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  1. You on xbox? If so feel free to add me. My gamertag is the same as my name on these forums. I would be happy to help!
  2. Mercu1as sorry haven't been on these forums in a while. I managed to beat the summit and even farmed it for a bit. I haven't been playing due to the changes coming in episode one so it doesn't seem worth it. I'll add you tho, and would be happy to help out with throne room if you still need it!
  3. Here is a screenshot of one side of my build. I used 2 fused electric and ensnare auras (seen on each side of the screen shot) with a 4 DU overclock beam between them. MY dps monk has a fused healing aura (in the center) to give me extra armor against the boss and the 1 DU reflect beams seen are to protect me from the fused orge's kobolds. I also put up a strength drain aura in the center just in case something hits the crystal during the boss fight (it is not fused). Behind me is a 3 DU reflect beam protecting a 6 DU overclock beam with 7 fused DS towers and 1 flamethrower (not fused, j
  4. Looking for advice for beating this map, currently, it is all I have left in terms of those I have yet to beat on survival. I have no issue beating Glitterhelm's Cavern starting at wave 23 on hardcore and rifted; however, taking out over a billion health on a boss seems like a tall hill to climb. Is there a particular pet or weapon I should be looking for? Any help is appreciated.
  5. This is on survival, massacre, single player. The deadly strike tower was put on the farthest south side of the map (either where you spawn or right behind where you spawn), on a platform just outside the main part of the map. When I moved the tower off that spot it worked; so for some reason that particular build spot is what was causing the issue.
  6. Certain Djinn on this map oddly are not being targeted by deadly strike towers. This is not an issue of them being in range. At times they will float right in front of the DST and just take it off the field. I doubt this is intended.
  7. Is it not possible to just play a random map?
  8. Not sure why, but the option to create is greyed out for me. This only works on onslaught for some reason.
  9. Hello I can play onslaught solo by creating a game and setting it to private; however, there does not appear to be this option for any of the other modes. Is this intended? Thanks.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Just to confirm, the build you use on alchemy labs was beat using insane quality gear? And the build on magus quarters works on the early ways with insane quality?
  11. Hello. I tried a quick google search for this and was not able to find very helpful information. I have completed the campaign on insane, and the first two campaign missions on nightmare; however, my current gear is just not up for the challenge if I want to attempt to proceed past the alchemy labs. Where is the best place to go to prepare for this? Insane survival even on later waves (which tend to get quite difficult) do not seem to drop loot that will properly prepare me. Any help is appreciated.
  12. If there are shards I want to protect from reset, it would be hyper shards. That is too bad.
  13. Can these shards be gilded? If so, how? The game gives the option, but you are allowed one of each, so I am not sure how this would be possible.
  14. Eyep. Gilded isnt your normal type of gear up. Its ment to be a long term goal Maybe so, but that is a crazy grind to get there either way. There are A LOT of shards in this game, and no real way to increase your chances of getting one that you are targeting.
  15. Did I understand you correctly? In order to gild a deadly strikes shard, I need 10 other deadly strike shards to do so? That seems extremely excessive.
  16. Dryad is currently the most reliable builder in onslaught. Low risk high reward. With the changes to relics this will change.
  17. First off, lets keep this civil, suggesting that I want to play "brainless" really doesn't help your argument. Also, you know everything doesn't work. For example, you know you cannot use aura's or traps in those lanes. I have tried many other defense in frosty lanes (that are not ramsters.) I always run into the issue of the defense getting frozen, even when it appears to be way outside the range of were it should be possible. In addition, depending on the lane, you run into the possibility of defenses being targeted by flying kobolds, which can put you into real trouble if you are dealing w
  18. The RNG that these maps have are great when you aren't constrained like you are in Mastery, keeps things fresh. But it feels like not only do I need to have a good build, but in the example you described ( multiple rollers) it feels like you lost due to bad RNG, as opposed to player error. This happens far too often. I had one time were a skeleton spawned in 3 different lanes in waves 2,3, and 4. To top it off, it was a challenge were I couldn't build walls, and I couldn't have defenses destroyed. Playing solo, how the hell am I suppose to beat that? I got up to 5 hyper shards and I just can'
  19. The only real issue I run into with hornets is sometimes I feel they aren't targeting flying enemies when I feel I have placed them high enough to do so. But besides that I never run into issues using them unless I place them in an area where they have been frozen or disabled (user error.) With that though, I NEVER just use hornets in a lane. I always have at least one other defense in a lane (usually ramsters) to make sure DPS is being spread out in large mobs. I am currently on floor 67 on my first play through and the dryad has been a staple builder for me.
  20. What is the alternative to using dryads bees in those lanes? The only other viable option when frosty enemies or cyborks spawn is ramsters. I like the fact that the dryad directly counters this, with the new changes and direct counters I feel like her use will go down without any changes to her.
  21. Because it is extremely frustrating and does not provide you with any progress. Hyper shards are great, but there are extremely expensive to upgrade and only two of them are really worth using. Some of the stars like finish each build phase in 30 seconds while at the same time, completing each face with at least 10 different defenses gets extremely tedious. You find yourself running the same thing over and over again until 5 stars is achieved. I have also had MANY times were I am doing one were I get to way 5, have a start that requires no defenses be destroyed, then on the FINAL wave a flyin
  22. We need direct counters for these. Right now, if even on Cybork or frost enemy spawns in a lane, the builds you can build that work are EXTREMELY limited. Same goes for geodes, lady orcs, and hex throwers. Combine any of these together, and you are even MORE limited. The dryad and abyss lord might as well be staples in onslaught. To me, that gets boring.
  23. I honestly can't wait for these changes. Right now, builds feel so bland. In Onslaught all I ever seem to build is world trees, bees, slime pits, reflect and proton beams, flame and lightning auras, ramsters, poison dart towers, and the occasional anti air. Considering the MASSIVE amount of other options there are out their, this tends to get boring. Direct counters to defenses ties your hands when building in onslaught, adding gear to overcome that is needed.
  24. This. I have a DP poison tower with defense rate, explosive poison and deadly strikes. It really helps with this lanes. Well, that would explain a lot.
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