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  1. I started doing this to make more sense of the spooky secret but it didn't really help me so i thought i would share it here and maybe it will help someone else. while i was spending the time to mark out things i initially thought were odd or didn't make sense it all started seeming pretty mundane and his actions before the maps started looking more and more odd. Not sure if it is anything but before each map he gives the viewers a very close up of spiderwebs/spiders in odd spots that don't have any other reason (behind the tavern bar and in the back room up top) not sure if that is the act
  2. My monthly quest also was reset back. this is getting tedious having to re do the same requirements for the quest.
  3. My monthly also got reset. I don't remember what all the numbers were but i believe i was around 1/2 for all of them.
  4. Ah yes I posted this during a match and didn't use the search feature. there are a few posts about disabling this feature. Unfortunately most of them just say 'Auto Aim' as their title. sorry for starting a new thread for an already heavily discussed issue. The largest of these threads is this one so probably the best one to track. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/44530/get-rid-of-it-because-its-totally-stupid-autoaim
  5. I play on Keyboard mouse and auto aim seems to be more of a problem than a help. If i want to hit a mage i have to move out of lane and get a different angle or kill everything in front of it. An option to turn off the auto aim and reenable if needed would be a large improvement to the game.
  6. not exactly a great way to approach development. Having some idea of the iPWR requirement would be good if the iPWR scale wasn't really skewed at the moment. I do however think the dailies should be more appropriate for your level more and not give you incursion dailies right after you have finished the campaign or anything like that.
  7. On freeplay hard Liferoot i had Maltheus in a lane with WarBoars and armored Orcs in a separate lane. I couldn't deal with the summons/heals and health bars on the lanes at the same time. Sounds like that was a bug? (because it was the first time it happened) but overall i think solo play is viable for the game. I have gotten through most of it solo or in a group of 2 and it has gone fairly well aside from the normal things.
  8. Easy campaign betsy does not give the best exp in the game but it is the best for the amount of work you have to put in. that being said outside of the campaign the only map that i really like to do is liferoot. ever. even the early maps in the next difficulty up are harder than liferoot in the next difficulty up which makes no sense. so you end up doing liferoot forever until you finally get everything you wanted. Exp is generally ok it is a little slow but not terrible. What makes it seem like it takes forever is doing 1 or 2 maps from start of the game to being finished with the game to g
  9. I feel like there are two main reasons why I am not using lockboxes and do not intend to ever open a lock box. 1 - Random I understand skinner boxing and that it does keep people engaged. However if i have to pay gems (i.e. real money) then i want to be assured that i get the thing i am going for otherwise it is not worth the risk to me. Selling outfits IMO would be a much better way to go rather than doing the lock boxes in this regard. I would be willing to pay 200-250 gems for one specific piece rather than 150 and never get what i want. 2 - Tokens I realize that having keys for boxes in
  10. I am just echoing back what others have said at this point. Rewards are very underwhelming (especially if you only get 1 every 3 waves.) I am level 40, 33, 25, 25 and loot on normal is in the teens range. and i still can't get past wave 2. I am not saying my build doesn't suck but i have close to 2x the ipwr that it recommends. This might not be the place for suggestions necessarily but when i hear 'onslaught' i was wishing that you had a normal amount of mana (not significantly reduced) but you then had to kill 1,000 mobs instead of 100ish. then you get a reward and some time to rebuild.
  11. While loot drop algorithms do tend to make or break a game's longevity i would like to see items closer to the levels of the characters with the difficulty of the level categories scaling to match. so when you start level 20-25 you don't get through it but you do get a couple pieces of gear and then you get a wave or two farther than last time.
  12. Allowing invite only without having to do any state change on steam or blocking people would be a nice addition.
  13. Alternatively they could highlight the borders on items to sell. (possibly with the quality level color to alert you to what quality the item is even if you cannot wear it on that character)
  14. Currently the alternate attack for mages does the same thing just applies a different type of damage which is a little boring. The ideas outlined in this post were originally intended to replace the right click when using a mage staff with a specific element bound to it. *note that I am a proponent for diversifying effects for utility and player enjoyment. these are not all intended to do atomic levels of damage. Let me know what you think and feel free to add your suggestions. Fire - burn it. burn it good. Fireball - pretty self explanitory (TAoE on impact) (long range) Fire Br
  15. It seems a little odd to increment the view count every time you hit refresh maybe limit it to a certain time or an ip
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