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  1. hey kwee is there still a donkey show goin on in your tavern? lol
  2. I'm a legit player, I'll play almost anything with anyone that doesn't use mods. Add me, Gamertag ElectricBlaze
  3. Freezing and arabia mismatch error. Well played This.
  4. Glad to see the shards 4 dlc has a release date, huzzah!!
  5. Let's be real everyone, the shards 4 dlc for xbox will never come out.
  6. Once the Shards 4 dlc drops, I'm sure you'll find a lot more active 360 DD players on the forums. In time my young padiwan.
  7. Gotta love console versions of dungeon defenders, never fails. Nice to see there are still signs of life.
  8. Right on hitmonchan, glad to hear things are in the works. Can't wait to play dd again, been off since the new content has been delayed, but looking forward to getting back into the thick of things and saving Etheria once more!! @.@ Gj Team.
  9. lol I'm glad I hardly play this game anymore, otherwise I would actually be mad, bro. :)
  10. Updated the Digest: Unfortunately, consoles will not be receiving the Shards IV/Crystalline Dimension weapons as we're running up against the memory limitations of the consoles. Instead, players will get good randomized rewards instead. I apologize for the error in the Digest. fml..
  11. Are the console versions also going to recieve the aquanos pet (the seahorse), and whatever pet comes with sky city? Or will we have to wait for another patch?
  12. Alright, saturday a.m, you dabbel and I will be a team. :squire:
  13. We need some more item box pages on the console version, 14 just isn't enough. :(
  14. Can't wait for the patch and new dlc to come out, insane+ is going to be fun. :)
  15. I seen that. Too bad missy, looks like we'll have to team up another time.
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