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  1. Maybe they are able to do more waves in moon or other maps. Higher waves = better drop rate. And as Jyutta said, it isn't worth doing moon if you can only get to wave 23 since ult almost never drop at 23 and below. King's game is in my opinion a really good choice until you get better stats. I've gotten some good drops from there atleast (usually from the chest drops in my case actually)
  2. 10 cubes + Captain Djins Hat, which is worth 45 cv in my opinion
  3. 5 cubes for vest 15 cv for helm (1cap dia+5 cubes) 15 cv for gloves (1cap dia+5 cubes)
  4. Gas traps are bad because they are for noobs who can't win without them, and gas traps steals DU which can be used for a better purpose (Using a gastrapper myself xD) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059081656/
  5. It happens sometimes, happend to me too with 2 lvl 100 chars but you should still have the items
  6. I added you, my name is C4SP3R on steam
  7. Mask of the Pumpkin King and War Bonnet - (40 cv for both???) and a noncap dia - 5 cv And pls extend end date in case someone wanna outbid me since there's only 1 day left
  8. I have sent a friend request to you and wrote to Kana but no luck yet, i'm C4SP3R btw
  9. Well you won't need a lot of health either but it doesn't really matter which you choose
  10. I would personally use it for ev since it only got 366^ and no ab2
  11. The only offer I can't accept is the 5 cv for ult++ gloves, everything else is fine
  12. Classic's is already a good dps wep, but for boss fights monk would be the best since the pet dmg on monk is much higher than on other heroes and you can hero boost. So I would advise you to put your 15k seahorse on monk and I can give you a monk wep if you want. Best weps for Jester: Ember sceptre, Elder staff, Bloodshot, Bonestaff and Classic's and prob some others Best weps for monk: Eternian spear, Monk Wrench, sparus, Mischief Maker, Quietus Best weps for barb: Steam saw, sword of embers, obsidian gladius, Eternian sword, Roger's revenge
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