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  1. I agree the sensitivity for sniping is too high. Small fine tune adjustments like this need to be made to the game to give it an overall better feel when you play it.
  2. Things such as towers not available to current hero deck can just result in the towers not being built. A red text can be displayed stating what towers did not get built, and then you can facepalm and say oh ya, I forgot to place that hero in my hero deck.
  3. I'm thinking evasive maneuvers would still be possible, a very fast, sharp push with the joystick can negate the acceleration and just cause your character to move at full speed. I'm looking for more at small very slow adjustments to the joystick should not cause 100% max speed instantaneously. When you are doing a slow gentle push on the joystick your character should start at a slower speed and accelerate to max from their. Also the acceleration should be very quick, as in you should reach max speed very very quickly. No one wants to sit there for five seconds smashing the joystick for
  4. Each game you create to play in public should be like your own room, where people can join on you and can come and go as they please. Once the person who created the room leaves then leadership of the room can be given to some other person. Players who joined on the room maker can be given their own consecutive win streak as well. Overall I feel this would connect people looking for a common goal. People who are looking to clear a chaos tier for the first time can all join on the room and stay together until they beat it. People who are looking for extremely fast farming can join together,
  5. Correct, a lot of maps, such as Forest Biome, do not give enough mana at the start for a full build. Just saving the first wave build is good enough though. Also I thoroughly enjoy building too! This is why I think saving a build would be so great. You can see exactly how you had laid it out last time, and make fine tune adjustments to your build until you can get a perfect set up. Also you can then compare your last build to a new build as well. Often times I find myself forgetting exactly how I laid out my proton beam/fire aura/trap placement and I feel being able to save the build wi
  6. It would be nice if your character had to accelerate just a little bit before moving at max speed. Often times when I am up on a ledge and need to drop down to pick up an item that dropped, my character will launch forward (and sometimes straight into a pit) at max speed. A little acceleration to reach max speed will also aid characters when they need to make fine tune adjustments for placing walls/reflect beams.
  7. It would be nice to set up your defenses for a map, and then be able to save that set up, so every time you start a map you do not have to redo your defenses.
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