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  1. I already own the Early Adopter's Accessories and purchased several Hero Slots before making the decision to buy all the DLCs. My problem is that after I purchased all the available DLCs up to date, the Accessories will not apply when I double click on them in the inventory, stating that those Accessories are already owned, and they just won't disappear, taking up inventory space. It's fine if I already own them, but please remove them from the inventory if they can't be applied because they're just taking up space. *Or give us some other Accessories for supporting you guys Also, the DLC - Defender's Pack comes with 2 additional Hero Creation Slots, but since I already have 10 Hero Slots, I didn't see the 2 additional Slots applied in game. I am still at 10 Hero Slots. I thought it would add 2 more for a total of 12 slots. I'm guessing if this DLC didn't apply, then did it automatically refund as in-game currency? **I just sold them, first problem fixed. Not sure about the hero slots though.
  2. I managed to use towers on NM4 Liferoot full group run. Eventually lost at the beginning of wave 6 because of nasty Kaboom Flyers. They ignore the wall and suicide bomb all my towers. My wall is only 260k, rest of the heros roughly ipower 630-650s.
  3. I'm pretty sure this was mentioned before, but here it is again - attack of the light beams! Please implement a better filter system and make it available as an option for everyone. If we don't need to see all those annoying light beams, we should have the freedom to disable them completely in the options menu. This filter system may control which type of item tier we want to see on the playing field by simply rotating through the different tiers with a shortcut key bounded.
  4. I just updated with a screenshot of a concept Blueprint UI within the game, posted above. Feel free to check it out.
  5. Apprentice Ubber: Comet Crasher Frostbite Tower chill modifier now only applies to a single target. While channeling, it also stacks a debuff modifier (-5% ice resistance for each second it channels, up to a maximum of -25% ice resistance applied to its target). Simultaneously for each second this tower channels at a target, it builds up to 5 charges. Upon reaching the 5th charge, it releases a tremendous jagged, ice comet from the skies, plunging down on the target as physical damage, then releasing ice shards in a medium AoE radius as magical damage. *Considerably stronger for single targets due to resistance debuff, but loses all charges if target dies or if the tower switches to another target. It then has to channel and rebuild charges again in order to use the ice comet.
  6. Yea, not going to lie - the past 2 weeks, I've been watching horror and thriller movies hehehe. Maybe this week, I want to catch up on sci-fi movies. Anyways, I think if we don't use blood special effects and only say it does magical DoT as long as hook is applied, I don't see a big issue with it :) I mean take a look at the spike blockade - sharp pointy spikes ready to poke someone, and there seems no violence reported...yet (maybe we made it too obvious now about violence in the game). Or we could replace the hooks and use the ugly brown wooden, dull-looking butter knife from the Training Dummy!
  7. Agreed. Training Dummy needs a lot of loving right now! Hmmm, what to do with all this blood and violence. Maybe the hooks could have similar properties like the Grim Reaper's Scythe - upon hooking mobs, sucks the living souls out of them and if they don't break free, then eventually they get vaporized. Probably still violent, but no blood :) Also might be something for a Halloween Theme.
  8. Excellent point! I think one of the biggest problem most players encounter is the tedious amount of time it takes to setup towers during the initial build phase. I timed myself solo play on the Wyvern den 3 times, and each session takes about 5-6 minutes setting up as quickly as possible for the "perfect build, leak-proof" (not using ubber lightning, just using apprentice, monk boost, and squire wall). I noticed during the build phase, after xx minutes go by, and you press G, other players are AFK, tabbed out reading news, watching youtube, or fiddling their thumb and whatnot. This is one of the reasons I dislike public group games - the downtime causes a chain of AFK players into combat phase. Sometimes you have to wait for the full countdown after 2 players give the go, just to find out you have to kick a player because he/she still AFK into next round. After several minutes of downtime, and waiting for a full countdown, and an AFK player triggering another countdown...you get the point :) For this reason, especially after you played a map several times, having some sort of build management for easy "Plop 'N Go" would greatly reduce the downtime. I wouldn't mind having an instant load from a favorite blueprint on a particular map. This would allow me to skip 5-6 minutes straight into the heat, beat it, collect my reward and move on. Valid point here as well. Perhaps blueprints you captured into memory should be account-bound and not allowed for trade? But then again, you have players asking for suggestions and seeking strategy on youtube videos on how to beat certain maps. In this scenario, I would prefer just to give them a blueprint and they can look at it, beats having to type it out in chat, do this, do that...
