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  1. 20 Cv (2 single cap diamonds confirmed with seller)
  2. Ill bid a single cap yellow diamond (15cv)
  3. Chest Boots Hidden reserve End date August 14 11pm EST if bid on 4 hours prior to end time auction will be extended 24 hours Coal: 1 = 12 bill mana Cube: 1 = 6 coal Diamonds: (non/single/double) = (5/10/15)
  4. Screenshot Steam Profile 1.Rainmaker 2.Rockshatter 3.Boneyard Blade Awesome giveaway even though I hate birds
  5. Looking to trade for a Ball Blaster (traced) Offering 20 cv (2 one cap diamonds)
  6. So I was talking to a few players and we were thinking of ideas on how to gain Huge eggs etc. My proposition is that eggs have a small chance of dropping after defeating any mob displaying a similar message as the "You found a fish save the moonbase to collect your reward" but instead saying "You found an egg finish this round to collect your reward" then at the end of the round the egg gets added to your item box. It would be a cool way to make the easter costume available to newer players.
  7. Just coming off a pretty large break just made a forum account (yay) but I have loved the game and all of the new updates.
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