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  1. Thank you all for the help!! I do not get much time to test my ideas. So again thanks for the help. I also found out that I was completely wrong about DP on boost auras haha gotta start all over with the setup and mods.
  2. Sorry, I was wondering if you put on a mod that does x% bonus damage to say mini-bosses that any transfer to the towers the boost aura is boosting. But from what you guys were talking about it’s still unknown what gets boosted or if it works in proximity to the boost aura. Is just power and range the best runes and mods to put on boost auras?
  3. I am a bit confused with how mods work with boost towers. The power and health mods make sense but the damage to specific enemies do not. Are they just wasted or do they add the damage to the other effected towers?
  4. My idea is to make all levels one floor and any time you stay on a level and do multiple floors you get a bonus like the consecutive win bonus but bigger and based off your onslaught level.
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