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  1. I run a i3-2310m 3gb of ram w7 64 bit integrated graphics, and I can play DD on medium, you elitist people. ;) My rig cost me a grand total of 434$ and is ultra portable. Just sayin'. Edit: Actually i AM able to play on high but I don't want to push it too much because this laptop is also for school. It would suck to lose everything.
  2. granted but now you have to trade items to get items i wish for a full beard, not just patches :( Granted but you took an arrow to the knee. I wish this thread was ALIVE!
  3. Err... This has been normal since I first started playing in September. I wouldn't call it a bug.
  4. I love barbarian. XD Super bad arse
  5. Umm I bought barbarian but no patch.... I don't know if it's safe to play.
  6. ITS ****INN HRFER EREJHDKSH FLSJG ANSLFIJHOG D:FNGKLDMS:FLMGJSM GL:SfvjkSLKGBE:PGM http://store.steampowered.com/app/204386/ ADFLMAL :GBMPDFLhkae[bh Ummmm? Store front page?
  7. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?43763-About-patch-7.16/page2 it's almost here!
  8. TheFayde!!! I think (i hope) it's about time for our story to draw to a close! With sprinkles...?
  9. Hey guys. We are getting off topic. We don't want any forum infractions here do we? Now back on topic I'm in psych 101 ignoring my retarded teacher to watch the forums and steam.... Waiting.... waiting... It makes me feel slightly pathetic heh. (music start) Bar bar bar bar-ar-i-an! Ba-ba-ba-bar-bar-i-an! You got me rockin' and a rollin', rockin me all over the dungeon barbarian. (music end) Too bad the forum cannot hear the song in my head heh. Edit: Just adding more thoughts. Man if barbarian doesn't rock so hard I think I'll be crushed. I've been waiting since October and just
  10. Gol durn it! I can't wait 7.5 hours! I've only got 3 hours of school (college) left and then a 1 hour drive. I'll be sitting at home going nuts for 3.5 hours and probably will have to abuse my roommate in a barbarain like rage in order to satisfy my desire.
  11. The barbarian is still coming today (as in today, EST), we don't have a time yet though, sorry! YAY! Pmasher for the win!
  12. Oooo OOO OOO!!! Character idea. Link like character! Grapple, bomb, arrow, wand, mana bottle = towerish abilities. Shield and down stab for character abilities. Yes I see it now! And a total load out for the character. *O-face spasm* - Sent using Raocow's mad mario skills
  13. PvP I'm just curious but does anyone actually play PvP? - Sent with Kikoskia's soul
  14. Heh I love troll accounts. When there is only 1-6 posts to the account name and it's someone causing a flame war or asking questions that should already be known. - Sent using super rage powers.
  15. Aye, it's what we need. I only wish I had thought of it first. :D It's too bad people are getting their knickers in a bunch. It actually works out well for me that it's tomorrow too. I'll be at school and wont be checking the forums/steam every 20 min until after I get home at 7:00.
  16. Pssh. We just need to realize is Trendy is adopting Valve time. AH ha ha ha ha! That's great! :D Thefayde: Thank you for your entertaining story. I'm enjoying it more than I should and can't wait for the next episode.... Or the release of the barbarian heh.
  17. @Jason Begley, perhaps your computer's got something wrong with it. I haven't been suffering crashes for a long time now. Sure theres still the random STEAM disconnects but things have gotten WAY WAY more stable. Just sayin' @ Thefayde NICE! - Sent from... ah forget it!
  18. I'm disappointed, mainly because today was my regular day off and was looking forward to getting a Barbarian to 74. I'm a programmer though, so I know how this stuff goes. I still don't like them holding everything back for the barb alone though. They aren't holding everything back because of the barbarian. They are adding stuff from beta testing too so it's more polished. This is a good thing :D - Sent from my Lga2015 using taptalk
  19. @toturi The reaction is astounding in the way people are managing to stay civil and be understanding. I expected the topic to be a whine topic but instead it's mostly people saying, "I am dissapointed but I'll live," and thats really the right attitude to have. I admit I'm dissapointed too and I've been waiting for barbarian every month since it was announced in october. As it stands I will have something to look forward to when I get home after school tomorrow instead of constantly refreshing steam today waiting and waiting. - Sent from my left buttock while my right one was distracted.
  20. I am enjoying this thread a great deal! Even the "trolls" are having fun :) I just want to say thank you for not having any flame wars so far. Got home from taking a friend to get his car fixed, check the forums and split my side with laughter @Finally heh thanks for playing the game @Thefeyde awesome smoke signal gag - Sent from Windows 3.1
  21. @ Hitmon got anything more for us to whet our wistles on? Maybe a video? ;) - Sent using a toothbrush
  22. Oh sad days. Guess I'll get some school reading done. - Sent using the pieces of my broken heart
  23. I love ya'll - Sent using the blood of the innocents
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