  10. Hell-o I here again and with Shard ideas for chaos 7 or more... Headless Horseman' Blade Hero shard Weapon For All heroes Effect: Attacking generate a stack. At 10 stacks summon Flaming Pumpkin at enemies dealing 50- 250% of Ability Damage Wild Jungle Defense shard Artifact For Dryad Effect: Every 10 seconds World tree place somewhere in his range Man Eater (defense) having 50% of defense health and shoting seeds at enemies dealing 60-200% of Defense Damage. Man Eater expire after 7 seconds Petrifiing Touch Hero shard Armor For All Effect: When Taking Damage there is 20% shance to not ta
  11. AAAHHHH I AM SUCH GOBLIN!!! I posted this to CONSOLE discussions not to normal discussions (@#$&) Sorry
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