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  1. Floor 510. AP 46. Ascension 6400. I was about to do my daily 30 floors public, that is, until i saw the DDA news. Grabbed my present and logged out. Waiting for more news while considering to buy FF XIV.
  2. I think the problem with buffing heroes and/or towers even further is that it will only make early content even more trivial and boring and TE won't be able to keep up releasing new stuff. It's true that every single mob will one shot or very close to it the higher you go, even goblins and especially the infamous headstrong assassin. To solve this issue people usually just grab Barbarian and/or Monk. It's basically the "git gud" of DD 2. That being said it would be nice to play with other heroes as efficiently as Barb and Monk, so maybe instead of an overall buff to HP they could add a fl
  3. Resets every Tuesday morning, same as the game weekly quest. You'll have to wait 32 hours or buy it from someone else ;p
  4. Nah I said Week 1 because when Drakenfrost was released the Week 1 was Torch Bearer. Following that order we're at Week 3 atm. Next week you will be able to drop a Sword with Ice Chip and Drakenlord's Soul.
  5. Tenacity will nullify Cursi-Kaze, Cybork and the Dragon. Like Uzar said Frost Orcs are an exception. They won't freeze but will rather slow it to the point it will be as useless as frozen. If you still want to use traps against Frost Orcs there's a way: defense rate mod + shard will counter their slow aura ( thanks to MaJean for this info ) . Another thing to keep in mind is that they're orcs, melee and take twice the damage from fire.
  6. Ice Chip is a locked mod for all Drakenfrost Keep weapons. As far as i know it's not possible to get it from any map other than Drakenfrost Keep. The rotation for weapons and mods is the following: Week 1: Torch Bearer mod - Sword, Bow, Shield Week 2: Frozen Path mod - Staff, Polearm, Canister Week 3: Frostfire Remnants - Gun, Tome, Lava Arm Week 4: Drakenlord's Soul - Sword, Dagger, Axe
  7. Barb can place 6 different mods in his weapons which contributes for a high damage. Not only his damage is high but because he can equip 2 weapons it's easy for a Barbarian to surpass the 2m HP mark without any HP armor. Comparing Squire and Barbarian it's true that both can just take hits and kill enemies with Turn The Tides mod the problem here is how the hero will recover HP while taking damage. Barbarian can use Siphon Stance + Draining Strikes shards while Squire can't recovery his health as quickly. You could use Life Leech shard or Ancient Life Steal power but it's not even close to be
  8. Juicebags Nuke Monk . It's kinda outdated and if you're too lazy to watch i'll make a TL:DR version. Monk with 4s, Heavy, x5 polearm. Main shards are Heroic Power and Crane Stance. Main mods are Focused Power and Power Chip. Gear is all about Hero Damage and HP. I'm using campaign gear atm and i'm able to one shot every boss from floor 51 to 80. Before resetting my gear i was able to one shot 1.2b HP bosses at floor 500+ . It's normal for bosses to one-shot heroes, especially Cannon Ogre. Nothing to be done here. What you can do however is CC them. Freeze, stun, shock, anything goes.
  9. Lawlta: oh boy can't wait to see how happy they're about the tree that we "forgot". Players: ReMoVe THe ChRiStMaS dEcOrATIOns! Lawlta: sings *Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears i'll give it to someone special*
  10. Steam information -> Top 50 is Uchiha - floor 288. Top 20 is Rhineford - floor 422. Google leaderboards Dungeon Defenders 2 for more information. If you're going to climb above floor 300 i recommend to save some c8 amps. You can probably do it without the C8 but it will certainly make things faster and avoid some retries.
  11. One With Chi is a Monk shard that will raise Chi Blast damage (like Kambien said). Chi Blast will deal damage based on Ability Power and has a cool knock back effect, but no draining/healing effect associated with it. Draining Strikes is a Barbarian shard. Basically those two shards are not related at all. Draining Strikes will increase the healing you get from Barbarian's Fury 4th skill called Siphon Stance. That stance will convert some of the damage you deal into self healing. If you're looking for healing effects that can be used on Monk there are three: Life Leech shard, Life Steal power
  12. I know about the traps, only issue is that rollers move over them too fast to be effective, so you need to CC them on top of it for it to work well. But i have not heard about the Reflect beam strategy - can you elaborate on that one? First person i saw using Reflect Beam to kill rollers was JuiceBags (giving the credits here). [[168280,users]] Geyser Traps could one shot a C7 roller before Proteus patch. I didn't bother to test it after Proteus and obviously i can't confirm if they're still useful for onslaught. Just as the assassin killed me the video ended (R.I.P Dryad 2019).
  13. From lightrayne's DD 2 info table Siege Rollers are Goblin and Miniboss. No information about the attack type ( maybe because it doesn't fit in any category or nobody tested). Also weak point is a chip not a servo. Reflect beams are probably the best way to kill rollers, geyser traps might work as well.
  14. Ballista (Anti-Melee, Controlled, Piercing - Destruction, Rate, Sploody Harpoon) + WM. Will work against anything. You might need to watch and hero damage armored lanes and cursi-kaze. PDT ( Same mods as ballista - Destruction, Rate, Explosive or Vampiric ) + WM. You might need to watch and hero damage spellbreak and cursi-kaze lanes. It's kinda hard to counter every lane on a small budget that's why you might need to step up with some hero damage. Honestly i prefer a 3 tower combo -> PDT, Boost Aura, WM. Worked for me while i was doing AP resets. WM deals quite some damage even at C1 l
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