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  1. Looks like you are talking about the series of mods that grant effects whenever "you are buffed". As far as I know, for heroes, the mod is only triggered by the Monk's Heroic Wave, the Lavamancer's Harden/Inflame, the Dryad's Purity Form Dryad's Blessing and the Barbarian's Stances, and no other buff, including hero buffs coming from defenses, like the Mystic's Obelisk or the Dryad's World Tree. This should be changed in my opinion, as it seriously limits the mods' usage, and it is also very unintuitive.
  2. It greatly bummed me out when I noticed you can't jump while casting anymore. I used that a ton on the EV2, walking towards a pack, clicking a Gravity Bot and instantly jumping away and shooting towards it to detonate it, which is also great on the EV2 with her increased air control. In fact I really just don't play her anymore, this issue is part of that, but not only it. It also annoys me on the Monk because I actually have to stop in place to use Heroic Wave when approaching a boss. I personally think this should be removed. It really subtracts from the fun to be had while playing various heroes, and as far as I know it doesn't prevent any unwanted interactions. These kinds of changes, from my experience, seem to often be put in place as to fix other bugs, but I don't ever recall any problem with casting and jumping, the ones that are out there are completely unaffected by this change anyway. Let us jump. Jumping is a lot of fun and it is not overpowered.
  3. This isn't intended. It's a bug, that was fixed on one of the armor pieces that used incorrect materials, but this one wasn't fixed yet.
  4. If you're gonna look at gear score then at least look at it with the weapon upgraded to 10/10 like your gear, because I'm pretty sure those weapons are rolled at 6/10 at first. Besides, your gear score doesn't really reflect an item's overall power, the mods matter, and also the rolls of stats on your weapon are preferred to be on the higher end.
  5. It does work on dummies, you can effectively notice multiple dummies taking damage when in range, it's very easy to notice as your placement doesn't matter that much, just make sure the dummies you're targetting are close enough.
  6. The Earthshatter Tower is naturally a single target defense. The shard adds an AoE to it with the stated radius. If you look closely enough, you notice the word radius is generally included with circles or spheres.
  7. Onslaught changes are coming in the next Update (not Patch or Hotifx, but it's also not an Expansion like Protean Shift), think of something they have a DevStream for, like Barbarian's Wrath or Ancient's Prelude (Mastery Update). If the above is a little confusing, all you need to know is that it's coming soontm.
  8. More Chaos tiers for Expeditions would be a massive time sink for content with which pretty much all players in C7 gear would be done by day 1. Expanding on these modes is not the way to go, new modes are the way to go. Regarding current end game, to get to challenging content you need to spend your life in Onslaught, and it's not very good. In the upcoming Onslaught changing update, Onslaught scaling will probably be ramped up by quite a bit compared to its time sink, we're looking forward to that update as it will start off the challenge to put our oversized stats to the test.
  9. These mods are not really rare at all, they're a lot more common than Chaos 8 Ampoules, and besides, you can just purchase them if you want a specific mod. They're not your typical mod that drops everywhere, so it's not as easy to get, but it's still rather simple.
  10. Partek


    The devs made the cap 5 as they knew what time sink they want material farming to take. They won't just double that out of nowhere, unless they decide that material farming isn't where they'd like it to be. And you don't need to restart to farm motes. In fact, it hurts you more, you're giving up all shards you get there, especially when you don't want to miss out on additional Defense Rate, Destruction, Deadly Strikes and Vampiric Empowerment, and the other shards you might want to gild.
