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  1. Make Pets Great again!!! Allow all pets to spawn as Ult(maybe +/++) way more regularly. The people that can equip Ult Pets, have the stats to farm the maps, but usually, not 40 hours of farming motivation, so it's not impacting anything except variety. Doesn't have to be a HUGE chance, just 1%, like Plane said. 25 runs avg. for 4 player farming seems worth it. Most of those maps take about 20 minutes to get the pet. So expect Ult Pets to be like Diamonds. I would definitely farm for an Ult Cupid/Unicorn if it took me 12 hours.
  2. 3. Add a ridiculously hard challenge where players have to co-operate like the Event maps, to actually beat them. Maybe PI style. It gets gradually Harder, eventually becoming Impossible, where you get one random Event reward based on what wave you passed. And possibly a metric tonne of Mana. Personally, I'm completely against the introduction of past Event gear. I don't own any of the event gear except the rewards for the last 2 Events. I don't feel remotely close to needing them. Sure, owning a few of the iconic ones would be cool and all, but I don't need any of them. The only things I'm having trouble with is Polybius NMHC, Embermount Survival past wave 36, and probably other survivals like ToW, that I haven't tried yet. And I'm fairly sure, that if I was to equip some Event Weapons/Gear, they would still be relatively the same difficulty. Making it too easy to get the Event gear will break trading indefinitely. Adding a new currency would just add another trading element, allowing some players to get a HUGE boost while others have to self-farm. Making it too hard, and we will have the same few people complaining. Making it very Hard Solo, but easier in a large group, seems like the best thing. The DD RnG group would get a bunch of new members as well. How I propose the challenge would work. ALL Enemies scale their HP/Damage based on total player count(like they do on survival). Enough so that it is harder with 1 player, but not IMPOSSIBLY hard with 4-6(encourage JOLLY CO-OPERATION).The Difficulty increases every 60 or so seconds. Boss Waves thrown into the mix to keep players from being Carried/Going AFK.A system like CD NMHC, where HC has to be enabled to get the reward.Basically a Marathon, Like CD, Polybius and Pirate Invasion,This sort of challenge would mean, you don't get lvl 74's with <1k stats getting High Tier Events. Only the people with the Skill and the Stats will be able to get them. Like the old events, if I understand the past events correctly. I'm not too into the idea of a return of the event items, but I thought I should just participate in the Community Update Brain-storming.
  3. I suppose the odds are very similar to that of the actual map drop chance. If you think about it, how many times we have farmed a map, and how many items there are per run, then think about the fact that there are only 3; Pets, armour and weapons. It would also make sense for Trendy to use the chest/mob drop rate for the tavern keep. Less work required, "same chance" for the gear as well. Just a thought.
  4. Manicka, I swear to each of the gods, If this bloody forum doesn't stop "Quoting" me whenever you comment, I'm going to take suggestions as to the steps I should be taking towards solving the problem.
  5. Why on earth am I getting "Manicka quoted your forum post."? Did you edit it out? Maybe it's just another buggy DD Forums thing I guess.
  6. I think I just made that exact point somewhere else. I have quite terrible internet if I'm not hogging all the bandwidth, thus, the ability to pick up said Sup or Ult piece would be greatly beneficial. "Get Better Internet" or "fix your internet" aren't a very good solutions, as most internet plans are locked into a year or 2, and simply fixing your internet requires help from the ISP's side. A lot of effort for something so easily avoidable.
  7. It has an animation. The animation goes for less time than the actual cooldown. If you want to pick up an Ult piece on survival. use phase shift to get over there, un-shift, spam the pick up key, and as soon as you hear the item being picked up, spam overlord. The summoner doesn't get damaged in either of these transition periods, giving you a small time frame to pick up the item. It is still best to watch out for Kobolds and DEW's during this. QoL suggestion: Or we could just have Item Pick up in Phase Shift. Some of us experience bad internet that "hiccups" and may have lost an Ult++ piece or two in the past. Being able to pick up items during the wave in a less risky way, would be very nice.
