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  1. How do I get to these practice maps, or are they not implemented into the current game as of now?
  2. yea I think ill get one. I already deleted one for my new monk thats going to have flame auras but for this one im just going to buy another hero slot.
  3. So I want to have cannonball towers but I have no character slots and hes already built for my walls so I was wondering if it is really worth deleting someone just for those ascension points. if I put 4 cannonball towers in one lane as of now it can peak at about 1.6 mil dps (fully upgraded) This is with a defense rate shard heavy cannonball shard and range shard on a medallion with 6300 defense power and the secondary stat is defense speed with some crit damage and health thrown in. (I know this isnt the best possible but its what I got) I just started attempting chaos 5 trials when I got hit hard by the nerfs and im trying to revise my strats. (I dont play with others except my bro as its way too easy and it feels like cheating so just keep in mind that although this is kinda op strats im soloing or 2 manning all the chaos trials and incursions and im not that good so dont judge too hard ;p).
  4. Thank you all :D really insightful! Guess I should have stuck with that apprentice lol
  5. If anyone could suggest a nice strategy that I could start building I would be forever grateful. I have ev2 the dryad and the lavamancer (and all the base characters with the exception of the apprentice) and I just got to chaos V trials and I have 163 ascension.
  6. When I found out they nerfed the only two defenses I can use because im a terrible strategist. 
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