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  1. Okay thank you I am so far away from being ready for that. well something to work towards.
  2. I am wanting to het the flamethrower for the squire. How do I get it? and what is the fastest way to gain ascension levels? I am on Xbox one. edit-- I am lvl 50 with 37 ascension.
  3. Hello my fellow Defenders! I have a few questions about towers and the relics to use for them. I have been putting Totems on my blockades for more health. Then on everything else I have been putting medallions on them for the increase of power. I never use the mark for crit damage or the orb for speed. Should I be rethinking my setups? I always figured health for the blockades and more power meant more damage output. So not sure if this is the best way to be a great team player and be helpful overall to the game. For my blockades I use the colossus, maw of the earth drake. and for attacks I u
  4. I have been equipping the better gear I get. I don't have any legendary gear on because I am getting blues and purples that are better armor stat wise. But maybe I should start going with all the gold gear. That would be cool man but I am on X1. So I will grind them all out till I am geared up with gold gear.
  5. I was talking with a guy the other day in game and he said I needed to cap out in chaos 1 before I go to 2. he said I will only get the same gear from high trials until I cap out at each trials. So am wondering what do I need to get before I move on? I am lvl 50 (37). And I want to get better and have my traps and blockades be amazing so please give me any tips you may have.
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