  8. So, we all know, the Jester wheel "Heal All" caps at 75% Tower and Player HP healed. So what about the Summoners "Flash Heal"? This only caps at 35% !!! and is limited to a VERY small area. I propose that the Flash Heal gets a boost. The ability costs 150 mana, same as the wheel. it takes 10 seconds(well, more like 12-13 to actually use again) to cool-down and doesn't cover a very big space. The Jester wheel covers EVERYTHING on the map for 75%. EVERYTHING. Some of you may say "Yea well, you can instantly heal all nearby towers, making it more effective in a tight situation". Yes, but if you are good at the wheel, you can roll "Heal All" in a few seconds. And the 75% total HP healed means you don't have to worry about doing it again anytime soon, as it pretty much 100%'s all towers(nobody uses heal when towers are about to break, that's just too risky). IMO, these are the ways we should get it buffed/balanced: Heal 75% for minions, 35% for towers(or both at 40-50%)reduce cost to 75-100 manaDo something with the range(suggestions)Pros: Flash Heal will have more uses. Not Multi-summoners casting at once.won't make Jesters wheel the ONLY choice at map healingSummoner is pretty worthless at MOST things, this could change that.Cons: Players might have an EZ AFK mode(suggestions?)it could become really powerful for Armour Farming. Especially if paired with a Djinlet (It could be now, I haven't tried. Leave your "if you haven't tried, why post" comments out-side)
  9. Make Guardian Pets show which towers are being boosted during Build Phase. (or just boosting pets in general, maybe an 'aura' kind of effect for Fairies, cats and Imps, so you know the distance of the effect)
  10. (not bidding) I have similar Eyes on both my Adept and Initiate. Not quite as good as IVY. More like the love child of both Victoria and Tiffie. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1308599457 Anyone can auction if you want it. Might remove as this isn't my thread. Depends on what Mamba says.
  11. We could have reward Eggs for Insane and below, like "Small Egg", requiring double the count of a normal "Egg", which you could get for completing X map on NM. (same number of eggs as before for Eggs and double for Small Egg, so its not SUPER easy to get) Maps related to eggs somehow, that I think the eggs could drop(Pick one): - TL Campaign/Survival (Chickens lay eggs) - Akatit Campaign/Survival (Turtles lay eggs) - Possibly Karathiki Campaign/Survival (No reason to play the map, except Amazon cos) - GTH 1 & 2, as there are turkeys (Turkeys lay eggs) - Maybe the Chicken Challenge, or a New, much harder, Chicken Challenge (again, Chickens LAY eggs)
  12. Just add Aura/Trap size scaling on the mini-map. If that's possible.
  13. I didn't realise ToW had a performance issue. I've played a bit of the survival, only up to wave 23 though, and wasn't getting any lag, just the usual 25-45FPS. Is it really bad past that? edit: Lag as in, so little FPS you can't roll properlly, like on PI, TL and MB.
  14. I guess some people can reach wave 17 without LT's or t-boosting. but for the Majority of the player-base, reaching upwards of wave 9, would be very very challenging. Personally, I can only just reach wave 14, then the difficulty goes up and I don't have quite enough FPS to roll reliably.(fix the ogre Tessalation? read recently about ogres not being fully optimised, as when they were created, NM survival wasn't in mind) ① is a good option. But, too severe of a nerf will just get people going to Harpoons/BBTs. So I want to say, "ALL towers shouldn't be able to damage bosses" but then I'm thinking about those coal runs I do now, and what that would be like without tower DPS. More thought on it later.
  15. Ways IMO, I can see LT's being nerfed. - Reduce Max Targets chained - Reduce Range between Targets - Change its targeting priorities, give Trash mobs a chance. - Any major damage/DPS nerfs and people will go back to building all over the map and using harpoons. - Any Severe range nerfs, and LT's will be pointless. - Reducing damage dealt to bosses won't be too bad, as people will likely level up more DPS monks for maps like WW. - Stopping towers from damaging bosses will make WW very hard and take A LOT longer.(I say 'Towers' because if you just remove LT's from the mix, Harpoons will be the next OP thing to kill bosses, then BBT's, as these have 3x - 4x the Single Target DPS of an LT) As I've said before, I only use LT's on WW, Survival and PI. They don't speed up the maps by that much, definitely not enough to swap out Aura Stacks, traps and extra Reflects. 9-10 Billion HP is a lot of work to DPS without the assistance of towers on WW. and PI is practically impossible without using an Aggro build(and the tower boosters), as Ogres start reaching 200 mill HP.