  11. First of all, the people telling you to wait until your minimum ascension is high don't know what they are talking about. By the time you re-gear your characters and get enough gold and upgrade items to so a subsequent reset, you are going to be at ascension 250 or higher (even if you have a low minimum ascension). The basis for my assertion is that I have first hand experience, specifically I reset about 8 times with a minimum ascension of 42 and EVERY reset resulted in ascension of 250+ before I had enough gold to reset again (meaning that I could re-upgrade the minimal number of shards necessary for onslaught [and re-upgrade one trinket after Protean Shift]). I should also mention that three of those resets were after the Protean shift update. I find that farming for higher base ascension is a complete waste of time for the following reasons; 1) You will hit 250 before you have the gold to reset (re-leveling shards/upgrading trinkets), even if you minimum Ascension is close to Zero - It only gets faster as you accumulate those +5%exp/gold Ancient Power bonuses 2) The more you reset, the faster you get exp (the more ascension you have during subsequent resets) - Meaning that you will be able to get that high minimum ascension just by playing normally since your going to automatically get more exp as you accumulate those +5% exp bonuses from resetting - You will see a noticeable difference difference in how fast you gain ascension after resetting 3 or 4 times 3) You could reset at least twice in the time it would take you to get 250 minimum ascension by pushing onslaught - Meaning that you are accumulating those +5% gold and experience bonuses and making use of them faster then if you wait to accumulate a 250 minimum ascension ---------- Now, getting to your main question (about how to go about the AP reset). Ill provide you with the method that In prefer to use for speed; -Farm up (or buy from player shops) enough upgrade items and gold to upgrade ONE trinket to CVII. After you do that, simply use the trinket in what ever tower you want and just easy-mode CI-CVI while swapping out the highest gear score armor-items on ONE character. It should take between 3-5 maps per chaos tier for you to progress to CVII again (meaning 18-30 maps to get back to CVII). -When using the above method it takes me about 2-3 hours to get back to CVII plus another 3-5 hours for onslaught 57-65. In other words, a fast reset is about 5 hours total while a slow one is about 8 hours total. --------- You could do the reset faster if you use a friend or an alternate account to rush you through content, but its up to you as to whether that would still make the game fun for you. The point of getting a high minimum Ascension is getting more talent caps per reset, not just having 250 at floor 65. If it were that, it would be a different matter, but it isn't.
  12. This exact mode was already in this game. What you described is old Onslaught. Infinite waves and whatever. Guess what? Nobody cared about it. Outside of just afking it to farm some basic gear sets. And that exact mode wouldn't feel good to DC after 2 hours of farming, trying to reach your last score. This didn't work at all and the Onslaught we know today was created from it. Really? I didn't know that. How was it exactly?, were there bosses? how many maps could you play this mode on? what kind of rewards were earned after playing it? I was not playing the game at the time onslaught was this way but can bet with confidence it was just like any other mode with the same enemies which would have made it boring They could make it more interesting like say, every 5th wave is boss waves, just some extremely powerful bosses spawn and you have to fight them. Imagine a cybork boss that dont just emp a lane but the whole map or an Ogre that jumps and his shockwave cover half of the map. These kind of bosses :D. They could make waves for just those flying dragons that only 1 or 2 anti-air tower wont be enough, you have to use your hero too. Things like this can make it interesting. Then for the issue of starting all over again from wave 1 to get to wherever you stopped could be fixed by check point waves. Every boss wave (5th wave) you defeat becomes a checkpoint. For example, if I stopped at wave 26, 27, or 28, when i want to create new game, i could choose the last boss wave i defeated which would be 25. There, problem solved. :) They had a boss like that too at some point. Zapper, the Kobolt miniboss in Chaos 7, when Chaos 6 and Chaos 7 were released was an almost global explosion (was really just global for the maps that were available there back then) that oneshot everything in its radius, including the cores, that also died from any sneeze anyway with 20k health. That boss wasn't interesting at all and it wasn't a very nice mechanic and Zapper was nerfed like a week later to do what he does today. I don't see the point of taking an existing enemy and overtune them to make them challenging at all. With that amount of effort they could already make completely new bosses and end up even better with it. Though I see absolutely no chance of them bringing back old Onslaught, it was removed and later remade for a reason. The only nice rewards in that mode were some unique weapons (unique weapons were on almost every map back then, so there were a lot of weapons) and golden pet eggs, you can currently obtain them from Mastery and buy them from other players.
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