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  1. UMF2 DEWs could use a nerf imo. With 90% in all resists and 30k health, I still get 1 shot 90% of the time, with the very occasional 2 shot. That's while standing in a str drain aura. Their standard melee dmg hurts, but its the leap-attack that destroys you if it lands.
  2. I'd concentrate on the web. Its hard to see, and getting hit with it is catastrophic. Slowing movement AND attack is too much, pick one and that'd make em about right.
  3. Current upgrade design has a massive dependency on the AFK shop dynamic. 230^+ items take almost 2 billion mana to upgrade fully, it's ridiculous. It would take months to farm 2 billion mana without using the AFK shop, so I don't personally understand the need for a cap.
  4. Everyone is still capable of showing what they are doing, but they are choosing not to. In order to really make a dent, as you say, in nightmare, you simply need mana. Extremely high volumes of mana soaked into higher level gear resonates into stronger defenses, higher survivability and more damage output. Case in point, I have a 200+ staff that is almost fully upgraded. At 213/235, it gives me 1.4mil dps. It has taken just short of 2 billion mana to get it that high. The upgrade costs per level now are 14 million/per. I can't make that kind of mana playing levels, I am completely reliant
  5. [QUOTE]This seemed like the response I was expecting to get and I really don't buy it. If people are afraid of the starts getting patched out and so forth then the likely reason for this is they are glitching/exploiting/cheesing their way thru.[/QUOTE] I'm sure there is always glitching/exploiting/cheesing going on, but regardless, the current state of the game demands billions of mana to support the gearing necessary to defeat and farm nightmare levels. Noone is going to give up how they are doing it, legit or not, when it could compromise their mana revenue. That's why you aren't seeing st
  6. I think the addition of spiders is great btw, I'm not advocating to remove them or anything. I just think in their current design they are simply too powerful: -Hard to see -Can close the gap on you almost instantly through leap/lunge -Can slow your movement speed -Can slow your attack rate -Can take a few hits, should be more brittle since they can do so much -Are well hidden by mobs -Web is hard to see/avoid in combat -Can easily one shot you -Move very quickly They just have too much going on. I'd even accept all this if they were at least easier to kill.
  7. [QUOTE]Since the game has become such a massive grind it is no longer in people's interests to discuss their strategies. They need to keep them to themselves for as long as possible to get the most profit out of their farming while it lasts so they won't have to grind for weeks to get the several billion mana and fancy pets they will need for final waves or survival.[/QUOTE] ^^ this. It's all quiet on the strategy front now. Any methods for farming that don't involve months of playtime are kept on the down-low for fear of being patched.
  8. I can't beat wave 1 anymore. I can dps down everything, even ogres, but the spiders always find a way to get me. I can't deal (solo) with a lunge AND web/snare ability. They either slow me and something else kills me, or they lunge at me and 1 shot due to not seeing them well in combat. It doesn't help that the web they fling is practically invisible in all the other fx that go on during combat also. Its probably not meant to be soloable, but I prefer it for this map. More people means more mobs, more types, more room for error. The one death rule also really blows, but I'll keep at it sinc
  9. Yes, 20 mil was a nice gift....unless you had more than 200mil in the bank, in which case you got zero. (I even watched the bank #'s as I picked up the mana :demon:)
  10. Backing out. Very fishy to me. Joined Dec 2011, posts 1. Its as if the account was just created. Even more so that this mystery person wants both your high $$ active bid items. I sincerly hope you aren't trying to pull a fast one with an alternate account to pad your auctions.
  11. Where did the mystery bidder come from on [[491,hashtags]]?
  12. 190mil for [[491,hashtags]]. SteamID: screaminbubba :demon:
  13. 170mil for [[491,hashtags]]. SteamID: screaminbubba :demon:
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