  16. Just tested the Squire Towers DPS. (On Maxed Buff Beam and 3 starred, builder not out) (ev Stats: 4.1k Damage, 3.5k Rate) With 4.5k Damge, 4k Rate LT's = 325k DPS With 3.9k Damage, 3.2k Rate Harpoons = 950k DPS Bowling Balls = 1.2mill DPS. The ONLY reason LT's are considered OP, are the fact that they chain together mobs. But as you can see, they do 1/3 of the DPS to single Targets and are limited to Elemental Damage. LT's are good for Chaining together Ogres and Drawing aggro of Ogres on large maps. I used to be on the side of "Nerf LT's, they are too OP" but now I'm looking at the statistics, and Harpoons do triple the DPS for 1 less DU and can pierce Enemies, therefore, possibly doing FAR more(than they already do) group DPS than LT's. BBTs don't really have a use, except near pits, rather than Choke Points, they're just there for comparison. (I'll add more DPS numbers with my own average stats, so it applies to more players) Huntress: 2.9k Damage, 2.6k Rate. Proximity = 317k DPS Inferno Trap = 157.5k DPS (< this needs to be Buffed a little. It costs 1 more DU and does half the DPS) As you can now see, Proximity Mines do the same DPS for less than HALF the DU of an LT. Yet you hear nobody! complaining about them. Numbers and Statistics don't lie. Test it yourself if you must
  17. The Auto-lead for character shooting. You know, when your Lupine tries to hit moving mobs, so it just aims too far left/right. Yea, THAT. Get rid of it. It sucks so much. Lupines suffer terribly as they try to hit 1 mob instead of the Players aimed position to hit many.
  18. The game is easily do-able with 3k stats and no Apprentice or Countess Towers. Most of my builds consist of Auras, Buff Beams, Minions and the occasional Trap and Reflection beam. The only times I use LT's are for Survival, Pirate Invasion and WW farming. Survival is quite difficult as ogres start reaching 100 million+ HP. Pirate Invasion is literally impossible as the difficulty progresses every 60 seconds, not giving Minions close to enough time to kill ogres. WW takes a LOT longer if you DPS each boss rather than just throwing down LT's and waiting a minute or 2. I do have a few builds for WW that don't use LT's and only use the above mentioned towers. BUT it does take a lot longer, about 30-35 minutes compared to 22. Yes LT's are good, but they are usually used with a Tower Booster, buff beam and Guardians. The same combination on DST's, Harpoons and basically any other projectile tower has the same effect. If anything, change the way Tower Boosting works. Make damage boosts not stack, so you don't have those groups of 10, 3-4 million DPS LT's annihilating everything on the map.
  19. Trendy are working on DD2, they have completely abandoned DD1, and left it to the community to update. The CDT only has access to PC oriented software, with zero Console compatibility. DD2 is available on Xbox One and while I don't think its as good as DD1, it's still a popular game and it is Free To Play. Try it out if you haven't.
  20. Trendy is no longer updating the game, a Community Development team is. the CDT has no way to update the console versions. I used to play on the console version, and the community was very dead. Everyone used SUPER modded items as modding took about 3minutes to edit Character level, give yourself max damage weapons and max stats. DD is by far the best on PC, without question. The community is better, there is more content, game is being updated and all the guides and Wiki's are for the PC version. Sorry if you don't have a PC to play it on, or the money to buy it. However, the game should be going on sale soon(hopefully) and sometimes its $15 for the collectors edition on Humble Bundle, well, it is on Humble Bundles more than it is in Steam sales.
  21. - Magic Missile Projectile speed needs a Buff. leading shots isn't near fast enough. I'm pretty sure mobs can out-run them. - Minion changes. I have never seen the DEW used in any builds. Orcs appear every now and again, and Ogres are just cool to have as an option on easier maps. Could change those 2 though, maybe replace the DEW with something else or make it a viable
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