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  1. Hello thank you for all your answers. I'll try to give a log when i'am back home. Game has been reinstalled, it's one of the first things I done. I'am having it on steam I'am using W10, it's up to date. I never defrag an SSD, like you said, it's bad. My drive is a secondary one, just for games, system runs on a separate SSD Monitor is 2x Dell P2717h. Afaik no sync. Also tried on another monitor (older), issue persist I'll try the trace route, I don't think it's network related, but worth a try. Crash are various, but usually game either freeze, or crash without any error. I'll try to provi
  2. Hello everyone. I've played this game for about 300 hours since alpha. I really enjoy it, although I don't have too much time to play it. I've started to play again after a 3 month break. I don't know what the last patch did, but game is now unplayble for me. I get crashes constantly. Loading time will be infinite 30% of the time, having to kill the process and restart to play again. Game will randomly crash during defense or just plain freeze, again I have to kill the process. The bad things about that is I can deal with the long loading screens, but when the game crashes when i'am playing
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