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  1. Does anyone happen to know if there is a table anywhere that shows the max stats cap for fully upgraded gear? I found the calc on dd2 but that only shows the max stats on drops. Let me know. Thanks!
  2. Looking for anyone that wants to speed grind c7, we can rotate building add jac24 on steam (pic is bob ross)
  3. Can I buy this with defender medals? What exactly does it do and is it worth getting for the adept?? Thanks!!!
  4. Is life leech worth using on any builds anymore? Thanks.
  5. As i noticed the shard is not working correctly and it is giving additional +3% on every level. well thats a bummer
  6. So if i use my 20 asc and the 15% from the crit chance shard will i be at 45%?
  7. Was this changed recently? I have seen youtube guides with this equipped on a huntress. Appreciate the quick response.
  8. So I just found a fiery brimstone shard and equipped it to my abyss lord. I noticed on the bottom of the description it now shows the image of abyss lord for valid characters. Is this shard restricted to the class you first equip it too? Or can I take it off my abyss lord and put onto my huntress. Thanks!
  9. What is the difference between each "level" of the shot type? i.e. What is the difference between Burst Shot I vs Burst Shot III? Sorry if this has already been answered! Thanks
  10. Anyone get a chance to check this out? Does it even make a difference? More damage, faster speed, stronger burst?? Thanks!
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