  9. Zent, due to inactivity in the Defense Council threads, I started a new thread under Suggestions section available to all. I highly suggest you check out Build Management System. I added some visuals, and highlighted the key points. I felt it is a necessary feature to resolve a big issue: tedious, time consuming initial tower placements. Please check it out if you like this idea.
  10. Squire Ubber: Hook N' Bleed Transforms the Training Dummy into a Trap. It shoots out hooks, attaches to mobs within range and pulls them in. Mobs will break free of hook once they walk out of its radius, and the trap will reset. If mobs do not break free of its hook, they continue to bleed until they die. Physical damage on impact, causes Bleeding DoT as long as hook is applied. Cannot hook and pull Ogres or mini-bosses, but has a % chance to slow their movement speed and applies Bleeding.
  11. Apprentice Ubber: Cinder Grasp Flameburst Tower no longer shoots fireballs. It now summons a burning lava hand from the ground, grasping the main target as magical DoT. Upon reaching (xx)% damage, the hand explodes and releases cinder shards in a small AoE as physical damage to all mobs within range.
  12. That's a cool idea! I didn't even think about Blueprint Slots capable of generating revenue for Trendy. Obtaining a good Blueprint is probably worth as much as a powerful legendary item or even more! Perhaps, when the devs implement a trade system, Blueprints can be one of the commodities available. Until then, what did you have in mind as in Blueprint Slots? Did you mean each player starts with a default of 1 slot available? For example, if you like a particular build and capture into memory, then it consumes 1 slot, and you cannot store anymore blueprints until you purchase/unlock more slots. It would be awesome to have cosmetic upgrades for the little robot orb. Change its appearance to stand out from the crowd. Definitely a great idea worth looking into!
  13. I cannot get images to show up in the post. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Figured it out, images updated.
  14. Original post started in Defense Council Section with greater details. I am posting a shorter version here (less reading, brief overview). My intention is to get more ideas and discussions since it appears there is very little activity in the Defense Council threads. I present the Holographic Construction Guide (HCG), and here's a sample model: What is it and what does it do? It’s a little robot orb you summon to your side. It doesn't deal damage, but it provides administrative support to help you out. HCG gives you the ability to capture and store specific builds, as well as the entire map build into memory in the form of blueprints. You can recall these blueprints later for a map, and HCG will beam them onto the playing field as holographs. You can follow that same build, or completely ignore it all together and build something else. If you choose to follow previous builds, towers you place near the holographs can snap right into place, exact fit with original direction when pressing and holding [Shift key]. You also have the option to hide all the holographic display at any time, or unsummon HCG and all holographs will disappear. During combat phase, the holographs automatically disappear to reduce clutter and improve visibility. How will this idea impact the gaming experience in DD2? As stated above, HCG’s core design is administrative support role. It will reduce the initial build by roughly 50-70%, manage all your builds after playing through several maps, and provide a more effective method in describing complicated builds to friends/players alike. After you master several builds and capture them into memory, you can manage all those blueprints under a new UI (rename, sort/filter system). Here's a sample table to show what can be done with a Build Management UI: Additionally, you can trade these blueprints or give them away to friends so they can study all the various strategic builds of different maps. I believe having the ability to share blueprints with other players in the DD2 community is helpful. Some players are just dying to show you their “perfect build” while others may struggle, and having some sort of build management system may improve the gaming experience. Where it is most helpful…complicated maps with difficult situations and challenges, as well as recall specific builds that you can’t remember. What do you guys think? Does it sound helpful? Will it enhance the gaming experience? **Update** So I decided to fiddle around with some UI creation, and here's a concept build of a Blueprint Manager UI running within the game.
  15. Well stated! Your thoughts and ideas collaborate with a thread I posted few months ago about implementing some sort of build management such as this Holographic Construction Guide. Feel free to check it out.
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