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  1. Their servers need to be able to handle the volume and load first before they do this. But it is a great idea. Just these MAJOR server issues need to be resolved ASAP
  2. Hello, Firstly I would like to state that I KNOW I am not the only person with this issue. The issue is below with descriptive information. First: Server issues. I'll be in the middle of games and then when I go back to tavern I get disconnected from host, or failed to connect. (My internet is fine) So I switch to an alternate region....than everything is fine. Sometimes I will be unable to use skills and abilities or attack in any way. So I log out and log in....To find out that I cant, I switch regions...Than I am fine. 2ndly. The infinite loop when trying to login from starting the game. You cant get in, it just stays at loading, (this also happens after playing some rounds) Temp fix: Logout change your server region, than retry. However these issues happen so often (sometimes trying to ready up to start you match doesn't even work) that this game could have SO MANY more players. But the truth is, Why would players waste their time trying to play a game that is so buggy they have to restart the game atleast 2-5 times per day. (sometimes within 2 hrs) I know its a free game. But that would be the most horrible excuse in the world. I'm sure if it was less buggy people would not have an issue paying to play(I certainly would pay to play) PLEASE FIX THESE SERVER ISSUES and bugs.
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