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  1. I originally was gonna make this suggestion like a month ago, but i figured that since it was such an obvious suggestion that Trendy would soon implement it in the next patch (1.0.3), so I decided not to. But three patches later, it still has not happened. It's pretty simple. Place more DU chests, at least 3 more for the map Buried Bastille. It is the biggest map DD2 map, but for a map that is so big, it is quite a hassle and frustrating to get to the DU chests since there's so few of them for a map this big.
  2. 1. Personally, I rather just have the collision and range of the World Tree larger as I think it is quite a unique blockade on its own. If you're gonna make it to an aura/pylon so it makes defense placement more flexible, you might as well just remove the whole concept of needing world tree to place down Dryad's defenses, which in the end strips down Dryad's uniqueness. 2. I pretty much use Angry Nimbus purely for anti-flyer. My bees/slimes clear out the general hordes of enemies so my angry nimbus does not get distracted and instead goes for the flyers. Unless the AI of Angry Nimbus gets changed, I can't see the Angry Nimbus being a very good CC defense. Angry Nimbuses stick onto targets pretty much until they're dead, which does not make it an ideal CC targeting defense. Unless its changed to something like an AoE CC, it should remain as a damage defense. And I don't really see the reason to have it changed to CC defense when Slime Pits in Corruption form already does that with its insane slow. 3. Slime Pits are really good right now as they are, no reason to change it. Good AoE, Damage, and CC. 4. I think this is a great idea. Right now I do not see a reason to use Harpys when I can use Bees and Slime for ground enemies and Nimbus for flyers, but if Harpy is changed so it is dedicated to flyers, then I can see this replacing my Nimbus for my anti-flyer tower. Either that or just buff its range/cone. It's fairly small even with 50/50 Gambits + Deadly Strikes. 5. I think the click-aim-click aspect of activating Starfall is a unique mechanic on its own that distinguishes itself from other bland "click to deal instant damage" abilities. While I think it's good to have the Starfall ability instantaneous, I rather have reduced cast time and the instantaneous ability for Powder Toss. As for Starfall, it should be optimized so Dryad is able to hold melee again almost instantly after using Starfall. Right now there is an awkward gap between "Click-to-Aim Starfall > Click-to-Activate Starfall" and then holding melee right after which does not work so you have to click a couple times to make sure you're back to melee'ing. Of course, this can easily be fixed by making Starfall instantaneous, but as I said, I think we should keep the click-aim-click aspect of activating Starfall. 6. This is the change I very much disagree with. Unless you plan on putting Corruption Form defense buffs to the purification (regular) form of Dryad, the playstyle of holding Corruption Form active should be kept. Dryad relies so much on keeping Corruption Form active, that you miss out a lot on potential damage and CC if you don't.
  3. Before 2 days ago, I never had this consistent problem in my whole 300+ hours of playtime. But since 2 days ago, this has been happening consistently. I keep getting timed out everytime after each match, every time I try to start up a match in the table, or every time I try to join Town/Tavern from the title screen. Sometimes it does let me continue through even though it gave me an error message and a timed out message, sometimes it doesn't. https://puu.sh/x8KHr/8218ca433b.png https://puu.sh/x8K9T/c1cc98add8.png https://puu.sh/x8gTl/6310bf62d3.png https://puu.sh/x8cay/e635a301cc.png
  4. In every other public town lobby I go to, there is ALWAYS someone asking how to claim the items they opened from lockboxes. It is way too confusing and too much of a maze just to even go to the wardrobe tab. I know its simple as ESC > Shop > Costumes > Browse All > Wardrobe for those that already know it, but even I didn't know this before. It actually took me 50 hours into the game to find the wardrobe option and I actually stumbled upon it by accident. I always thought the way to change skins was from the Hero Info tab and going through the skins with the left and right arrows.
  5. Dryad's Starfall both on purification form and corrupted forms should be able to go through structure terrain. It is extremely frustrating to use your Starfall in corrupted form on bosses only to look up and see all of those starfalls get stuck on something, thus ending up wasting them. Some examples are the trees and the lamp posts on Dead Road, low ceiling on Sewers, pillars in Nimbus Reach, wooden planks on Little Horn Valley, and many more. One thing all of these have in common is that they are all areas where you typically kill the bosses/where you place your blockades where all the mobs will bunch up.
  6. Currently with using the Defense View (SHIFT), you are able to see the ranges of what your DUs can hit. But sometimes it can be hectic when there are so many defenses all clumped up together or you can't properly see the range indicators because it is obstructed or you have too great of a range to do properly view it. I suggest adding a "SHIFT + E" where you use it on a single DU and it will toggle lock (meaning that you only have to press it once so that it stays on and not have to hold it down, and also have to press it SHIFT + E again on the same DU to cancel it). This way it only shows the range of the DU that you are currently inspecting; and since it is toggle locked, you are able to freely move around without losing the range (because currently it will automatically hide the range when you get too far) .
  7. This is a great idea! The first 5 days should be gold that increases from day 1 to 5. 6th day could be anywhere from 75 to 200 medals (imo its already easy to get defender medals with daily missions so this shouldnt be too high). And 7th day should be anywhere from 10-20 gems. With 10 gems for the 7th day, it would take a month to get 40 gems; and with 20 gems for the 7th day, it would take 2 weeks to get 40 gems. That's the amount you need to get a third bag (assuming you didn't spend the 600 gems you acquire from playing). And in my opinion, someone spending that effort to at least log in once a day for 2 weeks/a month should at least get rewarded with the amount needed for the third bag. Especially if that someone has actually been grinding and playing for that long of a duration.
  8. Just like how you can quickly sell and lock items in your inventory, there should be a keybind to quickly unequip all of the shards currently inside a gear/weapon/relic. In my entire time playing and progressing, I have to constantly switch out old relics, gear, and weapon with newer and better ones. Along with that, I also have to unequip all my shards from those items when I switch them out. Instead of having to press Ctrl + LMB > Unequip All, there should just be a quick one tap key to unequip all current shards from that item. And please make this able to be done on locked items and be able to be done on items that are on the active slots.
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