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  1. I think the issue with that would be you would basically make survival pointless. Currently, survival is the best place to level up as you don't have to rebuild after every run, and mixed mode is where to go if you are trying to farm the best loot. If mixed mode becomes endless, where is the incentive to play anything else outside of trophies? Note I am not saying we should or shouldn't have it, as I made a similar post in the past, but I never considered that issue.
  2. Yeah I believe defenses prioritize targets that are stunned. Being that the case, using electric auras or other traps where the enemy gets hit as long as they are in the radius, would be best to pair with the gas trap rune.
  3. Not sure exactly what you are asking, but gas traps have no limit (base without the ruin) on enemies that can be affected by it as long as the trap has be sprung and enemies are within its radius. The rune has a tradeoff, enemy limits but the damage they receive is increased. As far as runes are considered this one is lower on the tier list, and unless you build around it and have an 8/8 godly ruin I wouldn't recommend using it.
  4. Separate issue, but supreme drops are very rare. Also not necessary, even if you want to hit wave 100 on dune eater. Pinnacle loot for those who want to strive for the best.
  5. Runes have what is called a "favored map." All this means is it has a slightly higher drop chance on that map, but can drop from any map in that act. I've beaten tornado highlands on MHCMM more times than I can to admit going for a 8/8 over drive, and it finally just dropped randomly on The Summit.
  6. The new boss fight and map are great, but the loot incentive just isn't there. Once you beat it, putting dune eater difficulty on another map, and farming that is much more fast and efficient; as you can target farm specific pieces elsewhere of the same quality and beat those maps much more quickly. Unfortunate as this was a well designed encounter. We didn't get a new piece of arcanist gear, which is fine, but a buff in loot quality would be nice for the new map.
  7. It is on the roadmap. That is all we know right now. Not to speak for Chromatic, but from the outside looking in, it feels like content (and QOL) is currently the focus, not features such as: local co-op, cross play/save, etc.
  8. This game can be as difficult as you want it to be in endless survival. Even prior to runes, if you were geared up, soloing most maps become trivial. I like the power fantasy that comes with games like this as it takes a considerable amount of time to get there.
  9. https://www.xbox.com/play/media/FT58PTPNA2 Yes it is really bad and makes it difficult to play. For me, it only happened when I approached the east crystal.
  10. When I switch from my Xbox One to a Series X, all my data transferred for the games I was playing at that time. DDA was not one of them, but I can't imagine it being any different.
  11. Some other type of shader specific pet would be a good idea. Reducing build time is nice. Right now, I find myself farming runes in endless survival as rebuilding can get old. Also, I haven't found any additional success by farming in mixed mode.
  12. Title, suggestion. Would be nice to push our limits where the loot is best. Thoughts?
  13. I have it, didn't even know you had to log in to get it, just lucky I guess. I'm on xbox so it was a console drop.
  14. Is that on Arcane Library? If so, I believe that is just a consequence of how that defense works. Like with any map and the defense you are using, you need to consider how a defense placed in that location will work. Reducing the arc may help on that map but may be hurt the defense when considering placement on other maps that have structures you want the spider to throw them over. Adjusting the arc based on where it is placed would remove the unique nature of the defense.
  15. This link is useful for how to target farm specific fusion pieces. Fusion Armor | Dungeon Defenders Awakened Wiki | Fandom With that, generally speaking, the best gear comes from massacre, hardcore, mixed mode. Beating wave 25 on a map will guarantee a fusion armor drop as referenced in the link I gave you. Note that 1000+ in all states is VERY good gear and isn't that common. If you want the best chance at getting gear of that quality, it would be at the Lycan King bonus difficulty on the mode I listed previously. What have you beaten so far? You should attempt to unlock the b
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