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  1. The lycan king map is already the pinnacle of difficulty in the game. It doesn't have a bonus wave as it is already scaled to "lycan king" difficulty. Level 105 armor CAN drop from it. This is where my friends dropped when I helped him with this map, 105 primitive gloves.
  2. It is my understanding that loot drops do not scale with the number of people playing, so yes.
  3. Its possible. A buddy of mine who just started got one when I helped him with the lycan king lol. I would guess that any lycan king bonus wave or similarly difficult content it can drop. I am in a similar boat as you. Tons of hours and I have yet to see one. I'm at that point where getting a drop to increase the stats of my mains is very unlikely.
  4. If you don't hit the mission summery button and just hit the start button you can go to tavern from there. Even replaying the mission that way might be faster than waiting for the timer to end. I am having the same issue and am also doing that as a work around. Careful though, if you go directly to the tavern your auto loot will not work. Make sure you pick up all the loot you want.
  5. Its a visual bug. I have tested it in the tavern and they do get buffed from the beam. The DPS on the tool tip isn't updated.
  6. My huntress is sitting over 8k power and the dps on the inferno trap isn't much better. I would assume this is a bug in how the trap scales power. No way for 1 more DU should an electric aura do significantly more damage with significantly more range. (Not that the aura is overpowered by any means.)
  7. Just ran it today and from what I can tell it's fixed!
  8. Sirens will at times, bug at and are unable to return to the spawn they came from. Although it is the most common on the new bonus map, this has also happened to me on others. Video below shows the bug. https://xboxclips.co/xzxinflamesxzx/ffe30176-64c5-428f-9e5a-5bd80b09b390
  9. Does this game have cross save? Want to pick up on the switch but don't want to start from scratch.
  10. Is there something in particular you are farming for? When bonus waves comes with the next update you can target farm specific pets at higher waves for a chance at a better one than u would get at waves 14. If I was u, I would wait for the next update. Up to you obviously. With that rng is cruel especially when there is a 1 in 5 chance at a specific pet.
  11. You on xbox? If so feel free to add me. My gamertag is the same as my name on these forums. I would be happy to help!
  12. Mercu1as sorry haven't been on these forums in a while. I managed to beat the summit and even farmed it for a bit. I haven't been playing due to the changes coming in episode one so it doesn't seem worth it. I'll add you tho, and would be happy to help out with throne room if you still need it!
  13. Here is a screenshot of one side of my build. I used 2 fused electric and ensnare auras (seen on each side of the screen shot) with a 4 DU overclock beam between them. MY dps monk has a fused healing aura (in the center) to give me extra armor against the boss and the 1 DU reflect beams seen are to protect me from the fused orge's kobolds. I also put up a strength drain aura in the center just in case something hits the crystal during the boss fight (it is not fused). Behind me is a 3 DU reflect beam protecting a 6 DU overclock beam with 7 fused DS towers and 1 flamethrower (not fused, j
  14. Looking for advice for beating this map, currently, it is all I have left in terms of those I have yet to beat on survival. I have no issue beating Glitterhelm's Cavern starting at wave 23 on hardcore and rifted; however, taking out over a billion health on a boss seems like a tall hill to climb. Is there a particular pet or weapon I should be looking for? Any help is appreciated.
  15. This is on survival, massacre, single player. The deadly strike tower was put on the farthest south side of the map (either where you spawn or right behind where you spawn), on a platform just outside the main part of the map. When I moved the tower off that spot it worked; so for some reason that particular build spot is what was causing the issue.
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